My name is Steve Andre Prasad and I am a singer/song-writer. I've been writing songs since the age of 9 - basically, since I can ever remember. Music has always played a strong influence in my life while growing up, and I guess, coming from a family that appreciates music, it was no surprise to people around me, that I developed an interest in music and singing.

Born in Singapore, on the 8th of April in 1985, I grew up quite typically. Family with 3 kids, in a middle-class home. I guess the only difference was that even from such a tender age, I refused to conform and I hated being subjected to doing things that I did not feel passionate about. Since I was (and still am) living in the East, I schooled in Saint Stephen's Primary School. Later, I went on to Saint Joseph's Institution and Saint Andrew's Junior College. Contrary to what you might construe from the Catholic/Anglican institutions I have studied in, I'm neither Catholic nor Christian. I have always considered myself quite universalistic and I do subscribe to various theological interpretations, and I prefer governing myself based on the jurisdiction of my conscience. I do believe in re-incarnation and certain aspects of Buddhism enthral me. However, I do prefer keeping an open mind and my interest in religion is purely for the study of the human condition and history.


One of my aims would be to read all the major religious texts of the world, the Bible, Torah, Koran, Bhagavad-Gita etc. I am generally fascinated by how humans behave and what motivates their actions, thoughts and feelings. I guess, as a song-writer, I've always been a bit in tune to the psyche of how an individual functions. I guess that might also explain my sensitivity to the intricate nuances of life.

I do consider myself extremely blessed - with family who are supportive, and people who I can communicate with, and as a child, I even had the privilege to travel, kudos to my father who came with such fringe benefits. But it was probably due to this early exposure, that gave me the scope and developed my interest in art, history and politics. I can still remember our family holidays - the dinners, the bumpy rides up the mountains, and of course the snow incident which involved me wearing a pair of corduroy pants.


Previously, I lived in Tampines for about 15 years and in late January 2005, we moved to Loyang. At one time, I used to enjoy the jolt of the buses and the trains. I used to like spending a day in the city, where I could do almost anything and everything. Capital territory was my haven. Since I moved, I have been relishing the seclusion this neighbourhood provides, that friends have noted that I'm the closest they know to Aung San Suu Kyi. Civilization's far away and although it takes about an hour to go anywhere, the privacy it offers is nothing less than pure bliss.

When I first started writing songs, it never crossed my mind that I could actually put an album together. I started writing because I wanted to express myself in that way and singing it out in a tune was therapeutic. I wrote songs about my experiences, perspectives and dreams. It was also an entirely personal thing for me. By 2000, I had written about 400 plus tracks and in the later part of that year, I started changing my appearance and this boosted my confidence, and it was only then, when the idea of putting an album out struck me. I started working on a few concepts and put some of my own tracks with some covers and 'Chronic' was born. Despite the fact that it was still quite amateur-ish, it symbolized a big step for me and the website was also launched in conjunction with the album, and that was when it all started.


Although music was my driving force, it was almost impossible for me to focus on it fully, considering the fact that I was studying full-time, and people around me did not take me seriously, at that point. I also became tired of trying to justify myself to people who were unable to comprehend my passion. My endeavours were punctuated by long breaks of studying, during the exam periods and I guess, at that age, I was still getting to know myself and what all I wanted to do entailed. It was only in 2002, when I started planning for another album - and by that time, I was sure that this was what I was supposed to do. Then, "The Demo" was released and it was sent to a number of music industry representatives. These were just the baby steps that were necessary for me to experience, so that I would be able to put out a major production, in time to come. "The Demo" was written, produced and manufactured entirely by me and I also recorded it with all the necessary equipment at home.


In 2003, I decided that I wanted to put out an album, that would be the culmination of everything that I have worked so hard for, for the past few years. I wanted to provide the finish product, where the amalgamation of my thoughts, my passion, image, music and everything else would be intricately intertwined to truly express me, as an individual and as a singer. I was working towards a record deal, and I was prepared to move anywhere to attain that goal. After doing research about the music industry, and getting hold of contacts, I started saving up almost every cent to finance the project by selling off my CD collections, magazines and everything that could possibly help in the overall financing. After it was manufactured, it was sent to producers, managers and A&R personnel worldwide, with the main focus on the United States and United Kingdom. After receiving quite a number of rejections, I finally received a proposition - a record contract - from a company in Baltimore, Maryland, affiliated to one of the major recording companies in the United States. I did it.

By that time, I had about 540 plus tracks written, and as a song-writer, I was very sure of myself and the music that I made. Most of the tracks contained the fusion of beats from different genres and it also contained many cultural influences. The website was up and running, and the songs were on music websites online and the reviews that I received were mostly positive.


I travelled to Baltimore, via New York and discussed the details with the manager of the company. It was a surreal experience. I had to brace the opinions of those who were extremely critical of my decisions and there were also other things I had to figure out, my education and National Service. After travelling to Baltimore for the second time, I managed to finalize certain aspects of the contract and my lodging in the City. However, what I neglected were the realities that were waiting for me back home in Singapore.

Unfortunately, I did not clearly clarify all the details of my departure and presumed deferment from the military, with the local authorities. When I came back, I realized that I had missed the application period for a deferment by a few months, and that I had to be a scholar to be qualified for one. There was no way of postponing it, and I had to face the realities of the decision that I had to make. Two days before I got enlisted into the military, I called the company and told them that there was no way I could accept the contract, under the new circumstances.


The months immediately after seemed almost unreal, with so many changes to adapt to, and being suddenly thrust into an environment that I neither expected nor liked. It was during this time, when I started writing new tracks, and experimenting with themes that I never touched on before and albums like "Salem's Dusk" and "Playing Picasso" were born. I also decided to re-take my A'levels, since I did not give my all to the previous attempt and started to finalize the details for the examinations in 2005. I also started writing poetry, prose and wrote a few articles freelance for a magazine. I did some acting in my free time in 2004 and decided to plan out what I wanted to do after my term in the military ends. I started studying French during my military term and took a trip to Paris in 2006 to experience the Parisian Panache. I also started learning Thai in late 2006 and took a trip to Bangkok in 2007 to get a feel of the language first hand.


Apart from music, I enjoy reading about history, politics and art. I guess what motivates me is the notion that perhaps one day, I'll know everything I ever wanted to know and see everything I ever wanted to see. Languages and cultures fascinate me, and I enjoy meeting and talking to people from all parts of globe. I love travelling, watching movies, spending time with family, having coffee with friends, learning new languages and trying new things. My favourite movies include, The Hours, Elizabeth, Gattaca, Shakespeare In Love, The Mummy, Chocolat, Malena, Swimming Pool, Love Actually, From Hell, Dancer In The Dark, Down With Love, Final Destination, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, Little Miss Sunshine, Moulin Rouge and many more. I tend to appreciate period films, due to their historical significance. My music tastes range from Bjork, Goldfrapp to Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys, Smoke City, Sugababes, Aaliyah, & Portishead.

I have always had an interest in Egyptology and anything Middle Eastern in particular. I'm intrigued by the music, food and culture. I have also always had an interest in Russian History and intend to do more research in that arena, when time permits.

A true Aries by heart, you could say, I've never wallowed long in depression or in times of uncertainty. I would consider myself quite strong emotionally, though its the little things in life that give me hope and encourage me. At the moment, I feel confident about the future - it beckons with possibilities, be it in music or education. I know that the choices that I would make, would be something I would not regret. I will never stop writing or making music, as that's the very essence of my being and perhaps one day, it would all materialize the way I want it to. A little older, and perhaps much wiser, since I first started, I'm ready for what's to come. It's now or never.