31/12/2001 - Sunday
10:47 A.M.

Hey Guys! How are ya'll doing? Well, i'm so sorry i haven't left messages for such a long time!  Well, my keyboard broke down for a while & i had to wait for a few days to use my computer... Well, it's been good for me,.. I guess,.... I've been writing new songs... and i'm happy as when i look back at my songs a few years back & look at my songs now... i can see that i've grown and matured... u know,... my style's different now...
Well, i recordered new songs for the album and it's been great.. I've been taking new approaches into the music & though i love Hip Hop & Rnb.. I try to experiment with new sounds & stuff...  Merry Christmas Guys! Well, i had a good Christmas! I spent it with family & it was great.... *plays Mad's Nobody's Perfect* And i had a great Christmas/New Year Party... it was cool with lots of Food and I have SO Much Snacks left over!! I think all the guests were TOO Full to eat the snacks! I wanna thank my mum for helping ME SO much for the party.. I mean, i would have never done it without her... She even helped me with most of the cleaning... *laughs* well.. i washed a few plates :P

I wanna thank all the guests for comin'... I hope u like the Party Gifts and the food & the movie! I've never had a party like that so i was kinda nervous that it would be a wreck.. u know... i just hope my frens liked it...  So, i guess you all have plans for the new year right? I do'nt think i actually do... My parent's might wanna go to this Thai Restaurant thingy.. I like eating at the Thai Restaurant... But anyway, u know it's New Year's Eve and there's Nothing interesting on TV! For goodness sake, can't they show a freakin movie or somethin?? The mornings are just crappy crap and gameshows... but i like Hollywood Squares though... intelligent, Cheeky & funny...

Well, usually on this last day of the year, i reflect on the whole year and see what i did wrong and all the events... let's see... I was in a relationahip with someone... it was ok.. but it ended quite abrupty... But i guess it was ok.. i mean, i expected it to last but it did'nt... I always wondered what iot would be like if it did last? Well, i think from that relationship, i can learn that sometimes, u won't always get what u want and sometimes it's easier to let go..  know what i mean.. But i guess i took it well as i did'nt emotionally break down or anything... i was more disapointed in the other party then angry,... Let's see, this year i got in trouble with my Dicipline master a couple of times... OK Fine! More then a CouplE! *grins* I guess due to me Hair length and cuz i missed this official pre-exam thing.... i was punished by him.. i hated him.. but towards the end of the year, he was annoyingly nice to me... I also became close to many new frens.. one is Loke Wei.. (If you're reading this, Hi!) Yeah , i developed a close relationship with a cool classmate of mine.. He's freiendly and funny and  fun to have a round... I also had Endless fun with Nagas.. *chuckles* u know, class jokes and stuff like that.. It's usually all about sex anyway. :P Well, we are all guys! So, give me a break huh??  hehe... Anyway, I also made new frens like Jarred... Kelvin... Dan..... Gotta thank DAn for alot.... He helped me get this website up, and at the moment, he's at home... in Perth now, so i can't say hi, but if you're reading, thought 'im very sure you're not, i just wanna thank u for all the help.. you're a great fren :)

I think this year, i've expanded my circle of frens... and i can say that i'm happy emotionally & phsycologically at most times... i mean, cuz i feel like i'm ok.. u know what i mean.. (Ok.. i'm sorry i'm blabbering.. It's 11 in the morning! hehe... ) i feel control.. i feel in control with things... u know...
I wanna thank Tom King for being really cool &  i can't wait for our song to Finish... This year, i also recordered Strain For The Shimmy and got this site up. I do'nt know what i'd do without this site... It means a hell of a lot to me and i love having to have messages from all of you... Oh Yeah! I have some new versions of some stuff, I'll put them up ok??? And i'm also putting up a Special Christmas/New Year Message.... the link's On top, (I hope you're downloading it by now.... :P If you're Not.. What the HEll Are U Waiting for???? )

Surprisingly i kinda like pop stuff now... Britney Spears' new track Overprotected is coool.. It's very catchy... And i think she's a very energetic artist... I don't have any grudges on any artists.. i respect all artists and their music and at the end of the day, we are all people with feelings and i think it's unkind to lash out stuff at artists like as if they are just public monuments... i guess a mutual sense of understanding and respect is essential... Anyway, I like  this song by Ja rule, it's called Always on TIme and features Ashanti... It should go #1 on Billboard cuz it's really catchy and it derserves it... And i like Busta Rhymes & jIm CArrey's Grinch song... It's an old song but it's great... catchy melodies... Some other songs u should check out, Dream (Featuring P.Diddy & Kain) - This Is Me Remix, Britney Spears - Overprotected, Aaliyah - More Than A Woman... (This is a really cool track... u should catch the video.. it's damn cool.. futuristic and catchy..) Alient Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal ( This group  this a remake of MJ's classic... it's great... ) Fat Joe - We Thuggin (Featuring R.Kelly), Linkin Park - In The End (THIS IS MY FAVE SONG RIGHT NOW!! It's SO COOL!)

It's such a cool song & it really gets you in... i mean, the music the lyrics and everything.... if you haven't heard it by now, click the link above & download it! You'll love it! You should check out Madonna's GHVS Thunderpuss Remix.. It's cool.. a good party track & it goes through the years of her music & if you're a fan you'll love to shimmy to it.. Also check out No Doubt's Hey Baby & Enrique's Hero...  These are all cool new tracks... I heard Missy's New track, but it's ok.. it's a slow track, so it's not really got to me as im' into something fast.. but well, i guess the label probably decided to release it cuz they thought it would make an impact... I like Kylie's Can't Get You Outta My Head... I mean, the lyrics are simple but it's really really catchy.. i mean, who woul'dnt like it? MY bro's and all my frens were like Gaga over that track.. and did u see that Video? Ouch! She's hot... more then hoT!! *grins* i'll be probably putting up messages on the site every 2 days and i'll keep it a point... do'nt worry.. School starts on Wednesday.... how annoying.... i mean, the holidays were too fast... for one thing, i barely dated... actually i didn't date at all.. & It was too little time to laze! Well, i'd rather go to school then laze at home right? Gotta wear that stinkin uniform.. urgh... i just hate the way they strip our individuality... anyway, i guess all you guys still have holidys right? well, enjoy it while u can...  My results will be coming out in March where i'll be applying for a college and hopefully get into a good one and lead a sucky boring life for the new 2 years, then  rot in the army... I just hope i get that record contract... i mean, i love singing.. it's my first love, more than a passion... But i'm afraid i w'ont make it.. u know what i mean.. that's kinda nerve wrecking...  but i guess i gotta be determined...& i've gone through stuff as well but i gotta make sure that i become i singer and prove those people,.who thing i won' t succeed, wrong. I just need a little luck & faith... So far, im' getting the address of some Record Companies... i'm not saying out all the names of these companies... but i hope they'll like the Demo-CD that 'im gonna send & guys, please pray for me that they'll like my tracks and perhaps get  contact with me... Hold on a sec... let me change the music..... *changes music from J.LO to MIssy Ellitt* I love this track  Scream aka itchin... It's cool.. U know, u should check out Missy's Album.. If you haven't... But i bet if you're a hip hop fan, u have... Well, it's 11:45 now.. I'll spend 5 more minures talking to ya'll then i'll go ok?? hehe,... cuz by the time i put up the my Message it would be 12 & i can watch some TV then...

Well, i think overall, this year... it has been  great... I mean, I'm gonna miss all my frens at my Tutition class... Hey! If you guys are reading, I miss Ya'll! Sandeep, Shantini.... Shentil... (Who 'ive known since grade 1!!), Leela... And your bro, who's really fun! If you're reading this, Merry Christmas & i miss your place.. I have a Great Tutition teacher, Mr. Bala.. and i've been for his classes since Secondary 1 which is grade 7... and i always respected him and felt that he was really cool.. He was like a fren more then a teacher... and i would really miss his classses... Hold on a sec... someone's messaging me on ICQ... *checks ICQ*
Right.... trash mail again.. As i was saying, Im' gonna miss the classes.. his house is very homely & welcoming and i have quite a few memories... I wanna apologize to Shantini for being  a jackass orAsshole this year and insulting u & stuff but you're a really nice gal and honeslty, i never meant ANY of the insults and i was just teasing you And im sorry ok?? hehe... hope you're doing ok & i wish you all at my tutition class all the besT! i'm sure y'all with go to good colleges as y'all are smart guys, so i hope w'ell meet next time or something... u know, it would be fun.. Mrs. Bala is cool as well..

Anyway.. Damn... i'm feeling hungry... Ok wait.. let me fun a bun in the oven.. DAmn.. it's 11:53 now!... Fine.. i'll just talk to u guys for a little longer.. i misssed leaving messages & i've forgot how much fun it is... Anyway.. give me a sec.. *pops over to the kitchen.... *
i'm back :) U know, although i don't know who's reading this right now and who u all are, or if i do, then that's a bonus... i do feel like i know u.. u know what i mean.. I mean like i've been communicating on this webbsite for more then 6 months & it's been totally wack.. meeting all you guys,. thanks again.. u knoe, i  think this is the longest message i've written... and u know, i can type fast now, with BoTH hands! *chuckles* Yup! .By the way, i have a few new pictures and i'm putting them up.. By the way, I never got the chance to Thank Leslie For takingthe Strain For The Shimmy pictures & I also wanna thank Loke Wei for taking the Love Is Somethin' I need Pictures.... LOke Wei helped me with this pic and helped me put a whole christmas thing to it... I hope u like it!!

It's very rare that u see me in a white shirt but i thiought what the hec & i wore one anyway... Anyway, i wanna thank Charlie for all your support, hope things with your special someone is Cool *cheeky grins* And i wanna thank Kelvin for goin  out with me last night, Thanks alot & i had fun.. loved the dinner....Anyway, i just finished eating that bun..hehe... Yeah.. and i have a New Year's Party tonight, with family... I guess it would be fun cuz i've not seen a couple of my relatives for quite a while.... But i'm kinda nervours... they have not seen me in ages... so i gotta make sure i look presentable :)  U know what, i think this is the longest message i've ever written... but i think ya'll deserved it :)
I guess half of me's screaming for new stuff but the other half's afraid of a change.... I think that's the thing about me... i hate changes... cuz once i get used to stuff.. i would get used to it and not waant change... but i guess in life.. u gotta move on right??? Well, anyway... Here are ALOT of new pictures of me At the pictures page, Go to the Pictures page to check em' out :)

Anyway, Bye Guys, I love you.

20/12/2001 - Thursday
11:46 P.M.

Hey u! Sorry Guys.. i've been totally neglecting ya'll.. Sorry. Oops! The last time i left a message was like... a week back! Sorry, Well, i hope You like the New Single. Im' actually re-recording it as i'm not satisfied with it, so expect a new-er, slick-er version up soon! I promise i'll put up more messages! I've been sitting on my ass all week! I'm extremely Lazy .. *smiles* Well, it's been ok.. I've been slacking... recording.. goin out & watching lots of movies actully. I watched Spy Game that day with my fren, It was great movie.. It's intelligent.. And i loved it.. And i watched American Pie 2, The Princess Diaries, 13 Ghosts & a few more... I downloaded a few, Thanx to Morpheus! hehe.. i'm gonna watch Monsters Inc. & i hope tomorrow i'll watch Lord Of The Rings cuz it looks like a swell movie. Anyway, I should be putting up a new version of Love Is Somethin' I Need And A little surprise for you guys, on Christmas! I wanna thank all of you guys who are patient with coming to the site & putting up ith my shit.. :P *laughs*

U know, i feel kinda full.. I ate quite alot.. hehe.. I pig out at times.. But thank god, i'm excercising now... toning & stuff... Well, i gotta be going soon, as i'm gonna watch some TV.. And 'ill see ya'll tomorrow ok?


14/12/2001- Thursday
1:07 A.M.

Hey U All! Howya doin??? It's me... (wait... now that's a stupid comment as Of course Ya'll are gonna know its' me!  I mean, who else could it Be!  hehe.. oh wait,,, am i talkin' to myself noW?? Haha... Ok.. let me get back to me message! *grins* .... ) Sorry bout that! WELL! I'm back! Yeah! Back from Johannesburg, South Africa. And Wow, It's a great place! Yess it's fantastic. Well, i spent like a week or so there and i have to say, it's beautiful. I mean, it's different. It's not like America or Australia. It looks like Australia, but wilder. It's very european influenced, due to the colonization hundreds of years ago.. (i bet ya'll know that.. ).. Well, i was kinsa skecptical but when i got there, i loved it. It's A very clean place, spotless! Everyone says that Singapore's clean, but believe me, their streets put Singapore's streets to shame! Their service is great. The people are friendly & extremely warm and really go all out to help. I mean, It wass a great experience for me.. seriously.. And i think if you're thinking of a cool Holiday, Go to Johannesburg!

We first did shopping and stuff on the first day... buying Groceries. We stayed in one of the best hotels in the whole of South Africa, Sandton Towers or somethin.. the place we stayed is called Sandton. This is the richest area in Johsannesburg.. very safe and cool. There are areas which are not safe at all.. like Johannesburg City which is like Downtown New York.. And you ca'nt walk there at night, unless you wanna get shot! Well, we spend the first day chillin' in my parents, my bro & i stayed in a room in the highest floor of the hotel. There are no high rise buildings at all, and out hotel, only 20 storeys, was the highest building in that area! We could see almost all the city from our hotel room window. Their juices are great... *grins*... Their "litchi", Mango & Cocktail juices are really great! Pure & freshly squeezed, they could be bought at Supermarkets at cheap prices... All their stuff are cheap... due to the currency... like $1 is equal to  5 Rand... So, we were able to spend freely...

By the way, i just put up all the Chirstmas Decortions with my bro, it's cool.. but we need more lights tho.. hehe.. Anyway, Today, i did kinda like that... I tried to record though, but i don't know why, i couldn't do much... lazy? perhaps.... I'm gonna be strict ttomorrow though, i'm Gonna finish atleast one track & one interlude!!! Yeah!! hehe.... I was workin out too just now... feel kinda gidddy now, but im' ok, Anyway, So far, i've finished 3 tracks plus one interlude for the album... so i still got alot to do, before i finish this album... I guess by Christmas, I should be done. I hope so tooo! Plus I have a O Holy Night Single coming out... hehe.... PLus I need To do A Love Is Somethin' I need Remix... argh! hehe... Well, I think later i'll be writing a song.. i mean, the last song i wrote was quite a while back... so  i'm gonna do that.. I'll probably include it into the album. So, Back to my Holiday..........

On the Second day, we went to A Lion Park & Visited the Famous Sun City. It was great. i managed to play with cute Lion cubs. One kinda scratched me, but it was not bad though. We also saw met a hyena at the park. There are all in strong cages.. but the cubs are seperated from their mothers, cuz the mothers might kill the cubs.. scary huh? Yeah.. It's some animal thing... We also saw a white Lion Cub.. Its' not an albino.. ( I hope i spelt that right.. hehe..), but just a white cub. It was great.. it was like Discovery Channel Live.. we saw the people feeding them and burping them, like kids.. After like a 20-30 minute visit to the Lion Park, we then went to Sun City. It's a beautiful, place, wth a beach (manmade) and it produces a wave every 90 seconds... which is as high as 2 metres. There were like many people swimming and girls in Bikinis.... and im' talkin about hot girls... hehe... Well, i have to admit, the girls there are very very pretty. They can dress well & present themselves well...!! Anyway, Suncity was great... Entering it, there's a Casino, Where i played! Yup, I managed to pass of as 18! Cool huh? Yup, We had some Jackpot. Then We ate lunch and then ventured into the Lost City. What i really admired was their stonework which was magnificent and really creative. Then, we took some pictures and walked around and stuff... around the infamous concrete elephants the are on the side of the vibrating bridge.. hehe... Yeah... There's a vibrating bridge that vibrates every hour... hehe... And i guess if you're on it, You'd get a good shakin! Anyway, We then wandered into The Palace Of The Lost City which was a 6 Star Hotel on which, i have the admit, the most beautiful hotel i've seen. Not only did it look Majestic, it looked so prestegious. To stay there one night, the cost ranges from 3,000 R to 24,000 R... Yeah! Then, There are towers there , which we climbed and from the top, we were able to see the whole landscape... It was totally breathtakin... I Mean, it was wild.. & totally wack. Anyway, Oh Yeah!! I gotta tell ya';; this.. *lol*... U know, while i was walkin' up the tower, these tourists were like going, "Ricky Martin! Ricky Matrin" And they were pointing at ME! Then, this guy came up to me and asked me, "Are U Ricky Martin?" And then I wwas like.. " Erm.... No?..." And he was like... " But do  sing? " And i was like,... "Yeah"... and he as like.. " Give Me A 5 Man!" Hehe.... I mean, who would have thought that even across continents, i'd get noticed! hehe... Well, I took it as a compliment tho, i mean, Ricky's not bad looking... Getting back to the point, We then went back after that, which was cool.. cuz we were all tired... we've been up since 8 and been walkin the whole day, in the HOT SUN! Which was ANNOYING though! I have a tan though, unfortunately. Oh wait, This paragraph's too long.. Okay.. I'll continue below...

Okay, Now that's better. Furthermore, We needed a bath.. i felt damn sticky... Don't Ask Where! *winks* I was happy with the hotel, i mean, we were with  a coool TV which had VH1 and Discovery Channel & CNN. I watched these 3 channels... like continously..  Then, The next day, We had to go to the Gold Reef City which was like a Theme Park Thing. It was a Theme park with A Gold Mine below it. We went on a Gold Mine Tour, with a fantastic guide who knew everything and was cool.. We went undergroud and we were 40 minutes underground and then, we also went to see all the machinery and stuff and then, once that was done, my bro and i went  to the roller coaster rides. AND U know what??? We Went to the scariest one first, which had a few 360 degress swirls and stuff... i think it was called Anaconda.. So we lines up 4 more then 20 minutes and when we finally got there, we were excited like anything. I mean, tha last time i went on such rides was like 3 years ago when i went to LA and went to 6 Flags. So, we waited till the cart thing went up... and heard the "Clink.. Clink... " noise... Then, suddenly, it stopped. Yup, It just stood stationary. Which kinda freaked us out. I mean, how would u feel, if you were stuck up a Rolercoaster, 10 - 15 storets high, And stationary! IIt was not only freezing but nerve wreckin! Well, guess what happened next? I said guess, u idiots! hehe.. Done? Okay, Well, there put this metal plate thing from below all the to where the Rollercoaster cart thingy was. Then, I was rescused first, tho my bro & i were sitting the second row.. Though we wanted to sit in front but a freakin asshole ran to the front... brat... But anyway, And one By one they harnessed us out of the cart and made us walk down to safety. Well, we found out that it was a power failure. So, i was the first rescused and i walked down first and as i walked down, A nervous guy on the cart was like... " Hey, Give Me A hand... " And i was like... " You'll Live...' *grins* So, it was actually a thrilling experience for me... i mean.. How many people have u met u got stuck up on a rollercoaster?? So it was an experience!

U Know what, this is getting like a really long message! hehe.. Well, i'm makin up 4 not putting messages 4 a long time.. Then, After the Gold Reef Experience, we went for a safari, which was 4:30 in late afternoon.. which was in a park which was the size of Singapore. We had a a guide bring us on that tour & we saw so many animals in the wild... Giraffes.. Pyjama Donkeys.. kinda like Zebras... Deers.. like 4 types.. Elephants.. a whole herd... Hyena... Ostriches.... and the Dung Beatle... 7 more.. It was kinda wil..i tell ya... Then, we went home after that... It was exhausting Though... Then, the next day we went to Monte Casino, a famous Casino, where we spent a few hundreds... we lost some & won some.. but in the end, we still lost.. but it was in Rand... like 100-200 RAND... which was like, 40-50 Singapore Dollars. Then, the days after that was shopping & movies day. We watched movies.. me and my bro.. 3 actually.. Town & Country.. Kingdom Come & America's Sweetheart. It was cool.. i liked all.. And i liked the shopping.. as it was cheap And cool.. I gotta couple a few new caps which i like... and tops & short pants... I don't know, but my wardrobe's like changing.. i'm more into Baggy stuff now & short pants. *Laughs* Sorry.. i'm listening to Janet's Son Of A Gun with Missy... real cool song.. funny...

Anyway, I think the next week, i 'm gonna get out more, i've been stuck home, recording & stuff... and i'm getting bored... i wake up,  record..or try to record.. and take a break.. and record.. or watch Tv... I wanna go out, watch a movie.. chill with frens... u know, stuff like that... Anyway, I gotta Go now! So, i'll See Ya'll Later okay???

Hope u liked the long message!

30/11/2001 - Friday
9:25 P.M.

Hey there guys & Gals! Well, my flight's tomorrow & i'm really excited as i've never been to Johannesburg and i really wanna go there cuz the stuff sounds coool. I've always wanted to take a walk on the wild chance... and yeah... this is my chancce.. hehe..  Guess who i'm groovin to?? Yeah.. It's Alicia Keys Featuring Busta Rhymes. I love the Fallin' remix.. and plus i think she's real cool! OO... guess who's hollering on my MP3 player now, It's the baby girl, Aaliyah... Anyway, So, to keep ya'll updated, i've finished the Spanish version and the Strain For The Shimmy Remixes are completed. I'm really glad as guess what, *grins*, I've finished the new single, Love Is Somethin' I Need. ANd i'm really proud  of it.. It's really wack and believe me, ya'll are gonna love it.... It's a slow song and i guess y'all are kinda skeptical.. as ya'll have never heard me do a Slow track, apart from Makes One Person.. But Love is Somethin' I Need is different.

It's a track that i wrote in August. I had lots of things on my mind and i was feelin' kinda sad about certain stuff, so i wrote this song. Tho it's sad, It's got this sort of uplifty kinda feeling.. I don't know... but i wanted it to be positive and very personal. The lyrics are simple and not like imagery or poetic.. i guess i wanted to connect with the listeners in a conventional way.. I spent like 9 hours doing the track.. cuz i wanted it to sound perfect.. I still don't think it's perfect.. hehe... I'm just a perfectionist.. hehe... *smiles* Anyway... there's a new pop-up .... for the new single.. i'm gonna promote it as much as i can and then, Jetset to Johannerburg!

Anyway, I think in life, i'm happy now. I mean, i don't knoe, but i feel kinda freee & young. Maybe it's just the holidays or perhaps its' other reasons. I can't wait for Christmas though... we're gonna have this huge tree up with lots of ornaments and stuff... ahh. can't wait,,, Oh wait! i need to excercise! Yeah... my new aim's to get fitter.. i mean, i've always wanted a good physique nd i guess the hols r a good oppurtunity for me to build those muscles... I mean, i guess life can be very unpredictable... plane crashes and poverty... some times i feel lucky to be where i am today.. to have a family... & to have my loved ones with me... I think that's really important, to be surrounded by loved ones... U knoe, sometimes i feel like i'm like travelling aimlessly...I mean, have u ever asked urself, where u see urself in 10 years? Well, i have and i'm clueless.. I mean, i've not really achieved anything extraordinary or anything... i don't knoe... I don't worry about the future but i'm kinda afraid about not worrying about it. I mean, i do believe in fate, but life is not all about fate right??
Well, i'm gonna be applying for a place in a college after putting this entry up.. well, the question is weather i'll get a place or not, in the college i want.. Well, i guess we all have our obstacles huh??

I had a great time that day, thanks dan for the dinner. I had Pasta and wine, and it was great.. Thank u... Well, the movie was ok.. i mean, some parts was nice but it was nothin spectatular.. the movie was Heist... starring Gene Hackman and Samual Jackson... Oh shit! I gotta pack!! Hehe... My flight's tomorrow and i've not packed yet! Yeah.. i know... my lazy ass!! Well, i've been trying to get in touch with certain people in the music industry... well, it's been quite successful, so far. I mean. people are like.." Yeah.. Your'e definately gonna make it.." and stuff like that... But im' nervous... I think it's not about gettin' famous... It's about getting heard & doing what i want in life, and well, i'm never gonna give up, i tell ya!

My Granny's here with me, spending my hols with me.. I really do love her, i mean.. shes' really adorable and shes' truly concern & stuff... She's gonna be goin' back to Melbourne on the Dec 17... Well, i'm gonna miss here then.. She's just bought a new house in Kew, a cool place in Melbourne.. Well, i was supposed to go there, but the plans were changed and we decided to go to South Africa instead... U know, my personal life sucks! My last relationship was like what.... erm... last year! And that sucked too! U knoe, Apart from dedicating my time to music.. i'm gonna get out more often.. I have to! I need someone to smooch in Christmas... hehe... Hey, anybody interested, e-mail.. HAHA!!

Well, I better go now.. As i've gotta pack & stuff... So i'll put up a message when i come back from South Africa okay??


27/11/2001 - Tuesday
8:30 P.M.

Hiya people! How are all y'all doing?? Well, i just woke up from this great afternoon nap.. hehe.. well, u gotta give me a break cuz i slept at 2 cuz i was putting up auctions and stuff.. Well, i need the dough so i guess id' have to do it this way... hehe.. Anyway, I'm gonn be recoding the Spanish version of Strain For The sHimmy later and put that up for ya'll.. I'm also still workin on the X'mas track.. So, you guessed yet?? Okay..i won't keep ya'll in any more suspense, I'm doin O Holy Night and it sounds kinda grand.. PLus i love Christmas and believe me, ya'll will lurve it too..

I had to go to school today, about this admission to College thing and i guess that's why i'm bushed... but anyway, I just wanted to say that i've been happy with the response of the site generally.. I'd put up a voice message, but i gotta go collect my photos at the photoshoot,,, Yeah.. new pics for the 2 new singles... hehe... well, its' different... I hope ya'll will like it,,,

Well i gotta go, sorry for the sloppy update.. but i'll try to say more tomorrow, when i post up the Strain For The Shimmy Renmix...

So Bye!

25/11/2001 - Sunday

2:22 P.M.
Hey Guys! It's been like ages since i put my last message here...  well, i had my exams and i had to mug all night... all day for the last 2 months.. Well, they are over and It's party time! Well, I've got lots of new things comin on, New Strain For The Shimmy Remixes, A Brand New Exclusive Christmas single... And a new single from the much awaited Album.

The Single's called Love Is Somethin' I Need... and it would be up by this week... As i'll be jetting off to South Africa Next week to party! Yeah... well, i need a break too right? I've been recording for the past hours... and boy am i tired.. The Christmas single is cool, grand & majestic.. Im' sure y'all will like it! Well, i won't tell ya what it is, but y'all can guess, It's a classic holiday christmas track, well, i'll let ya'll guess...

1) The Christmas Song
2) O Hly Night
3) Silent Night
4) Joy To The World
5) Jingle Bells

Well, i'm doin one of the songs above... hehe..

Tomorrow, i have a photo shoot for the new single and Christmas stuff... so the single will be posted soon... by this week i hope. Annoyingly, My scanner's bitchin'... I don't knoe why.. I can't use it,,, freak... *listens to Pink's Get The Party Started* .. i just love this song..

Anyway, There's gonna be a Whole new format for the wesite and stuff to promote the new album! So, there are gonna be lots of changes... And well, surprises too... i have alot of time and i will dedicate to my music and stuff... Tho, i really need a personal life tho.. hehe,,,,
wait.. let me change the song... *changes song to Garbge's Shut Your Mouth*... Damn i love this song... Well, more info of the new album... I will be collaborating with lots of people..,, nd the album's not gonna be just hip hop/Rnb like how everybody thinks... Well, let me say that it's gonna be really cool..
Thanks for all the support tho, i mean, i did not do any promoting for the website... but i had so many visiters and i'm really gratefull...
Well, i gotta go, gotta try and finish the Christmaas Single.. hehe...

Well Bye!

30/9/2001 - Sunday
5:50 P.M.

Hey there everyone! Well, guess what, i finnished the remixes! I spent the whole weekend, recording, sleeping like at 4, to make sure that the remixes sounded cool.. and i'm really satisfied with the results.. There are 4 new versions to download.. so download away! Well, i hope ya'll will like the remixes as i worked so hard on these, hours.. and i'm really bushed... well, tomorrow, i'm gonna be getting my results back, and well, just wish me luck guys! Well, i know i'll do ok.. not really good and not really bad.. cuz i did study, i studied hard...

I also uploaded a new message, and also an old track of mine from my previous album, Makes One Person.. It's acapella.. but it's really personal.. and it kinda means alot to me... I hope ya'll will like it..

These remixes were really fun to do, although straining, i feel that all the hard work is worth it.. I mean, it's just really fun to play around with a song, and twist the lyrics and beats to get a whole new thing... I hope you'll like it as i love them..  and i hope y'all like the new popup, with all the info about Stain for The Shimmy.. So, that's it.. I gotta go now... It's almost 6 already.. and i do'nt know what to do.. either study or go out?? hehe.. well, i'll see..

For now, signin' off.. Steve...

28/9/2001- Friday
5:45 P.M.


I just wanted to say a big warm welcome to EVERYONE OUT there!!! YEAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve's IN DA HOUSE! Well, it's been so difficult to put messages up on my site as my computer crashed! I had exams and I WAS VERY SICK! I still am actually, (In the head as well.. hehe)  *Listens To Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Outta My Head*.. God this song's great... Well, I do'nt know where to start... Well, I'm getting my exam results on Monday.. (How nice..) Well, i did study hard but it was really hard.. I'm proud that i managed to pull through and i think that i deserve a pat on my back! *Pat* There! U know, although i'm sick, i do'nt know how 'im able to be SOO Hyper! Well, i'll be putting up messages now often, as my computer's fine.. AND... MY exams are like a month plus away... So, next week, is my intense study thing starting.. and that's when i wo'nt update much.. but well, for the next 3 days... i'll be doin alot for the site..
U know, i really wanted to record the Strain For The Shimmy Remixes but i have a sore throat now and well.. I'll try tomorrow and Sunday.. That's why i'm seeing a doctor later...

Well, I recordered a message, a voice message for all of ya.. And it will be put up.. (click the link below!) U know, yesterday, i was folli'n around and recordered sound samples for my computer.. like when you enter the computer and exit the computer... I'ts quite cool! With the echo and laughs and it's funky... they are both like 5 seconds each... i'll put those up too.. just for ya'll to laugh at or something...

Click here to download the intro
Click here to download the outro

U know, that whole US thing totally distressed me and well, i kinda wanted to put up the voice message just mainly to say something about that whole tragedy. I think that's it's so sad that the peace of the world had to be disrupted like that... and well, as i said in the voice message, it's a fight between good and evil, and good will always prevail as that was the law that god enforced on our kingdomn. Well, I wanna tell all my frens in the US to say stong! If you stay strong, it's all gonna be ok..

Well, i'm gonna put all this up and perhaps see if i can record the remixes or somethin... So, i'll see ya later! Thanks for visiting the site!
Love Ya!


10/9/2001 - Monday
6:50 P.M.

Hey guys...mmmmm... i've just gottta say that i'm really happy that Aaliyah's Album's #1 on the Billboard US charts! Good on her! She deserves it! It's so sad that she can't celebrate her achievement.. Well, she'll rest in peace and god bless her soul.

Well, 'im so sick.. my exams are tomorrow and i've got such a high fever! I 'm so unwel that even typing seems painfull... I mean i've worked my ass off for this exams and now i have a temperature that's so freakin' high... hmmmmmmm.... I just don't know what to do anymore..............

5/9/2001 - Wednesday
12:58 P.M.

Hey there everyone!!! I know i've been neglecting the site but at the moment but i've been really busy with my revision of my schoolwork and well, my exams would finish like 10 days after next week.. so when my exams, which are the prelims, finish... i'll put up a special song for all of ya'll.. i think it would definately be a remix of the Strain For The Shimmy track.. as the response has been really good that i wanna make it at this constant...

Anyway, i need to thank y'all SO MUCH for so much support and the single has been doin so well, as so many of ya'll have downloaded it and i've been getin' really wack feedback.. THANK YOU again.. it's just really overwheaming to know that people actually listen to your songs, people from countries where i don't even speak the same language...  Once i'm done with my studies.. i'll be promoting my music.. the new album 110 %!!

Well, i gotta go sleep, se ya'll later! Good mornin'...


28/8/2001 - Tuesday
3:40 P.M.

Still mourning the loss of Aaliyah.. i think her death teaches us a lesson... never take life for granted as u might never knoe what might happen. If you love someone, make the most out of it, do all that u can hile u are alive. I still feel sorry for her and she will greatly be remembered. I recordered a special version of Amazing Grace, as a Tribute to this Child prodigy. Hope y'all will enjoy it... I wanted it to be solemn and soul.. i hope it's not too draggy! *smiles*


1979 - 2001

26/8/2001 - Sunday
10:40 P.M.

This is really not a joyful message. I'm deeply saddended to say that the telented Rnb singer, Aaliyah is dead. She died in a tragic accident while returning home after probably filming a video for her new single, Rock The Boat. I'm extremely saddened by this news. I grew up listening to her hits like Are U that somebody. Try again and her lastest Album, Is a smash! Such a telented singer with a beautiful voice, she wrote and  produced her own songs. I'm gonna go buy her album as soon as i can as she deserves it. No matter what, this singer will stay in our hearts. Although i don't know her personally, (i wish), i feel so sad. She was only 22. Lets have a moment of silence for this child prodigy..... ..

She will be deeply missed by millions of fans worldwide.
May her soul rest and have eternal piece.

Click here to go to links to see about latest news of Aaliyah's death :

BBC News


19/8/2001 - Sunday
3:57 P.M.

Hey guys! Guess what???? The Strain For The Shimmy Single is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah... You can download the WHOLE MP3, Cd quality... well, i had it put on the front page pop-up, but if you missed it, here's the links:
P.S. Hope u like the single, by the way, i recordered a special thank u message to all the fans cuz i thought ya'll deserved it, so enjoy!

6/8/2001- Monday
10:54 P.M.

Hey guys! Sorry for not putting up anything sooner.. i've been really busy actually.. work has been pilin' up and the stress level is goin real high! well, i've been basically tryi'n to finish work.. and dedicate my lil time to this site.. well, i hope you like the new pictures.. 'ill be revealing the new album cover soon.. yes, very soon.. i showed it to a few frens and they loved it, so i'm basically waiting for the right time to put it out.. hey, just 6 more days for the single release!! And click here to vote for the covers of the Strain For The Shimmy single...here's more info of the single, including the long awaited tracklist:


1) Strain For The Shimmy (Album Version)
2) Tensión Por El Shimmy (Spanish Version)
3) Strain For The Shimmy (Tyrone Jam)
4) Strain For The Shimmy (Lovell Street Remix)
5) Vichara

1) Strain For The Shimmy (Album Version)
2) Strain For The Shimmy (Intertwine Remix) Featuring Nesh
3) Strain For The Shimmy (Nicole' Urbano Mix)
4) Strain For The Shimmy/Cynical (Turned Trick Remix)
5) Indian Tune

3/8/2001- Friday
5:50 P.M.

Hey! well, 'im extremely tired... today was the 2nd audition for this teacher's day thing that i had to do.. gawd, are my legs tired!! Well, got tutition later and slli'm gonna do is try to do some work now.. I ca'nt wait for next week, as there's like this 5 day break! Well, things with the single are goin well.. Hope ya'll are prepared to shimmy in a few days time... ok??? Well, ciao 4 now.. but i'll try to leave a message later! Oh yeah..  i need to thank all the Malaysians as i've had SUCH AN OVERWHEALMING response from the people of the republic of Malaysia... i had 100 visitors in 2 days only!! Amazing!! I really wanna thank thm to putting interest and supporting me and stuff, thanx alot guys... i just feel encouraged to tour more... and let me say that i'm gonna be doin malaysia for another 1 day before i do Indoneisia.... and then i'll have to jump to the UK...  for the single release.. no matter how busy i am, i will still leave messages on the site and stuff, this site means alot to me and u guys do to... Thanks again for the great support!
Love, Steve.

2/8/2001- Thursday
6:19 P.M.

Hey there! Well, since its' a new month, i decided to have the old thoughts on another link.. so if you wanna read the old thoughts, u could click the link below! Plus, this way, the page will load faster.. u know what i mean...Well, generally.. it was a good day.. school was great.. i'd be goin out to get a mike later to fix in my comp.. so as to record stuff... so let me just say that the COUNTDOWN officially starts today! The countdown to the Strain For The Shimmy Single... I know i was supposed to release it in July but i was filled to the brim with schoolwork.. I still am filled to the brim, by the way! Well, i wish i could leave a messaage... but i can't.. i've gotta get dressed.. and get ready to go out to get me mike! Then, i'd be comin home to do my homework! Believe me, there's alot!
By the way, there were new pictures added like last week..
So, go to the Pictures section now, and enjoy!
And click here to vote for the covers of the Strain For The Shimmy single...

28/7/2001- Saturday
5:36 P.M.

Hey there.. well, had a busy day today... i woke up.. studied and did a massive upload of the page... took me like 2 hours.. so now i'm gonna and do work again and maybe out a message later or tomorrow.. The Masssive update was the pictures page, with few new pics from my latest photo shoot. So, go to the Pictures section now, and enjoy!

26/7/2001- Thursday
6:37 P.M.

Hey there people! Well, i'm just in a good mood so that explains the colour! Well, i think today was a cool day, it was the last day i had my sqaush lesson. for 4 years i had this as an extra curricula activity thing.. as it's a school rule to have a sport for everyone.. Well, today was the last lesson, and it was sad as my coach called all the 20 boys from my cohort and said a bye and thanks cuz she's retiring too.. and when i walked out the court i had flashes of me in grade 7, 8 and 9.... these 4 years have been great.. i mean i think i took it for granted as i love sqaush.. at first i hated it but i then decided to give it a chance, and lo & behold, i loved it... And well, the thing about me is that i hate changes alot.. i do'nt knoe.. i'm gonna be leaving this school at the end of the year.. so much memories.. i spent a chunk of my life in this school.. 4 years.. and well.. i think 'im gona be sad.. i met such good frens ands stuff.. Well, the ending of my sqaush lesson just made me realize that my time in this school is so damn short.. Well, i mean, i always anticipate school cuz of the frens.. i mean, what would school be without frens anyway? Well.. i just wanna go to a school that will have most of my close frens and stuff.. i don't wanna go to somewhere where i'm gonna be alone.. i do'nt knoe what 'ill do without my frens anyway..

I just ate a doughnut! hehe.. i love 'em.. I did'nt do anything yesterday actually... well,' im gonns do like 2 hours on Chemistry today, i have to! i suck at  it believe me! And i'm so glad that Mariah's single's at #2!!  I think the song's great... and i 'm so glad it's gonna go #1 next week on the billboard.. she desrved it.. I mean, i grew up hearing her music since the age of 9 and i've always loved her stuff.. i think she's a great artist.. hot & really sexy too! hehe..

Well, If you wanna go And vote for Mariah on TRL, an American Request MTV show, Go here: TRL
If you wanna go to a cool site to check Mariah stuff, go here: http://www.mariahdaily.com/

I'm gonna have to go now.. cuz i'm gonna start studyin.. i have to.. Sorry. oh yeah before i go, i wanna thank Nesh for brunch  today.. i loved it and hey.. i just wanna say that i actually had fun today.. *smiles* Put your chin up dude.. don't get too serious on stuff.. And thanks for being a cool fren.. wanna just say thanks... not for the lunch.. but for like the last 4 years.. appreciate it.. I think you have this temper thing and its' probably the hormones... but you've gotta not take it out on me... and i ca'nt always be understanding.. u know what i mean? well.. i mean, even if we have tiffs.. they are just tiffs.. we're best frens.. it's normal.. i think if you think about stuff, you'd realize that there are far more important things in life to actually quarrel about. By the way, school would be nothing without you, i do'nt know how to ever thank you... *hugs*

Well, that was just an update on one my frens.. let me see, here are more on my other frens:

Loke WEi: Nothing much.. we had lunch today together, was great! By the way, have fun on your honeymoon with, "that person.."
Iqbal:  This asshole is ok.. his girlfren refused to have sex with him... . (Well, who would ever agree???)
Divyan: This ass is growin taller! If you get nearer, BITCH I"M GONNA KILL ya! Na.. joking... Wait..... hrmmmm.. by the way, i love your hair blonde....
Chun Cheong: He's gonna be a priest!! (Oh help us god!)
Nagas: He's so famous now. He just came back from this Oprah interview.. He invented this new bra that would enhance a woman's boobies and this works for all women, with different breasts sizes... wow.. (don't ask me where HE got the inspiration..) Go to www.ilovemybobbies.com to order! Good on you naggie!
Jason: Well, i won him at 7 matches of Squash today,...ah! Beat that! hehe.. Well, sorry fellar.. looks like your'e losin your touch..
Rohai: He's pregnant.

(Hahaha!!! hey... whatever that's in red above.. is not true.. i was just kiddin... just takin the mickey outta myself.. I din'dt want them to feel left out cuz i had a passage about nesh.. hehe! Well, hope ya'll enjoyed laughin'... . Well, although i'm not really sure of rohai's pregnancy part.... hrm.....)

25/7/2001- Wednesday
2:43 P.M.

Hey! How u doin' guys?? Well, i've been good... today's been a ok day tho.. the weather's been really freaky tho, it rains, then  shines, then rains.. i guess, someone's fickle up there?? hehe... Today sch finished early which is good.. i got to come home early.. i've got math and science work to do... ah,,, i feel tired already just thinkin about doin them! Well, 'im glad the site is back up again, courtesy of DAn.. thanks again daddie *chuckles* Well, 'im groovin to foxy and stuff.. god.. i love her stuff.. This song Tables Will Turn or something is  totally dope with cool raps and stuff..  Yesterday it was my mum's Birthday, which was great! We had a tiny party last night with the ice cream cake and stuff. She was happy.. Well, i'm gonna cut this entry short... I might leave somethin tomorrow or we'll meet again in the weekend... ok??
PS: the single's still in the works.. sorry guys.. i'm just SO busy... you've just gotta wait......

23/7/2001- Monday
6:13 P.M.

Hey... it's been an ok monday... i'm kinda surprised that i'm actually putting up a post today.. but well, i have a reason. Today i was unable to go to my site and i asked my fren Dan, Why.. and he said that it needed to be renewed which meant that the yearly fee for it had to be paid. Well, this site was kinda like a gift from a close fren and it was really nice of him to pay for it for one whole year! Well, however, my fren's credit card was triflin so he could'nt renew it. i was thinkin how i was gonna pay for it as i do'nt have a credit card and Dan said that he would pay for me cuz he has a card. I think that was totally nice of him and i feel really bad cuz dan's awfully nice all the time and if you're reading this, i wanna say a massive thank you for all the help. You should let me help you with your stuff or somethin, i feel really bad just takin.. well, i promised him that the next time we went out, dinner would be on me... I think that was a good compromise right???  hehe.. well thinkin about it, what can i possibly help him with? I suck at computers anyway... believe me i do... Well, Dan, thanks again, and you've been such a swell fren, *hugs*. : )

21/7/2001- Saturday
1:24 A.M.

Hey! How u doin guys? well, it's a saturday and well i'm glad that it is! I had a great morning... not really great.. i was fellin' pain all over but i actually had more then 4 hours of sleep! hehe.. i slep for 10 or 11 hours.. which was great.. i needed that! I had an ok afternoon.. i was doin some work. i had tutition at night though which was great... i need the practice,, and then i had dinner with a fren @ Long John Silver's.. which was slammin! Now i'm just chillin.. gonna do some work now,, try to finish some math then sleep! Well, i managed to promote the site today.. doin Australia.. it was great... the Aussie's seem nice! ( okay.. Dan.. if you're readin..i knoe you're smilin.. :P ) Swept through Sydney, Melbourne, Darvin & perth... ill get the other states tomorroe... !  i met 2 Dj's which were cool...And i met a few bands.. 'ill put their address up... I think there was the DJ who thought i was greek! *lol* Greek???? Haha.. God., am i that ambigious looking? Anyway.. i gottta go now, gotta go do my work.. i just wanted to leave a short message.. I'll leave one tomorrow too.. and i might put of the tracklist of the Strain For The Shimmy singles... or i might NOT!!! hehe... well, y'all have to wait a few days more... hehe... Goodnight!

20/7/2001- Friday
6:00 P.M.

Hey there guys! God was today a really really long day! I had school and today was racial Harmony day! It was really cool. Today was just such a happy day for everyone.. and we were all so cheery.. i loved it.. But it was the busiest day of the whole day! I was behind the stall counter, selling cookies and Indian deserts.. I bet these terma are gonna sound alien to u guy, in the Us and stuff.. but a few things that were being sold was this crispy fried thing called, "Muruku"... amd there were ither sweet stuff and snacks.. There were 3 counters, one for each of the racial groups, the Chinese, Indians & Malays. It was great just hopping from one counter to another trying other stuff... i bet we made more then $600! Believe me, the buisness was good. We were selling garlands too, cuz in the Indian culture, garlands symbolize.. hrm.. respect and purity or something like that and i was wearing one myself... modelling it for the people to buy! My voice was totally sore after screamin for 2 hours, "Buy one & get this free..." or goin.." Get this for $0.50.." it was great.. i was totally friendly to evey customer and i think i'd make a good buisness person in the service line. hrm.. Well, it was fun.. i grabbed some snacks for myself and the teachers were performing in the vicinity to requests... Each request was $2.. and the teachers sand English, Tamil. and Chinese songs.. i can't remember hearing any Malay songs.. But overalll, today was a blast. Basically, it was a fair with different races participating and it was really harmonious!! I think i never did have so much fun! I was totally shagged though.. And after that, i had to control the class and practice this Teacher's Day thingy.. we were goin for a audition... where the judges judged our performance and saw which one was good for the Teacher's Day Celebration. I think we did well.. there was LOTS of screw up,  believe me! We were performing Inddependent Student and Survivor.. these 2 destiny's child songs.. the whole theme was great, with this whole spy thang and i was excited. Well, after we did finish the Independent Student, we ran into this little room in the corner, changed and came out. However, My jacket could'nt zip up!! So i had to go out and sing with my jacket half opened. !! And while we were signing, the cord on my fren's mike came out! So, basically, we were ok.. we need more practice.. I definately need more practice in the dance steps..I just had to sprain my neck and stuff.. i could'nt turn to the right at all!! *lol* Yeah...

Well, 'im gonna be goin now.. i'm really tired! I actually have tutition now.. at 7 plus.. well, gotta go.. see ya later..

18/7/2001 - Wednesday
5:27 P.M.

Hey there... ca'nt believe it's 18 already... boy does time fuckin fly! Well, things are ok.. i'm extremely busy with school  and stuff and it's really tiring me.. oh god help me! I've been giving very little attention to my music.. well, my education is first priority... *smiles* Well, the page has been goin well. I just finished a massive promotion of the site, locally, for a period of like 4 days. Now the site's bein promoted in Australia... i'm workin from state to state.. melbourne, Sydney, Perth.. and so on.. and then i'll move on back to South-East asia and promote the site in Malayasia, Thailand, Brunei... and neighbouring countries. i'll probably dedicate 2-3 days per country but 4 for continents...And then, move on to Russia and Japan.. and then India.. and then to Europe... where i'll have to concentrate on the UK... it will probably co-incide with the single release... which would be great anyway... AND, then move to Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic... Poland... blah blah... and move down to the middle east.. Saudi.. Egypt.. and Sun City... then i'll probably spend a little time in South America, Brazil, Argentina...Mexico.. AND finally move on up to the US... probably spend more then a week there.. wanna get thru as many states as i can.. even Hawaii.. and then Canada,... Yeah.. too ambitious?? hehe.. Well, i thought it would be great to cyber-tour as the single releases. which would be in less then a week's time! Watch out for the countdown...

Well, i usually don't put up messages midweek cuz of the workload.. but 'im just takin a break. I'm gonna start doin my work now.. probably finish it by 8 plus and then go down to get some stuff like pens and then watch Goodness Gracious Me.. and study... *sighs* What a sucky day huh? Well, i gotta go anyway...
Thanx for reading... Oh yeah by the way... The poll's up.. Go vote!!!

14/7/2001 - Saturday
3:38 P.M.

Hey people! Sorry for not leaving a message yesterday, although i promised.. real sorry! I was kinda busy yesterday.. it was a good friday actually. I was better then any of the stressful mid-week days. Well, i had tutition where i did a whole Math paper and it was ok.. I also have tutition today which is cool. Atleast my Sunday would be free... which is cool.  ok. whats' with the, "which is cool's"... hehe... well, i had SO much of cookies & cream ice cream with toppinhgs!! yummy-yum! I must have topping when i eat ice cream. I just had a great one hour convo with Leslie.. it's really great. We just manage to have so muvh fun and talk and stuff and that's great. Like when we come with a joke, it's usually something speacial from a TV show or something and usually, only the 2 of us understand it..

Well anyway, I'm gonna make some squid balls and.. nuggests! I feel kinda hungry actually.. U know i actually lost my school diary that day. some ass must have taken it.. how annoying! I feel so lost without it... cuz i have lyrics of songs in it and stuff like that. Damn... I have to find it.. Anyway, things for the single are goin well.. i've got most of the stuff for the single confirmed.. as in what music i'm gonna use and the rights are in the working of being confirmed. I'm still contemplating on adding a club mix or not... personally, i don't like cl,ub mixes but there are alot of people out there who do, so i guesss i'll have to think about that.

oo.. it's 4:29 now.. well, was talkin to leslie just now... So, after tutition, i really don't know what to do.. maybe i'll grab dinner and crash home to watch a movie. I borrowed Vcd's of The Mexican, Traffic and Big Daddy.. and i already finished my A Math homewotk, dd 2 hours of math revision ANd i'm gonna have to finish some history homework later.. Well, i'm glad i managed to do something today... U knoe, i've been busy with the single that i've not really written any new stuff... well, i need a break from albums too.. the last track i wrote was "Love Is Somethin' I Need"... It's a ballad but kinda sad... it's a contrast cuz i don't usually do ballads. My dad's in Greece, Athens... It sounds great there... i've always be so interested in these sorta places like Greece & Cyprus. Like what's therir way of life and culture. I think Japan's a country with amazing culture... their people are friendly and very polite. My dad was saying that Japan's a place of it's own... And their food isn't bad either! I remember having a dinner with frens like a few weeks back at Sake Sushi, a restaurant in Singapore which serves Great Japanese food and it was my first time dining there and i was impressed. I would love to visit Tokyo or Fukaka... or places in Japan like that. Osaka sounds interesting too.. I've been to japan actually.. it was a stopover when i was goin to LA before, but it was only in the Airport... I would loveto look around and stuff. But of course, i would have to visit Egypt, It's such a mystical place. In contrast to Singapore.. buildings, buildings, buildings... it can be a little boring... i mean, i feel a little bit too urban... the only way of fun people here have is goin to movies, arcade.. stuff like that.. i miss the nature..  I used to go fishing before every week wth my dad.. it was great.. we had boatrides and we chilled at the country club. But that was 2 years ago.. Now im' kinda busy that any little time i have, i like spending it with myself.. u know, write a track, or read a book. I do occasionally read Reader's Diigest before i go to sleep but i wanna borrow the book i saw at the library in my school.. it was about UFO's and i really liked it.. I guess i'm drawn to the world of supernatural and stuff like that.. i'm always very curious.. and definately not the person who believes that everthing has a sceintific reason.. ( the grades  i get for science would prove that!! hehe ) I really have to go  to Egypt..; just thinking about it makes me feel so blissful.  I would love to ride on a camel... go to a pyramid and explore.. it would be so interesting. i really wanna go to the Egyptian Museam as that would be so interesting. i think the Egyptian culture is great and their music and stuff sounds great. My dad said that their food is kinda oily.. i'm not really a fan of oily stuff but i guess i'd dig in on the fastfood there... Wow.. i'm so excited about goung there! I'm gonna be goin in December.. It's winter there so it would be chilly... *dreams* Wow.. ca'nt wait.. Cairo.. sounds so majestic...
Well i gotta go, I'll leave a message tomorrow or later if i can..

12/7/2001 - Thursday
9:04 P.M.

Hey everyone! Sorry bout' not leavin a message.. I'vee been really busy with so many things.. school work & school work! Well, the remixes for the upcoming single is coming great. Let me just say that the'd be a few surprises and stuff like that... Well, today i skipped squash as i decdided to go home instead and do my work.. i had quite a mighty amount of work to do! I'm so glad! Tomorrow's friday! Finally, the weekend! Today i did'nt do much, i did math, more math and english.. now i'm takin a break.. i think i did a fair amount of work to last my conscious and so i'm not gonna do much now.. i'm just spending this break to write this journal and download tracks and upload the new stuff. Oo.. by the way, I just saw mariah's new album cover, It's great!! Super! I think it will be a hit! (like all her other albums) Plus, she's workin with alot of Hip hop artists and i love hip hop, so that would be cool.. By the way, if you're thinking of buying Mandy's album, GO GET IT! It's great!1 I love the mix of east and west. She had like 4 tracks which were totally arabic.. just like In My Pocket. It's great! I love the arabic tunes and she had a mix of indian too with the Tabla and Sitar and it with her voice, it really blended.

Foxy Brown's Album is cool too.. Hold on.. let me change to one of her tracks... *changes the music from Mandy to Foxy...* Yeah, that's more i like it! I love her rap. It's raw and in ya face! By the way, one of the Strain for The Shimmy remixes is total hip hop, with rap.. i don't think i'd let my parents hear that, cuz of the swearin'... well, i was contemplating to have swearing or not.. but then i thought about it and i was like, Why the hell should i change my song for other people? I mean, It's my track, and If I wanna swear in it, I'll swear.. u know what i mean.. plus, swearin is like a way of expressing yourself, of course, there's a limit but i used the words with great consideration. Anyway, MP3's of the song would probably be up by next week. By the way, if you love Hip hop, go get FOXY"S ALBUM, Broken Silence! It's slammin'! Go to this Foxy site for more info, The Hot Spot, She reminds me alot of Lil' kim but they have their distinct styles. Lil' kim swears more!! Fallin''s a cool track...

u know, there's this Talentime thingy and i would love to join.. I am kinda shy when it comes to crowd... But i think it would be great to participate. Plus, the prize is a recording contract and $70 000! That's phat and i think i'd try... I hope the age limit isn't at like 18 or somethin, cuz if it was, i would'nt be able to qualify. *GRINS* Okay,,, i do'nt knoe why i'm gonna say this but since im' really honset with ya'll, im' just gonna go ahead with it... U knoe, these few days, i've been getting erections like crazy! They just don't Stop! I do'nt know why! hehe... I know it's normal but it's really hard tryi'n to conceal it in class cuz... well.. *winks*.. mine is no pencil.. believe me... *blushes* Ok.. now i feel embarrased. Ok. 'im sure you guys reading can understand... forgive me gals for being cheeky... I guess it's the mind,.i've been havin many sex fantasies these few days.. they just flood my mind i tell ya... hehe... Hey! Stop laughing! i'm a guy! I have needs to right??

By the way, the links page have been updated and also the pop up thang....

Anyway, i'm listening to Foxy's new single, Oh Yeah.. it's really great.. Very jamacian/hip-hop..  Well, i'm gonna start studyin' more tomorrow, like do some science or something... i really wanna try and start workin hard for my exams.. it's in like less then 2 months. i've ggot tutition tomorrow too. but i love tutition, so that's coool.  Oh yeah.. i'm gonna be putting a poll up, so vote if you wanna.. be honest! No fibbin'
Well, i better be goin.. i promise i'll leave a message tomorrow! I ususally leave longer and more messages towards the end of the week as i have more time then... usually Monday toThursday's like the tiring-busy days... I'm glad Friday's gonna be a breeze.. ( i hope..) Well, gotta be goin... See ya tomorrow!
LOTS & LOTS & LOTS & LOTs of... love,
Steve Prasad.

8/7/2001 - Sunday
1:18 P.M.

Hey pussycats! hehe.. *grins thinking about Goodness Gracious Me... * Man, i love that show! With all the characters... Smitha Smittten and that guru... you know, the last episode i saw was like one of the most funniest comedy i've ever seen. The Geena Davis show is also VERY VERY good! I love watchin it! I think it can be put on par with Friends and any other comedies... i love watchin her show... ya'll should... Well anyway, today i woke up at like 9 plus and i did some math revision.. for a whoppin 3 hours! Yeah! Boy, am i spent! Well, i have a math test on Wednesday and i wanna do wwell in that, plus i just wanna do some revision cuz my exams are like in 2 months.. so, this would mean that messages would be shorter as i wanna equally dedicate my time to all mu priorities. Well, the exciting thing is that, Strain For The Shimmy Mp3's would probably be up by the middle on the end of this week... I'm not sure about the remixes though.. i might or might not put them up... I'm glad i managed to do a major update to my page yesterday, adding the whole Guestbook page.. u know, i remember thinkin of adding a brown colour component to the page, but now i've changed my mind!!! 4 colours are difinately ENOUGH!! hehehe... U know, i do'nt think i will be adding any major components to the site anymore, cuz i don't think there's space and plus it's hard work..

Yesterday, i had tutition and it was fun.. 3 hours of learnin a new topic... I'm glad tomorrow's a holiday! Yeah... it's Youth Day... I'd love to wake up at 11 or 12 instead of 6 in the morn... I think today i''ll be havin a family dinner.. well, that's what my dad said to me in the morning.. Oh my! You would'nt believe what the hell i did! Well, it's a really hilarious story.. Well, i was so sleepy last night , i slept at 12.. (Shockingly.. as my usual's at 3!) and then i woke up at 2 and needed to pee so i walked to the toilet and peeed! Well, little did i know that I WAS NOT IN THE TOILET!!!! The thing about me as that usually every morning, when i wake up at 6 to go to sch, i won't put the lights on when i wash my face or brush my teeth. I even change in the dark.. as i don't like to have the lights on! My familt obviously think that that's crazy, but well, thats' me.. (they've grown used to it!! hehe.. maybe... *grins*) Well, so, when i woke up at 2, i'm like tired and half asleep and i actually only walked 2 mere STEPS AND THERE I AM PEEING ON MY CUPBOARD MIRRORS!! Well, my cupboard doors are all mirrors and so there i am peeing thinking that once i'm done, i'm gonna be able to flush! Well, my bro just came back from some where... (like i care... hehe..) and  he heard the sound off.. "shhhhhh..." and he was like, "what's the sound..." and he came up to my room and there i am peeing on my cupboards!! And the pee's flowing outta my room... ! He's thinking 'im crazy and wakes my parents! My mom's like goin..." What's up with him????"" And i finally realized that I WAS NOT IN THE LOO and i there i am staring sheepishly at my family, only in my boxers... surrounded with pee... !!!!!!!!!!!! BOY DO I NEVER WANNA RELIVE THAT MOMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, i went to the loo, this time, I WAS REALLy in the loo... *grins* And i washed my leg and then, my dad cleaned the floor and i went to sleep... I woke up today morning, and i felt kinda freshed. I had a vague memory of everything.. i thought it was a dream so i opened my dad's room and i asked him, "Dad, did i pee at the mirrors??" and he was like... "Yes son.." And i was like... "Thanks Dad.." *LOL*

Yestrerday, i managed to have the great nonour to meet anothet fellow artist !! It was by chance as i was just promoting this site and he repiled. We have so many things in common... Well, He's 15.. gonna be 16 in like a month or so. He's SO talented and I'm so glad to have met such a talented youth! His name is Tom and believe me, He's gonna be big! REAL Big! His voice IS So cool.. And he's from the US. I had a great Chat with him and he has a website too, where he promotes his music and i'm gonna put a link here AND ALSO A sample of the song he sent me! Believe me, It's great!! He's VERY VERY talented! He sounds much better then Rob Thomas or any other Rock star. By the way, He does rock music and He also writes His own tracks! And writes music! He plays the guitar and he sings.,..  i was never gaga over rock but i really liked his stufff.. really really cool! Watch out world, Tom's in da house!

7/7/2001 - Saturday
5:51 P.M

Hey there,... Sorry guys for not leaving messages for the past few days! I've been kinda busy.. tryin to juggle schoolwrk with Music..but it's ok.. I'm really excited .... this is gonna be a short message anyway... Well, as i was saying, Im' excited about the release of my BRAND new single, i've been workin my ass off to get the perfect tunes, melodies and lyrics! I wrote the rap for the remix today, and it's slammin! I love it.. I gotta take off the swearing, as i want my parents to hear it too... *grins* Anyway, I had an exam today, a listening Comprehension exam, which was ok.. i did'nt do much of work today though.. I have tutition later and i guess after that, 'im gonna do 2 hours of maths, as i have promised! The whole day, i've been updating my page and adding a new component, the guestbook.. and I've also got a poll in mind.. But that would be in a few days. Anyway, I had great fun today talking to people on ICQ... while promoting my site...

Talking about Strain For the Shimmy, i feel that it's more of a personal track then a dance track... i mean. if you read the lyrics properly, maybe y'oull know what 'im talking about. I've got the bonus tracks finalized and its' great. i'm excited about the release. Chronic was amatuer and i was younger... Now, 'im more experienced and i've got more knowledge and i feel more confident. I think this single's gonna be liked by people and i'm happy. I'm gonna have to discuss the rights and stuff of the music and get things goin on... I've not recordered the remixes yet though... i still wanna work on em... Well, i better go, i need to do some history stuff now.. Talk to ya'll later...


2/7/2001 - Monday

The Moment y'all have been waiting for is FINALLY HERE! The Strain For The Shimmy Covers, and y'all are the very first to see it.. Enjoy!


Here's are the covers. i'm really proud of em and i am kinda shy but i decided to shed that, and be a little bold.... I guess ya'll are goin. "little?????? " Well, i think the covers really fit the whole mood of the song and single, as the song's very sexy and it just gives out this vibe.. As i promised, these covers do show more growth.. and sex appeal.. compared to the singles from Chronic..  I'm just really glad to finally get the Strain For The Shimmy Covers up, as they mean alot to me, as the song's really special to me.. Here's a little bit of my opinion, of the song, Strain For The Shimmy...

Well, i've got alot to say about THIS song!!! This is one of my all time fave tracks. It's just got that sexy tune to it and it's a song that would make you want to groove and shake that booty! The music is arbic/hip hop. I love the mood of this song cuz it's very carefree and seductive. The lyrics are provocative as well as funny, it would definately raise eyebrows. The song's about being checked out by many people and getting the attention. I'm basically saying that Im' a strain to your shimmy! Like i'm So hot and blah blah.. that even when you dance with me, no matter how good of a dancer you are, i will strain your shimmy. A little egoistic huh?? hehe... Well, i was just takin' the mickey outta myself... It's about being checked out profusely by people but you don't care becuz you love someone.... Half the song's about being around many people and gettin the attention, but the other half is about someone... it's about knowing that person's feelings, thoughts and aware that you can control them. I felt really happy after doing this track, it was definately a thrilling experience for me, seriously. This song's hip hop but more to the melloww side and it's a totally new style for me as it's very cheeky but subtle in a way, not like Ricochet, which is a really sexual song and very in your face.  Strain For the shimmy is a perfect title for the album cuz it's something new, a new style and this album felt like a new me. I don't knoiw why, but it did. it's like i reborned or somethin as my style in this album is totally new, and distinct from other albums. Im' so proud and i bring this album to sleep with me every night... not literally but i usually sing the songs from this album. Plus, i love the titles... I've never had an album sounding like that, u know, where all the lyrics and tunes just fit in to give out this really versatile but very personal album... where it tells so much... this album totally personifies me... yeah.. ME!

The nest thing i'm gonna do is finalize the tracklist for the singles. That would be in the Next week.. I intend to release this single in the third week of July. and so, watch OUT for it!!!  By the way, i hope the pictures are clear, cuz i tried my best to make sure the resolution's great.. i hope it is..

Gotta go, Gotta Sleep.. Goodnight!

1/7/2001 - Sunday
3:40 A.M.

For a new phase, a new direction, a new era, style and groove... Strain for The Shimmy...  Only 24 hours... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day To Go!

Hey... well, i's been a cool day today actually.. I did some work but i woke up at 1 plus in the afternoon!! *grins* Well, i had tutition.. which was swell, cuz i always have fun while learnin.. and i then chilled with Nesh and Shentil at Long John Silvers... and the fries were slammin.. they were so good! It's almost 4 am now.. i'm kinda tired but i wanna put an entry cuz i just wanna.. *smiles*.. ah... Maddie's To Have & Not to Hold is playin on my MP3 player... ah.. this is such a cool track.. so dreamy and eerie.. if you hear properly, you can hear her singing Shanti/Ashtangi in the background.. goin.." Ava kukuru Shankara... " Anyway, Dream's This Is me is cool too.. i love that track..  I just finished 2 science papers! Yeah... well, i did'nt knoe quite alot of it tho.. i just don't get it.. i truly really suck at science and believe me, it's embarrasing.. well, it's not like i'm superb at my other subjects.. ok.. let me stop talkin' about studies here...
Well, at the moment, i'm downloadin 3 tracks... Beyonce (from Destiny's Child..) Featuring Wyclef Jean & Raw Digga with a track from the Hip Hip Opera called Karmen.. the tracks are actually really good.. so far i have like 4 tracks from the soundtrack and they are all cool.. Anyway, i'm also downloading Jlo & Ja Rule's remix of Im' real... I'm real's a song from Jlo's album, Jlo. And It's a cool track. The Remix sounds cool.. And i'm also downloadin a track from Faith Evans and Carl Thomas called Can't believe.

U know, i was on the net that day and i was talkin to s few fans... (LOL.. it's just wierd saying the word "Fans.." Cuz i can never imagine myself havin fans.. it's just such a blown out term huh? ... ) And they were 14 or 13.. and many young people and i'm thought that i shouldn't swear words like the 4-letter words or such as i would'nt wanna be a bad influence... I'll try to be good okay?? *cheeky grin* I don't really bother actually, cuz i usually just say what i wanna say and i seriously doon't give a f..  fish.. i mean.. of what people say.. but i want this page to appeal to all ages.. u know what i mean?/ But do'nt be diaasapointed, all my vulgar, un-innocent, corrupted, perverted, frens.. 'ill still swear when i want.. but in a subtle way.. Cuz, i think it's perfectly normal to swear.. it's totally normal.. As it's a way of expressing anger.. i'ts not like 'im killing someone.. but plus, fuck is .. Oops..i was not supposed to.. oh fuck that! See.. even that's perfectly normal!!! Hehe! Well, if your under 14 or whatever, and u read that line above, do'nt tell your mom, she'll never let you visit my site then! hehehe...

Oo.. i'm listening to Melanie B's Album,.Hot.. It IS a really HOT album! i listen to it like almost eveeyday.. it's easy to listen, digest and cool.. the tunes are hip and underground.. i love that... Damn.. It's 4 now! I think i'll sleep in like 15 minutes time.. i'm not gonna sleep at 5 again, like last week... U know, annoyingly, i can't find my house key and that's kinda frustrating..  I'm gonna plan my day tomorrow.. Well, i'll finish my balance 2 science papers and do some other crap after then in the evening, 'im gonna go shoppin! I need to get a School bag and perhaps a wallet.. and other this's and That's... and it would be cool.. i wouldn't mind goin to town and walkin around.. Oo.. Mel B's Lullaby is such a cool track..

Oh yeah.. by the way, i finished writing a track today, it's called Love Is Somethin' I Need and it's really cool.. i love it and it would probably be included in the Strain For The Shimmy Album in December and i'm so excited about that. I also managed to finish recording 2 songs, Go Figure & Cowboy Blues to finish my Ricochet Album and i'm really proud of that. It's totally different from Strain For The Shimmy as it's mellower and sexier... Strain for The Shimmy had a little pop, but Ricochet takes the tunes to another level..  also get really personal in certain songs like Adrenalin and Inuendo.. I'm glad that i finished this album so now i'm only workin' on obe album which is The Rhapsody...im' really proud of this album, Cuz i  wrote every single song of this album and it took me a few months to actually complete it... Well, here's a tracklist of the album:

1) Go Figure
2) Cowboy Blues
3) Adrenalin (Nobody Cares About Me)
4) Vichara
5) Midnight Movie
6) Something For Me And You
7) Digital Clue
8) Unlikely But True
9) Ricochet
10) Block My View
11) Innuendo

I love every single song of this album and it's gonna be so difficult to actually choose singles... Well, anyway, i gotta go.. it's 4:30 AM!! See.. I knew i'd get carried away! Well, goodnight people.. Get ready for the release of the single covers tonight...
Bye, goodmornin'..

30/6/2001 - Saturday
2:44 A.M.

For A New chapter, a new phase, a new beginning of the dawn of Strain For The shimmy... A scar of my life.. a symbol of me..

Days To Go!

Hey... iit's about 3am! And i'm so tired.. I had a cool day today.. after sch,i came home, did some work and went for this Competetion that Leslie was takin' part in. It was fun and the music's cool..  we had kinda of a cool time after that. we just chilled in Starbucks and it was cool as i really needed a coffee.. (that explains the late night..) I've got tutition tomorrow abnd well, i'm basically gonna try  to finish assignments and probably finish writing this new track that i have. It's really different.. It's a sloe ballad.. but the musiv's Hip hop.. i've not really named it.. but it's a definate single and 'im gonna definately fit it into my album this winter and it's cool, cuz i rarely do ballads..  It's cool cuz the lyrics is very simple and i do'nt have any of the imagery that i sometimes put and it's about love, life & experiences.. i love it.. And i l'l probably be doing a new Strain For The Shimmy Remix cuz i wanna do one! I'll do it myself without featurin' anyone and it's gonna be RAP to the max, and i'm gonna make it really Hip hop.. and the coolest remix i've ever made! 'im excited.. Anyway, the countdow'ns still on and it's only 2 days more! Well, i better go, i'm really sleepy and i need the rest cuz i had only 4 hours average of sleep every day this last week..
So, goodnight.. or should i say Good mornin'.. and sweet dreams..

28/6/2001 - Thursday
6:42 P.M.

For the new look, the new me, the new Strain For The Shimmy....

Days To Go!

Hey guys! How are we doin??? Okay.. now that felt stupid.. considering the fact that i cannot possibly get an answer! Well, i came back from Squash which was great.. really refreshing and a good workout.. cuz i've not done any form of excercise in a month and it was great to feel the adrenalin... School was okay.. just feel kinda stressed... but things are ok... Anyway, The Intertwine Remix has been cancelled which leaves me the oppurtunity to either work on a new remix or not do one at all.. Maybe i will, cuz i wanna make sure that the Strain For The Shimmy Single is taken to the max and although i have enough tracks at the moment... 3 remixes plus 2 bonus tracks... i think i'll do another remix.... YEah! I'll do another remix! Cool! I think i'll have some Spanish or Arabic or Hindi in it.. cuz i want the remix to be with another language and i want it a little rap.. And maybe i'll ask Leslie to collaborate with me.. Cuz the last time we did Sorrowful Dreams, it was SUCH a blast.. i think i would like a collabo of Strain For The Shimmy as i think it would be cool... Well, anyway, *wiping his hands in glee* i was just lookin at the pics for the singles.. *smiles*.. i'm kinda excited... i don't think ya'll are prepared for what's gonna be... I'm talkin to a fren, Carlos and i was looking through his site, It's Cool, go check it out @ http://www.community2000.com/fantasyart .. Its' cool.. i'm listening to Mel B's album and i have to admit that it's really good.. i cann never get bored of it... It's totally swell.. Let me see, tomorrow i've got sch, tutition and this performace thing to attend which is so cool.. Leslie's performin and i'm so excited.. I was gonna bring a camera, but Dad's home.. so i wouldn't put my hopes up for that.. So, i'm gonna be finally workin on Ricochet, which is exciting, i'll record 2 new songs, Cowboy Blues & Go Figure and maybe write another new one.. and 'ill probably finish this album in the weekend. So, looks like Strain For The Shimmy is completed and i'm really proud of the 15 tracks on the album.. I bet on the album, that's gonna be released in December, the tunes are gonna be phat.. believve me.. And then, i'll be able to write new stuff for The Rhapsody.. my remix album for Strain For The Shimmy..  well, i'll have to go now.. but i promise i'll leave a message tomorrow? ok??

27/6/2001 - Wednesday

The Covers for the Strain For The Shimmy singles have been confirmed, but i'm gonna release them in 5 days. So the countdown begins!! For a new me, style and outlook, you'll have to wait.................

Days To Go!

7:31 P.M.
Howdy partners...!! Well, sorry for not putting a message earlier.. School started and boy am i busy! Well, i come home at like 2 plus the bathe, do work, watch TV and sleep... it's kinda monotonous.. i know! Well, at the moment, i still love Maddie's To Have & Not to hold.. its' cool.. Ilike Jagged Edge's Where The Party at.. this song features Nelly.. the rapper who gave us E.I & Country Grammer... i love his tracks too.. Oh yeah.. i just downloaded this new track by Violater Featuring Busta Rhymes.. It's Swell! I guess if you're not a hip hop/rnb fan.. i bet you don't really know what the hell i've been jabberin' about in the last 4 lines! *Listens to Ja Rule* Well, 'im kinda happy, today i did most of my work in the arvo.. *grins* and now i'm kinda resting... i just gotta do some english shit and i'm done.. U know, I've finally recieved my payments from the auctiona i had up.. which was good.. but i'm like nearly broke which is pathetic as yesterday i spent $20 on postage, $20 on photos, paid $25 to my dad for the internet bill and $30US for the Ebay bill! So you can guess that i'm totally fumed with this fucking bills... I mean, i'm fucking 16!! God! Well, atleast i've got some dough to roll on.. not much but NOT alot! $$$ comes and goes so quickly!

By the way, The pictures from my shoot got developed and i was having the laugh of my life lookin at them.. it was funny.. it's totally different from Chronic and most of the pics can't be used cuz it's too provocative and i do'nt think it would be nice to have an extremely steamy picture on the cover of the album. At the moment, i've confirmed the covers for the Album and the 2 versions of the single.. U knoe, i was thinkin of havin a COMPETITION, and the winner would win a copy of a signed version of Strain FFor THe Shimmy, the single.. which would be released in the coming weeks... So, watch out for that... i'm not gonna put up the picture for the single cover and i've not told anyone exactly what the covers for the CD1 and CD2 is gonna be.. i have the remixes confirmed tho.. i've finally almost finished the Intertwine Remix.. and then there's the Spanish version, Tension Por El Shimmy, the Spanglish version, the Tyrone Jam and the Salsa Club remix AND also 2 more newly written NON LP tracks, that were specially written for the release of Strain For Thr Shimmy. I was thinking of releasing it eiather in July or Early August.. as i'm really busy now.. Plus, i've got SO much tests and exams... If i can't get things done.. I'll postpone it to december.. as im' not gonna risk my exams as even though, music means alot to me, i really wanna get good grades sso that these fucked up teachers can stop breathing down MY neck! Anyway, I'll be informing y'all about any further information on the release of the single and a week before the single is released, the covers will be released in this page! So, watch out!

I can't wait for Goodness Gracious Me, later on at 9:30.. I love that show.. it's comedy is hilarious... Well, i've gotta go down and check for payments later and go and post the crap that i need too.. well, i'm not gonna delay any parcels cuz i wannna, for a change, be efficient.. (Fine.. stop chokin' guys!! ) I just ate a soursop... its was'nt really sour but it was super, i don't know u guys in the Us or in Spain or whatever get these fruiit... its' Called Soursop and it's tropical so i guess if u do get it (in the west...) it would be mighty costly.. *laughs* Im' listening to Lil' Kim... this is the first track of her album Notorious KIM.. It's called Lil' Drummer Boy.. and it's hilarious and she goes... " I should be able to say what i want... So fuck that cee loo... " and then Redman comes up with... " Order in the court... the men dressed in blue were undercover cops... glad to see another black mptherfucker shot.. fuck will, No you're the new enemy of the state..."
It's really funny and i just love it... I was thinkin about it.. if i could date a cool lady, as in a celeb, i would date Liz Hurley... i love her voice.. it's sexy but kinda deep which is really funny.. I think she's 1 of the prettiest lillies in da world... u know what i mean...  The first week is always really stressful, trying to get the hang of the momentum, but i can't wait for the weekend, cuz i need a break...

And, i'm really proud of myself... i'm not gonna tell why or about what, but 'im just...
Well, gotta go babes.. talk to ya tomorrow.. if i can... I've got squash tomorrow... which means i'll be late... urgh....

24/6/2001 - Sunday
4:42 P.M.

Hey! God... i've not left a message in ages... well, to be exact it's been 4 days... i'm really proud of this site and i try promoting it and while doin it, i get the chance to meet so many people. So many nice & friendly. i just wanna thank all these people who actually took time off to visit the site and bother to sign thee guestbook. it's cool. Well, My fave song at the moment is Madonna's To Have And Not To Hold... it's from her Ray Of Light album and it's totally cool. It's really dreamy and i just feel that it's kinda personal and like i can relate to it... I like songs wth simple lyrics.. the ones with simple tunes too.. But of course, Meaningfull imagery makes a diff. Tomorrow, school starts... Damn... i wish there was more holiday... Oh yeah, i went out that day and had such a great time... It was my first time eating in a Japanese Restaurant and it was cool.. i loved it.. i really wanna go there again and plus the company was great too.. Thanx guys (if you're reading...) Once school opens, i'm gonna have to study.. i just hate that word... Thank god i've finished almost all my homework.. iv'e only got science left.. Well, i'm gonna be meeting Leslie later, i hope.. and then.. i'm gonna go collect my hat... yeah.. my cowboy hat... for my photo shoot.. well, i'm not gonna give away too much.. but it's for the new image, for the new album, the new single. Well, il'l be realeasing it this month, Srain For THe Shimmy. And the album will be released in December. Well, Chronic was a whole mood and image... with the 80's denim jacket, and the soul sound of the album.. it had a whole mood.. it was sleek and dark.. with everthing black.. and i really liked it.. Well, for Strain For The Shimmy, there's gonna be more sex appeal and since i'm older, i'm gonna show my growth. with a new look.. and let me jusy say, that it's gonna be cool..not squeaky clean like Chronic.. as i was 15 then..  It's just gonna be wilder, so get ready for that.

Well, since today's the last day of holiday, i'm gonna rent a movie, get some hotdogs, buns, make my own cool dinner... and i'm gonna watch it.. and enjoy my last day.. Well, i'm honestly not excited about goin back to school... the idea of wakin up at 6 is really not what i like, but i guess i'd atleast get some excercise.. by runnin around... As i''ve not lifted my ass for the last month.. believe me.. I realized that i've been takin a break from music and songs.. and that's good.. i'v'e gotta do the Strain For The Shimmy Remix and alot of time is dedicated to this page... As i'm the only guy maintaining it.. it's really hard work.. But i'm glad i've got the encouragement.. thanks...

Anyway.. i gotta go.. i'd leave a message later ok??? Bye..

20/6/2001 - Thursday
1:16 A.M.

hey people... i just cheacked the statistics, 696 people visited my page this month!! with the 41 people from last month, that's 737 people! Wow! That's kinda cool.. well, today wasn't such a productive day but i like it that way, i mean, next week, school opens... i know! that means no more wakin up at 2 in the afternnon and NO more 4 am journal posts... well, i guess the holiday was good.. i'm just gonna enjoy the last week as much as i can... i did do some math practice today, watched TV, then did some Literature, which was extremely painfull.. believe me.. it was... i had to only do one Prose question, which comprises of a passage, N questions asked based upon the passage... it's like a comprehension.. only that it's an essay... it's basically 3 questions.. 25 marks.. and i did 2, i'm gonna finish the third one later or tomorrow morning... Well, i watched Ally.. Gilmore girls and those 2 were cool.. then i suddenly felt like watching Never Been Kissed.. that movie by Drew Barrymore.. and i popped in the VCD and enjoyed it.. i mean, i was just so cool... i mean, it's so true.. what's depicted in the movie.. where there's school, which has the "In" group and the smart group.. that's all so true... hey.. i'm sure we have all gone through that huh?? There was this line that i thought was so cool.. u know, penguins roam until they find their mate, that one other penguin... and they stay together for life... can u believe that? I mean, i believe in love at fisrt sight and all.. but penguins? The next thing the'll do is show their flippers at court, if they can find a lawyer for a divorce or somethinng... hehe.. Well, i think its' amazing.. to be with that someone all your life... The movie stressed alot on that true love thang and although i hate love stories.. and u know i've never watched the whole movie of Titanic??? hehe... yeah.. but i enjoyed it when she got to kiss that guy.. that one guy.. and the lights on them.. and they kiss... i'm not a love savvy.. but i've been in love myself.. so.. .. it kinda felt cool.

The movie just brought so many memories back to me.. believe me.. i've had the worst too.. I mean, i remember 6 grade, and there was this party where everyone was invited, and i wasn't.. i don't know why i'm talkin about this.. i mean, this is so personal... but i guess it just made me ask myself, what's wrong with me?? i guess what made it more pathetic was that i even went out with a fren, searching for a perfect present. .. anyway,  I was always first in class every term from the 3rd grade till the 6th grade and i graduated at 6th grade at the top of my class, winning a scholarchip, cash bursary and i won throphies.. and maybe that i was it.. i was a total nerd... i mean, i don't deny  it... i was... querky.. with the curly hair, huge glasses... there were jokes about my hair.. cuz it was curly and big... and people made fun of it, they made fun of me.. and i used to be so afraid to talk in front of the class.. i was very quiet... kept to myself.. had frens, but i wanted more... i used to look at the guys with the perfect hair and blah... and wish i could be them just for one day... but of course, that never happened. I was totally insecure and i was happy, i got into a good highschool.. and i vowed to be myself, but known.. and not be shunned in the shadows and be a teachers pet and be hated by the everyone. i never did speak up in grade 6.. i was the prefect, moniter.. the perfect student... but i was'nt happy... Well, i came to highschool.. and at first it was difficult.. but it was a second chance, i was starting all over again.. i took advantage of it.. I did'nt wanna be in a particular group.. i wanted to mix with everyone.. and the people i met were different too.. And i guess i did mix more... and was more friendly... in grade 7 and 8.. it was ok.. i was 14.. things were fine.. i was 68 kg.. however! i was always chubby.. and i began getting more fatter, i was extremely insecure about my appearence.. and i really wanted to do something.. but i wasn't brave... so, i ate more.. I ate AND I ate! i bacame so FAT that my head looked like a pineapple.. my ass was SO big that it would'nt fit through the sliding doors in K-Mart! heh... believe me, i was big.. I just got more and more depressesd and i felt bad.. plus, i have 2 older brothers who are really handsome whichh made me feel worse... I then reached a peak where i could'nt take it anymore... i stopped the tit-bits,, and i started excercising... 1 hour everyday... doin weights, burpies... sit ups.. and i became fit.. i had my hair straightened.. i was still chubby though.. this was in 1999.. in the beginning of 2000, i went on a diet... eating fruits and vegetables.. i became 54kg! I felt acomplished. People started noticing me.. people at school.. or outside.. i had comments on my hair.. and everything co-incided when i had my first crush... and it was good.. i guess the image was a boost.. I then took my life under control.. i watched my diet.. no overeating.. but i did'nt starve myself.. i bought new clothes.. sold more auctions on the net.. got new styles... i was more confident and, not only that, i was happy.. i was more daring.. i would stand up in class, and say a joke or sonething & be confident about it..  THE DIFFERENCE: Now, peopler listen to me.. in class, i could just ssay something, and people listen.. they laugh at my jokes.. they enjoy me.. becuz, i'm confident with myself and i share that... and it's all becuz of getting a grip.. i was a mess, i still am...but i'm happy now.. I'm not the first in class now, or the brainest... but i'm happy.. i try my best and i'm confident..  i was not being someone i wasn't, i was finally being me.. now, i do what i wanna do..  Watching that movie, Never Been Kissed really felt like i was watching a movie similar to my me, to MANY other people out there, I just wanna say that everyone IS cool.. nobody is NOT cool.. cuz all of us are different.. and we have different quaities... Thats' why, even now, i mix with all kinda of people.. and i don't constrain myself to just one clique... I just hope that i was able to shine some light to anyone out there who's been teased.. so what if your'e a nerd? Or you'r fat? Your're gonna prove them wrong, and you're gonna get the last laugh.. belive me, i'm living proof.

'ill holla back later if i can... peace.

16/6/2001 - Saturday
1:18 A.M.

Hey there fellas and all my ladies.. Im' kinda in a very jumpy mood... Hold on a sec.. let me stop Coco lee's A Love Before Time and put something more faster... *changes music to Lauryn Hill's Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.... * Cool.. I love this album.. Okay.. let me just prepare you for a long message guys... I'm gonna talk about alot of stuff. Well, firstly, my mum's kinda cool now.. she's a totally cool mood and the family's back to norml! I can finally sit back and enjoy.. it was kkinda hard to take but i'm glad, we pulled through... i guess this was the biggest fight.. oh wait.. no.. hehe.. anyway, i wanna say that i'm glad i can finally have that feel of a family.. i've not felt that feeling in 2  months... since this crap brewed over.. i'm glad... well, atleast things at home are better.. Today was an okay day for me... i mean, i woke up in the afternoon... (as usual... ) and i spent alot of time promoting my site... went to napster and sent messages to people.. and by the way, there's close to 700 people... who have visited my site!! I'm so happy! I just sent my site to Yahoo, under Entertainment, Soul & RnB.. so, i guess i'll be beside Destiny's Child And Mariah!! Hehe... Cool huh??? Well, i met this gitl on line today, her name was Nur Fadila and i sent her the add saying to visit the site and she was like.. "Wow.. He's handsome.. " and i sad.. "Thanks.. he's me... " and she was like.. "What? Are u sure??? Am I Actually speaking to THE StevE?? Oh My God!! ReallY??/ " And i was kinda taken back.. she seemed to react like as if i was some Ricky Martin or something.. (i wish!) And she did'nt believe me... She said that i was probably someone from the management or something.. and then i said that I WAS THE Management!!! And she still did'nt believe me.... i was laughin',,, believve me,... She started testing me, asking me questions about myself... .i was surprised that she actually did know a bit about me.,. and she was even more surprised when i started saying stuff in malay!! hehe..... She still did'nt believe me!! She was like... ."No.. I bet you're someone lying and dreaming of being like Steve... "" And that was so funny... poor girl.. she just should try trusting people at time... WEll, that was actually kinda fun.. i also met Mira, who was an extremely cool gal! Wow... she was awesome to talk too.. really funny.. she's in Michigan.. and shes' movin to Texas and she actually left a really CUTE message in my guestbook, and i thank her for that.. If you're reading Mira, Here's a hug for ya... *hug*...  I had fun promoting my site today.. i don't think 'ill do much tomorrow.. as i wanna finish work as well as attend a reunion thing...

I spent alot of time calling the people who were invited to the Reuninion and confirming with them.. which was kinda tiring.. after writing this message, i'm gonna do work.. need to finish an Additional Math paper.. not really tough... just time consuming... Other then that, i really did'nt do much today... I did get the chance to finally record the track, Someone To Turn to which is cool.. i love it. (and it's NOT about you Nesh...  hehe..) Basically, i'm doing songs at a sllow pace as i wanna finish my work and take a break from songwwriting.. for a while.. although i really wanna do the Intertwine REmix... *hint hint*.
Well, i just added a new component to the site, it's an album list, and contains all the List of Albums i've written and more info.. to go see it, go to Songs, and the link is on the top....

Well, tomorrow's the reunion, i'm excited and nervous... actually, it's today!! Oops.. i keep forgetting that it's after 12 already.. *answers his ICQ* Sorry guys.. but i had to answer that.. Well, i'm grrovin to Lauryn's Lost Ones' now and it's slammin'... believe me..If you've not got this album, GO Get it!! It's really cool..
I downloaded the Whole craig David album... i feel guilty but i can't spend money getting a CD cuz i need to get a Handphone like next week.. when i get my money... Ooo... I'm listening to To Zion now.. that's a really cool track of Lauryn's Album.. She does really great vocals... I ate some Mee Rebus  just now.. that's a malay dish and it ccontains noodles, egg, and gravy made of prawn paste and more... Its' really nice.. Local food here is good... U knoe, i seriously love singapore alot.. i mean, the environment is good and facilities are good and i think i'm really satisfied here... but of course, there are the bad points too, but i wouldn't wanna get into detail..

My dad was telling me about, some Chinese people who were commenting that the only reasong why the Indians are winning Beauty contests.. (Miss World, Miss Universe.. Mrs World.. Etc.. Etc... ) is becuz that they are mixed! What a load of fucking BULLLSHIT!!! Those indians who win Are PURE Indians.. We have to agree that every race has it's good looking percentage and not so good looking percentage.. And there are SO MANY top models from India. Maybe we should stop with the stereotypical ideas cuz i hate stereotypical views SUCK!! THEY FUCKING SUCK!! Those winners are top models and indians of pure indian blood... Many indians have coloured eyes, blue, green, grey! If you walk in india, you'll see many people with coloured eyes!! India not only has the top models, there are So many good looking Male & Female models in India.. The only reason why they are not global is because of the fact that they won't pose nude, Becuz of the fact that they are brought up with Asian customs, they don't do nudity... Any indian model can be on a front cover page if they just take off their bra or whatever!! I'm not Pro india or anything.. Please.. there's alot of things i hate about that country... like that fact that the goventment sucks! With such a corrupted government, the people who are rich will always be RRich and the poor will always be poor. That's so sad.. With history dealing back to 4000 years ago, India is a culturally vibrant place. The country's so vast, with mountains, Snow and everything there! Every country has it's good points and bad points and ... i think we have to have a mature and civil view.. If u go to India, you'll notice that their Television is fantastic! They have 40 plus channels! With their own MTV India, and their channels come in Hindi, Tamil, English and other dialects... No other country in Asia, even Singapore can touch them. Singapore uses CRAP models to do their adds... in India, every model in TV, is a MISS or MR World... i'm not saying that there are SO Many people in India are good looking and the people in Singapore suck, there are so many good looking people in Singapore.. But what i don't like is the stereotypical view that all indians have to be fat looking or whatever... That's just so lame...  U know, i have to admit that the Indians in Singapore are actually the worst looking in the whole world! not all.. but alot of them...The Indians from India cannot be compared to the indians in singapore.. The indians in Singapore have very very bad diets... they eat oily foiod and the highest rate of heart problems in Singapore comes from Indians,, and they form a small percentage in Singapore. i guess, since the indians here look this way, the people have this stereotypical view that ALL INDIANS look the same... but that's just so stupid... i mean, for goodness sake.. have an open mind...  the only reason why i'm talking about such a controversial issue is that i feel that it needs to be talked about.. even i get people not believing that I'm indiann.. and they think i'm eurasian or something cuz i don't look like the steretypical  view an indian is supposed to look like... or something... and i usually say, NO, i am indian.. and i'm proud of it as that's what i am... and i wanna prove that i can be indian but different... i don't seee what's wrong with eating beef, ALTHOUGH it's against my religion, being a hindu... I don't see harm in eating it... I believe that you should have a religion, but not be controlled by it and be a slave of it.. as you've gotta think for yourself... a religion is a teaching, but god and faith is really in YOU! It's right in u... that's what i believe.. maybe its' just my view... but thats' a whole different story altogether.. Christine Anu or something, is an Indian actress, in one of the main roles in MOULIN ROUGE, aside Nicole Kidman.. and she's beautiful.. she's probably an indian model.. SO many indian models have been asked to work in Hollywood but they refused as they did not wanna do the kissing scenes... Like for example, The Miss Universe, Miss sushmita Sen, rejected the role aside Peirece Brosnan in the Bond Movie, Tomorrow Never Dies.. as she didn't wanna do the kissing scenes.. after she rejected it, they gave the role to Michelle.. I think, what people need is an open mind and to discard their stereotypical views... as it's really stupid... i mean, how lame can u be to say that the only reason why the Indian women are being recognized is due to the fact that they are of mixed blood... that totally insults the whole race and i feel insulted too.. i seriously cannot stand any stupid remarks that i sometimes hear... which are stereotypical and plain stupid which reflects on the person's maturity and sense of awareness... i think, exposure is important in this area... Well, 'im gonna be sayin' bye now as i actually spent an hour writing this message... it's 2:17 now!! And to everyone out there, Namaste...

14/6/2001 - Thursday
1:44 A.M.

Howdie guys... well, today's been kinda ok... oops... my last entry was like 3 days back.. sorry.. i guess i'm to blame.. i've been slacking actually.. but i'm tryin to complete my homework.. Monday night was great! i had a blast watchin' Shrek with nesh and Divyan.. we couldn't get a neo however, so, sorry if i can't put it up. Well, i did'nt do much on ttuesday or wednesday... i just watched TV and tried to do work.. i stress on the word "tried"... well, i'm downloading Mariah's new Loverboy video as we speak! It's cool.. if you wanna download it.. click here. Anyway, i can't wait to watch it.. i hope it does well though... as i love it. I think it will.. c'mon.. w're talking bout' mariah here... she's da bomb.. ! I ate really good indian food just now.. i kinda missed eating it cuz i've been eating salmon or delifrance or burgers this last week and i think the last time i had Indian food was like.. hrm.. a few weeks back... I had a thosai with chicken curry, this vegetable korma thing called.. "sambar" with pappadam ( a crispy fried flour thing..), with fried chicken and a mutton dish.. my dad drove to Little India and packed all this home for us.. which was cool. I had rambutans too.. I wish i could have some mangosteens cuz i just simply love them! I'd love to eat some now,...I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon today! Well, i was on the phone with that ass last night till 4! Its' 2 am now... hrm.. i guess i'll sleep at 3 cuz i wanna finish this Additional Math paper that i'm doin now,, and i have a few more sums to do to finish it... Plus, i wanna watch this Mariah video!!

I checked the statistics again and guess what, since the day of launch, 593 people have entered my site!!!! Well, i guess it's due to the promotion i've been doing... like leaving mesages at numerous sites and by sending messages to people on Napster and stuff,,, I was reading my Guestbook and i read that message Douglas left and that was so nice! If you're reading this Douglas, I wanna say thanks too, and that 7 years of knowing ya has been great too.. i mean, although we're busy with our own stuff, i'm glad that you think of me... thank u so much for the message in the Guestbook, thats' really nice and, Yes, i won't dissapoint you! I have this reunion gathering this weekend, which i organized and atleast 28 people will be commin'.. and it's so cool, as iv'e not seen these guys in 4 years!! And i spent 3 years of my primary school life with them.. and i think it's a good idea that we're meeting... I'm kinda nervous & excited as it's gonna consist of so many guys and i've changed alot too, u know,. i hope things go ok... I've still nnot decided on where to dine.. my choices were Seoul Garden, Pizza Hut or Ponderosa but Seoul Garden does not allow people to book tables on the weekend and the buffet at Pizza Hut is in the afternoon.. This is a dinner so the arrows seem to be pointing at Ponderosa at the moment.. *listens to Craig David* Damn.. i love this song! i'm listenining to 7 Days and it's slammi' man... Well, i think i better go do my work.. i really wanna finish this paper though.. I'll try leave a message later in the afternoon ok?? Enjoy chillin'.. ooo... yeah,,, by the way, there'll probably be a new colour!! Yeah! i'm gonna add a new colour soon... and it it might come with a new Spanish component where everything's in spanish... but 'ill do one at a time... the colour is brown! So, wait on that... bye guys.. :P

11/6/2001 - Monday
2:00 P.M.

Hey Guys! Well, today's been an okay day... I woke up at 10 plus.. and i had Salmon & chopped onions in a warm freshly baked french loaf.. It was great. I didn't do much today though.. I've been updating this page alot. Like i updated the Biography, Links and especially the Pictures.. added at least 20 pictures.. new and old,.. divided into 2 sections, the Latest Photos and More Early Photos. It was great searching for all these photos as i managed to have flashbacks and memories just started flowing into my mind.. it was great... I laughed alot.. believe me... Well, i uploaded those pics and that took me a while.. Im' gonna be just doing some math... finish some.. and then get ready to go out tonight.. i'm excited.. i'm watching a movie with Nesh & Divyan.. we're watching Pearl Harbour. I bet it's gonna be cool.. as the reviews i heard were great. I love Epics though.. but i don't really like love stories.. cuz i feel depressed.. well, cuz of the fact that i don't have that love in my life.. hehe.. Ok. i'll stop brooding now.. Anyway.. It's been great.. these few days actually.. with no school.. plus, i'm perpetually dedicating my time to finishing homework and this website.. it's kinda cool... it's like a child.. u know.. only minus the diper changing and stuff.. anyway... I downloaded like more then half of Aaliyah's Album.. and it's So Cool! I love it.. I might put up some Aaliyah Mp3's... here so if you want, u can download them...Well, my dad got called up to Perth... damn.. i really wanted him to be here.. i guess what this whole problem did was get us closer as a family.. and that's great..

I've not any songs for like a week or so! Damn... i guess i'll do a track today... Someone To Turn To... i've already written the whole track.. so it's just recording and finalizing the harmonies... Well, i've gotta go now, cuz if i don't stop, i'll write another 1000 words.. So Bye...

10/6/2001- Sunday
3.39 A.M.

*yawns* Well, feel kinda sleepy though.... Believe me, i'll try to make this post short... Well, cuz i'm kinda sleepy! Well, let me see, what did i do today?? hrm... Oh yeah! Work!! I woke up, did math.... went for tutition, did math,,, came home, showered... watched Providence.. and did math till like just now, when i finally took a break.. Well, i do'nt know why i'm pushin' myself when it's the holidays! Well, i guess i wanted to distract myself from the crap that's goin' on at my place. Well, let me just say that it was World War 3 Part 2! I mean, i just hate this family squabbles and i hate it even more when it caused by a fucking outsider! I mean, what has that gotta do with us huh? And now mum's not talking to anyone, especially my bro.. and i'm just tired of worryin'.. u know what i mean... I guess she's gotta realize that there's more important things to brood about, then unimportant crap.. I don't believe the word "compromize" dawned upon her. It's kinda sad.. i mean, i love his family.. my dad's great... does not drink or smoke or flirts... he's a gem.. and a true fren.. I can talk to him about anything, sex.. school, my mum.. whatever... hes' very open with me.. and that's cool.. My mum's cool too. she's got a nice heart and will help anyone and that's why she's always bein taken advantage of... But she's kinda sensitive and there's this history of squabbles.. well, i would'nt wanna get in depth into each one.. believe me.. i'll need a whole page for that! Thank god my dad's home.. i miss spending time with him though.. Hes' out fishin' now.. i wish i went... but i wanted to do work.. plus, hes' with his frens and i'd feel like a kid around all the big fellas.. Well, i guess i'll go out with him tomorrow cuz i wanna spend time with him. Im' listening to Destiny's Childs' new single now called Bootylicious... It's cool.. Well anyway, i really needed to get outta the house today and so thank god i went for tutition... i enjoyed talkin to my teacher.. he's really cool.. and we always have one of those maature chats about life and stuff.. and now i'm pondering about what to be in my life? Well, what do u wanna be in your life?? Well, if you're clueless, join the club. I mean, i wanna get the points to go to a Junior College and carp... but i'm still clueless.. i mean. i don't want a 9 to 5 job cuz i'm Just not that type! That's so boring! Plus, i want sonething energetic... where i can move around.. travel... blah blah... u know what i mean... i just hate being stationary... (and i'm still a virgin!! Hard to believe huh??? *lol*) Well, Back to my family.... it's just annoying... i mean, no family is perfect.. and i guess, this will pass.. with time.. Well, my bro's so anxious to move out and i guess he'll be happy... But i always thought that we'd be together longer... u know... i mean, it will just feel funny having one less person in the house and you'll sense it.. i mean, i've had him for 16 years... it would be hard to let go...  I love that Hindi/English song on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack... called Hindi Sad Diamonds... It's really cool.. go download it..

Damn... i thought it would be a short message but i ended up pouring out everything... Tomorrow's gonna be a good day... I'm gonna finally finish ALL my Elementary Math homework!! And then i'd update this page.. i wanna put more pictures in the pictures section.. so watch out for that... AND there might be a new colour... *grins*.. i'm still comtemplating guys... And yeah.. i checked the statistics and there were alot of people visiting on Sat... Wow.. Thanks again... the support's been tremendous.. I'm really gratefull.. i never expected so many people.. Cuz 'im like nobody.. why would anyone be interested in me huh??? well, thanks.. i'm just glad that i can reach out to people.. u know.. it's a great feeling... AND PLEASE send me your lyrics or poems etc.. cuz i wanna put morre lyrics in the Interact page.. Im' countin' on you guys! I had a great dinner... i made myself some Mushroom-Potato soup and then i had garlic bread.. and i squeezd some Lime juice and it was great. I had Salmon with chopped onions in buns, for lunch.. il'l eat more salmon tomorrow.. I love it. as it's really healty and when it's smoked.. it's superb! Well, i gotta go it's 4 am now!! Oh yeah.. i'm gonna do my hair a different colour tomoorow... hehe... Bye Bye... *hugs*

8/6/2001- Friday
6:35 P.M.

Well, i slept for 4 hours!! I was totally shagged cuz i had only 3 hours of sleep last night. We didn't do the dance routine after all cuz, we were both so tired. I don't know why but my back's killin me.. u knoe, the left shoulder area.. a little below that.. It's aching! I don't know why though. I was just ediing my facelink which stated that 212 people have viewed it since i launched it!! hehe.. Well, hes' a link if you wanna see http://facelink.com/steveandre.. Well, that's cool.. although gettin' e-mails from people wanting to meet me can be kinda... how do i say this.. a noost to my ego??? hehehe... I just did some math sums and i feel kinda tired, I'm gonna be going for my tutition in like 20 minutes time... And tomorrow's Saturday! Yeah! Well, got no plans though.. oh no.. iv'e got tutition... U know, my daddie got me Salmon from the US... he spoils me!! Cuz he know's i love smoked salmon.... and i guess that would be my dinner for tonight.. Smoke SAlmon with chopped onions and Ice Jelly for desert. For all those out there who's not famaliar with ice jelly.. Well, Singapore's local deserts consisit of a ranging variery.. and the most famous ones are Ice Kachang,, (Consisits of Ice, Sugar syrup, Grass Jelly, Attap Seed, Brown Sugar Syrup, Bean... ) Ice Jelly.. (Ice, Jelly, Cocktail Fruits & Lime...) and they are Many Many more... Ice jelly's one of my fave. Singapore's a food paradise and i love it cuz i get all kinda of food here. If your'e thiking of coming to Singapore, Food would be something you'll be amazed about. Gawd.. i feel like some Singapore Promoter or something. Anyway... I'm gonna be signing off now.. u know.. tellin' ya'll out there.. to have fun... *LOL* That was kinda of a line from my outro of my album.. See ya...

11:14 A.M.
Just finished school and i'm feelin' great... kinda taking a break from the weary world and having a cool time with Leslie.. We're just kinda slacking.. Gawd! i've not eaten anything since morning! Well, i guess yesterday's Nanns & dhal must have been kinda filling. Well i had great fun last night.. went out with a couple of frens to Tampines Mall.. a slammin' area near my manor... hehe... **shouts out** " Yo, Latrice!!" ... Leslie replies: Yes?? Sorry.. we're kinda just triflin'... Well, anyway, yesterdays' statistics were great..  a total of 427 people have visited my page since the launch! It's kinda freaky.. i feel so public now! Well, I'm gonna be doing some dancing now.. gotta work on my dance routine with leslie assisting me cuz i'm totally bad at the footwork and this is gonna be a slammin' performance that i wanna perfect it... We're like doin a performance for Teachers' Day and i'm totally excited. Well, after that i'm gonna do some homework, CUZ I HAVE TO... and go for tutition.. What a life huH??? Well, i'm actually enjoyin' this holiday.... Well, gotta go..  Holler back later... :P

7/6/2001 - Thursday
12:06 A.M.

Wow! I just checked my statistics and 27 people visited my page today! And in MAy is had 41 people so, altogether since my page was lanuched  exactly 8 days ago, 397 people visited my page! I'm so thrilled! Tha'ts like almost close to 400! Wow! Im' so excited that i can't even do my homwork! *hugs everyone out there* Thanx for visiting this page.. phew.. i did so much promotions in dozens of webpages and message boards that i was so exhausted.. but i'm pushed to do more! I really wannaa establish the Interact page.. as i wanna communicate with fellow songwriters and it's really important to me... Gawd.. i'm still speechless... u know, the figures are risin'... 'im so jjust really happy... !!! that's like an average of 50 people per day! Wow! and an average of 2 people per hour... I think that's great.. considering the fact that i'm Nobody! Wow... i just hope to improve this website and give the best to y'all.. Thanks again....

6/6/2001- Wednesaday
11:17 P.M.

Oh my God!! I just checked my net statistics and 329 people visited my webpage!!! God! That's so encouraging! It's only been less then a week since the page was launched and i'm so grateful for all your support! Thank you SO Much guys! I'm so speechless! i just checked and i had people from Singapore, US, Australia, Spain,  Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Brazil, Germany, Norway,  Thailand , Canada,  Turkey, Colombia, Israel, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Taiwan, Macedonia, Trinidad and Tobago,  South Africa , Poland, Portugal  visiting my site! It's such a great honour to each out to so many people. THANK YOU GUYS! This is such a mental boost as yesterday i was totally depressed as i thought only 41 people visited this page, but stupid me, i was checking the statistics for May!!! I just checked the June one and it said 329!!! Yipeeeee!!!! Thanks again.. this is my first website and it's just all new to me and i feel like just doing my website better and better and improving on it so as to get a larger crowd!

1:50 P.M.
Hey! It's about 2.... i'm kinda shagged.. tired actually.. i did'nt have much sleep though.. but i guess its' okay. I really wanna do work today though.. il'l do Math... and more math! I guess!! Cuz, i've got tutition tonight.. Well, i'm alone now.. wish i had someone over.. hate bein' all alone.. U know, I just love the music for the intertwine music.. I've been listenin' to it all day.. And It's Just SO cool.. i mean.. it's got that arabic feel and a sensual feel to it.. Although i love Sorrowful dreams, as the tunes phat.. but this is like totally rollin' man.. i mean, it just puts ya in a whole mood.. and you just wanna shimmy! Haha!! Gawd... give me a sec.. cuz i'm gonna grove to  the music for a while,, then i'll holler back at ya... *dances*

whoah... this tune's slammin'... 'im definately gonna put it in my next album that i'm gonna record in the studio in winter... ca'nt wait... I love the song and the lyrics are cool but i just hope the combination of that, withh bring out something great. Well, i ate just a piece of chicken just now,... i guess that will last me till tea,, which will consist of something.. Well, i better go now.. need to get some work done... I'll holler back at ya.. u hear?


12:32 A.M.
Sorry i did'nt put any messages for the past few days.. i was kinds busy though.. or should i say lazy?? hehe... Well, wha'ts the diff huh? It's not like anybody reads this... oops... a little bit of hostility there... Well, its' just that i expected so much more from this page.. i mean, that minuute i had it up, i had an intense feel of overwhealming accomplishment.. i mean, i worked my ass off this page For months and it was'nt easy, as i'm a total nuthead at htmls or the technical stuff of computers and since my computer crashed a few times.. it was kinda hard for me to cope. I brainstormed for days for ideas.. i wanted the ideal webpage, u know, something simple but with captivity, and originality.. this is really me.. this page is me.. and i feel so damn proud as it's something that i myself think is nice. Since i spent so much cash on the album, i thought this site would be a great non-expensive way.. but 'im still paying the internet bills and last month i had to pay a $100 extra bill for extra usage.. i did'nt complain.. Well, i just wanted this page to be.. great.. and maybe it would never be the perfect great, but i think even i get one person reading this, or something from my page, and getting inspired.. i guess, i'll feel acomplished. Well, I'm not gonnaa give up, THis is MY Page! I had so many problems with the Album, but i got that out, i had so many crap with this page, but i overcame it.. I'm not lettin' go now... Now, i'm gonna brainstorm of better ways to promote my site.,.. Well, 'ive told frens.. not all.. So, 'im gonna just have to tell more people that i know about this page and then trying some other form of promotion. THen, i've gotta add more components! I knoe! Maybe, i'll give out prizes! Or have games and stuff! Stuff that people can participate in! Hey... i think that's great...  Well, i've got time to think.. and i'm not letti'n this page go, without making a scream to people out there,, i think it deserves it.. I DESERVE it!! *winks*... Well, i feeel cheered up now.. let me talk about another topic....

So, i had school today which was fun, yeah, believe it or not, it was fun.. well, doin physics isn't that bad... apart from pourin' water on my book, the rest of the lesson was great. I managed to write a great song with Nesh.. it's the Strain For The Shimmy remix.. although we decided long ago to call it Intertwine... we might just change it.. well, the music's like.. so cool! It brings u to a whole new era.. and i love the theme of the song... well, i wanted it to be sexual.. but he preffered it sensual.. so we kinda used both! It's fun, working with frens.. plus i love workin with him..his style is cool and i guess we think on the same wavelength.. Well, i hope i get to finish that track soon enough.. Oh yeaH... i've got tutition tomorrow.. well, cuz i kinda skipped my lersson today to spend time with Nesh.. hehe... Well, i think that's a valid excuse...

U know, i'm gonna put another mesage here, once i come back from school.. i've not written here in 4 days and i think i miss this page!.. aww.. come here page... *hugs* I do'nt want it to feel neglected... *grins* Ok.. i knoe y'all are probably thinking that i had a few glasses of wine.. but no.. hehe.. i stopped my drinking wine last december when i got drunk a few times... urgh..  i had groggy stomach aches and i kept puking! Plus, i felt giddy.. *listens to Missy & Nelly's Get Ur Freak on Remix.. * I lovve that track..  I think it's great to mix different styles.. I mean, missy's hardcore rap and Nelly's more pop.. It's cool, they blend well..

I don't think i can sleep! And i feel sleepy.. i guess cuz i have all these thoughts in my head..well, thsnk god i have this thoughts page to unload.. it's like my Digital Shrink.. minus the $220 per hour bill... hehe... I wish i had like someone to cuddle to something.. god i feel lonely.. U know... here's my number. ... *lol* ok.. no, i'm gonna do that... Public anouncements of numbers are like so lame...  U knoe, i wish i could write MORE personal stuff here, cuz i do write alot of personal stuff here, but i wish i could mention more, u know.. but well, i guess that part of me that's scared... Sad huh?  Anyway, let me change the music, i'm actually listening to Meredith's What Would Happen.. i love that track.. sensual.. and creative.. Meaningfull too... Fuck! this blemish on my cheek's triflin'.. i mean, there was a pimple but now it's a blemish! If only plastic surgery came cheap... Let me see, i feel like something slow and llovey dovey.. god i can bet this song's gonna make me miserble! hehe.. Well, i'll go with that new one from Faith hil.... *plays song*.. Not bad.. although i don't understand what's the big brohaha all about though... *chuckles*

Wow.. this is a long entry.. i wish i could just go  on & on & on... but it's 1 now.. and i gotta wake up at 6 tomorrow... Well, atleast dan's keepin me company on ICQ.. Thank you dannie! Actually, this song's kinda ok.. i mean, it's sappy.. but it's got meanin'.. God.. when was the last time i wrote a sappy love track?? Oh yeah.. Rhapsody.. ahhhh.. that's a strange song.. It always gets me into a mood.. Well, anyway, i wrote sonething in Arabic forr the remix i did with nesh.. i think it's cool.. i love arabic.. very mysterious... Ok.. i better change the track.. hrm... *looks through his Mp3's... * Listens to Janet's China Love* Ahhh.. This is sich a soothing track.. the music and the lyrics.. so simple yet.. define.. *dreams* Anyway.. I hope i go out this week, see a movie.. meet frens.. i really wanna DO WORK AS WELL As have fun... Well, i'm doing a little work.. I'm gonna try and do more tomorrow.. and perhaps go out at night! Get computer ink.. walk around Tampines mall.. even though, it's with myself, i know i'll enjoy it.. Cuz i've grown to like my company, hard but i have.. I don't know if you've ever had this feeling, but sometimes i feel depressed, abd i guess, that's when all the sad things pour into your mind and you just get all.. god.. what the hell am i talking about? sorry.. if i seem kinda funny/... but it's just the mood... it's 1:12 now.. ahhh.. still not sleepy.. i guess i'll just wait till i'm sleepy and then stop typing.. looks like the tears on the table have dried..

well, i think i better go now.. i don't wanna get all sleep tomorrow.. I'll try my best to put an entry tomorrow.. no promises though.. good mornin everyone!

2/6/2001- Saturday
1:21 P.M.

I heard Mariah's Loverboy AND IT"S smashin!!!
Here's a RARE MP3 of the WHOLE SONG!!! Click Mariah Carey - LoverBoy

I got myself a lover
Who loves what I like
When he invites me over
I come every time
Oh my sugar daddy
Takes me for a ride
Wherever will we go
It's delivered in time

He's all mine
And his lovin' makes me high
Like a taste of ecstasy
All I need is him to be
My loverboy

Loverboy come on and love me
Give me more
Touch me and touch me
I enjoy the way you rock me
All night long
Loverboy come on and take me
Only you knows how to make me
Shudder with anticipation
All night long, babe

Got myself a lover
And he's so sublime
He's quite a bit of heaven
To feel it inside
Coz oh my sugar daddy
Take me for a ride
Wherever will we go
It's delivered in time

I get weak
When his candy kisses me
He caress my whole body
All I need is him to be
My loverboy


This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
It's the same feeling
I always seem to get around you
(Yes I do)
'Cause you affect me, fascinate me
I thank heaven for the things that you do
This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
My thoughts flow in my head
I toss and turn in my bed
In the morning when I think about you
Simply put, you're the reason why
Even though I'm real shy
It's like candy
I attempt to look my best for you
(Indeed I do)


Like strawberry
All those good things
Diamonds and gumdrops
That what you seem to me

(Thanks to Brad L..)

12:14 P.M.
Sorry, i couldn't do any entries for the past 2 days... been kinda busy actually. Wellm yesterday, i slept instead of going for my tutition! And it's today instead... and i went to the Airport to get a fren from Melbourne, Richard. Well, he's 23 and he's Aunt Barbara's Nephew. He's from the UK and he's hitchiking all over.. and i think that's so cool. Well, he just finished his voyage all around Australia, except Western Australia... (Not like he'll miss a thing there...)... and he's in Singapore for 2 days and then he'll go up to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar... and all around Asia.. I think that's So brave.. u know, going around knowing little languages and having little money and just seein' the world. Well, he's really nice and my mum's taken him out to Orchard to show him round and also to Little India.. He's sleepin' in my room, so, i'm like bunkin' in in my mum's! But 'im not gonna sleep in her room again.. cuz it's too hot, so i'll have to crash in, in my brotheres' room. Well, anyway, these few days have been great for me actually.. i mean, i'm doin work but i'm taking time to dediicate to this webpage. It can be tiring ad i was doin promotion for it yesterday, u knoe, leaving messages on Message boards of websites and stuff and mailing lists. I think it's great to have a website and the feeling's unexplainable... thinking that people out there can read, see and hear you... I think that's Wicked!

I'm listening to pop tracks now... hrm... this one's Prescious' Rewind... Oo... now i'm playin' PYTs' Same Old, Same Old.. I love that track. i ca'nt wait to hear Mariah's new track, Loverboy... featuring Da Brat... i weas looking at message boards and i think if i find the Mp3, i'll put it on my site. I do'nt do this, as in put up MP3's from other artists, but since it's Mariah.. 'ill close one eye.

This page was officially up on the 30/5/2001, and it's been like only 3 days and i've been updatin' like crazy! Well, today, i just finished doing the Interact page which is a page where everyone can send my their lyrics and where people can interact. I hope to include new things in my page, as the weeks go on. I'd love to have other components but i'm sill thinking of things to put up.. i don't think i can put things about me as i already have so many things of me up!! Plus, i bet y'all are sick of more stuff about me!! WWell, i just wanna make this page a great page for everyone to visit..

I wanna thank everyone who visited the page as the response has been overwhealming... as i checked the statistics and the numbers are rising! It feels good.. i had this page done since last year... but due to ther commitments.. i was unable to put it up.. Hey.. i'm in my last year of my secondary school... believe me, it's a stressful year.. Ok.. enough of study.. I'm not gonna get to that.. I hope the Interact page will bring about many people from different countries... i wanna have no boundaries.. people can sybmit Spanish/french/english... whatever songs! The more kinds the better!

I'd like to say that this thoughts page is a page where I unwind and write whatever that comes in my mind and i usually just type anything that crosses my mind. I'm aware that there are spelling mistakes or errors but i don't wanna edit this page, cuz if i do, then it wouldn't be original anymore. I was particular about having the Album & Biography and the other pages, error free.. but this is like a jounal, and i don't wanna edit it, cuz that will strip off all the originiality.. im' not writing this to impress anyone, im' just writing to get things outta me.. plus, i like resching out to people.. Im' sure the mistakes aren't that bad huh?? Are theyy??? *smiles* Well, i'm sure you can make out what i'm trying to say right?? Unless i type like this gjueryergfdhe4rqD hrhsedgrfd fgfjerh.. *lol*

My plan for today would be simple... I wanna finish putting up the Interact page, Finish my english homework.. i've got to complete a Comprehension and Composition... what a drag... And then i would have tutition at night.. and then perhaps rest a bit at in the night... I don't know if Nesh is coming to my place for sure cuz we were supposed to work on a track.. but that's really up to him. Well, yesterday, i worked on a great track with Leslie! Boy was it cool! We just had so much fun doin' it.. Well, in 1999, Leslie and i worked on a track callec Sorrowful Dreams and then our style was diffferent and we were influenced differently and the song turned out really ballady and i did a fast rap in the middle and we recorderded that track cuz it was so fun, in 1999. Well, a few years later, we put the tape in, and believe me, we couldn't stop laughing as it was freaky.. as our voice has changed and we were more mature now and it just was so funny and the song was kinda whiney.. courtesy of Leslie... *LAUGHS*... And well, yesterday, we suddenly decided to just do a remix as since im' working on a remix album called The Rhapsody, i thought it  would be cool to include it in the album... it was'nt planned.. we just suddenly felt like doing a track yesterday. I had the music confirmed and i wrote the whole track. Leslie always sang slow songs and i wanted to make sure that in this one, he sings something really fast.. So,  wrote the verses to fit our personality and this 3 minute and 40 seconds song was a total rollercoaster ride! I made Leslie swear atleast 10 times!! as i wanted him to get outtta that speaky clean image.. We had that innocense of Sorrowful DReams but this was more mature, more in your face and pure Hip Hop Rap! It was hardcore.. i tell ya... And it was cheeky and totally funny. I'm so glad i did this track.. and its' called the Sorrowful Dreams ()Flipstyle 2001 Mix) and it's a definate single from The Rhapsody. HEre's some of the lyrics of it below:

Verse 1, Steve
Sittin’ here alone,
Touching myself, in my bed
I keep thinking..
Lick me… that’s right..
Quickie? Nookie??
No, it’s a dream..
Cuz in this, I’m gonna be working your ass
Fast? Yeah, make it a blast… Make it last
Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts
We’ll fly first class, Steve’s Orgasm Airlines…
Enjoy your flight, Please cum again..

Verse 2, Steve
But you’re gonna get it..
That’s right… right up that… um…
Spent so many nights cryin’
Thinkin’ about you, figuring out
What I’ve done..
But, but, it’s all gone…

Chorus: Steve
It was like a dream,
when we first met
But you knoe, I caught  up with your
Oochie-moochie smile
And your funky lanky
Hot hot, style
But that dream soon turn into a nightmare
Leslie: What a, what a, what a, what a, sorrowful dream?
Steve: Sorrowful , Sorrowful. Sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful

Verse 3, Leslie
Cut.. cut that line Steve..
Let me do my thang,
Swing my hips on the broadway break
U think what I care about what u asses say?
Cuz it’s my life, my motherfuckin life
I’m no Jlo, but I’ll do my thang and go low!
No, I ain’t a silly ho..

Hehe... See, isn't it funny??? I don't wanna put the wholle song,..but it's a blast... Well, i better go now... See ya...

31/5/2001 - Thursday
12:26 P.M.

Hey mornin' guys! It's feels great wakin' up at 11 +... hehe..  i know.. it makes me sound like a total pig huh? well, I made up my mind,.. I HAVE TO DO MY HOMEWORK TODAY!!! hehe.. i've been procrastinating for the last 2 days... Im' just kinda chatting now with Dan & Tom... and writing this journal entry (duh!) and well, it felt great checking and getting messages from people asking about my webpage...yeah.. but god.. doin promotion is tiring.. I had to go to few webpages and put up messages.. I just hope this page would be liked by people cuz i worked SO hard on this... months.. i tell ya... Plus, 'im like a total clut at computers.. apart from surfin' and downloadin'.. i'm very bad at the technical stuff and thank god.. i had the assistance from dan & bal.. So, now, all i gotta do, i put a guestbook and then it would be fine... Since, it's the one month holiday, i'll be able to dedicate my timw to my page. I really do feel like it's a piece of me.. and i'm glad i can share it with ya'lll. I'm 16... but i still feel like a child.. hehe...

Well, gotta go.. I might leave a message later or somethin'... i hope..  Well, that's all for now.. Love ya..

30/5/2001 - Wednesday
8:10 P.M

I just finished recording the Spanish versions of Rhapsody and Strain For The Shimmy and well, in seconds, i'm gonna have the final completed webpage up! Isn't that great. Yeah.. i'm excited!! Well, i really have to thank Dan for everything, for  teaching me how to do the uploding and stuff, thanks a million... You're great.. *hugs*

4:17 P.M.
Howdy! I had a great day today.. Well, i had school at first in the mornin' then i had Leslie and Loke wei at my place and i had a blast! It was really really fun! We spent hours on the track as leslie had to get used to the music and learn his verses.. believe me, it isn't easy tryin' to learn a new song in a few hours and although we made bloopers and stuff, we had so much fun... The reording's really cool as Leslie's soul voice blends with my (i do'nt knoe what voice!  hehe.., as i rap mostly but i do the chorus and i'm glad it's the first single cuz it really desereves it! then, we watched The Nanny and B'witched on my tape and ate the four-cource lunch i cooked/prepared and slacked. It was great! I think the holidays is not about just studying (not that i have done any, so far!,, but i'm gonna start in like an hour's time.. i gues.. i mean, I better!!!!!)... So, getting back to the point... *changes the music to Missy's Get Ur Freak On...*.. anyway... I'm gonna just record the spanish versions of Strain For The Shimmy and Rhapsody now and try to get my webpage up later.. but Dan's kinda sick.. i don't want to trouble him.. hhehe.. i'm actually talking to him this instant and he's saying he's sick and i just mentioned that if he wants in instant cure, he can put on my tracks on!!! hehehe.. I'm kidding guys!! Anyway... (god.. i'm sayin 'so many anyways today... hmm..) " Quiet!! Hush your mouth... ".. hehe... i love this track! Anyway, i gotta go now.. Need to record my tracks and get some homework done! i've got no school tomorrow!! Yipee!! Which means sleeping late.... *giggles*.

Love ya guys....

28/5/2001 - Monday
11:34 P.M.

*Listens to Aaliyah's We Need A Resolution* I love this track... i mean, it's just got that style... Well anyway, today was'nt a bad day for me, well actually it WAS! I fucked my tamil psper 2! I mean.. god... if only i wasn't so careless... plus, i really worked hard for this.. Well, i know i won't fail, but i don't wanna just pass, i wanna pass well.. Well, i guess i'll just retake the paper in Dec, as thank god i'm given the second chance! Well, I'n not gonna brood about thiss.. I'm gonna just put this behind.. (if only it was that easy with feelings!).. I wish i could just cuddle up with a fluffy cat or something warm... the weather's really COOL today.. i'm so happy.,, compared to yesterday, when i was sweating like shit.. I'm eating rambutans now actually... hehe... I keep droppin' the seeds... i'm such a clut! I managed to rest today and i watched lots of TV! Hehe.. boy do i feel acomplished.. i guess i'll start doing my homework tomorrow,... Argh.. i've got sch tomorrow.. oh yeah.. i just remembered, i'm having guests over tomorrow, well.. i'll just cook something funky and spent time with them. I love having guests around, i do'nt know why. but i do.. I guess i'm a people person, and i must have people around me.. and it's fun having guests or goin to frens houses.. I rememer staying  over for 2 nights at my fren Leslie's place.. It was fun! We watched horror movies to like 2 am! then we cooked food at 2 + am.. and slept a 3 or something..

i guess sometimes life does'nt go the way you plan it... Or maybe it will, but it just sets u back for a while so as to teach you a lesson or something. I mean, i can remember watching young tapes of myself at 5 years old or something at family functions and while everyone was talking or mingling, i waas just sitting at the corner, singing to myself... (okay fine.. and i occationally pulled my cousin's hair.. *grins*)... and i've always dedicated so much to music and it's really my passion.. i'd love to do it for life but i don't know if that's something real or just a dream... I mean, people would laugh if you say, "oh, i wanna be a singer.." .. well, here in singapore, they will. Well, anyway, i just don't see myself in a 9-5 job sitting at a desk doing crap... I feel that lif's about living and doing something u like and love.. and if i love music, then i should pursue it right? I've written hundreds of songs and i feel that these songs are really me, and i once had a dream that there was a fire in my house and i ran out holding my files of lyrics... I mean, i could taken money or cd's but i took my lyrics... They mean so much to me. it's just like thoughts but with tunes and catchy words.. *listens to Eminem's The Way i Am*

Thinking about love & relationships... Well, i used to complain like hell before that i was single blah blah... but i guess now, i'm kinda ok.. i mean, i truly believe in true love and in love at first sight.. My parents met at 16 or something when they were teens and they fell in love and now they've been married for24 plus years.. I think that's cool.. i mean, like every couple, they've had their quarrels and disputes, but they managed to sort things out (With difficulty..) and stick together... I mean, i think thats' true love.. sacrifising yourself and putting up with each other and understanding each other...  I wish i had that... I do'nt know if it's naieve, but i always thought that the first love that i'll have will be the one love... and u know, cuz i do'nt commit unless i really feel for the person and i take relationships seriously.. I guess this whole naieve thing came along cuz i just had to read so many enid blyton books.... hahaha... Hey.. don't blame me..!! i always found pixies and fairies interesting... I guess, i've  just have to wait huh? I mean, it's really not the fact about telling someone that you're attached or whatever, i guess it's the feeling of knowing that someone's  actually thinking about u... i never get that...

26/5/2001 - Saturday
12:47 P.M.

Well, i woke up like an hour ago.. did a Tamil comprehension.. which was quite easy actually... i have to admit that i enjoyed doin' it... Well, im' takin a break now, and then later i'm gonna do a whole Tamil paper and then wait for Leslie's arrival.. *Listens to Emma's High On Love* We decided to change the name of the remix to Wierd Waltz (Cyber Psuedo Mix)... i think that sounds mighty smashing actually... *Plays Foolish Games By Jewel* I think this track's a classic.. it's just so meaningfull. i've always found Jewel cool, cuz she's a visionarie (i hope i spelt that right)... and Bjork too.. They are not the stereotypical woman in the music industry.. they have this distinct style just like Macy Gray... People made fun of her, but look at her now? She's so famous becuz of her originality.. I think that's really important, to keep your originality, cuz that's your link to yourself, your path to that connection between you and your soul or inner-conscious mind. Plus, it's your signature. I totally despise people who try to copy or imitate... i think it basicaly shows lack of creativity and personality... Plus, what i hate is that now, you have to be a certain size or you have to have a perfect face to make it.. and that's so not true... i believe that personality plays a big part... I think Ricky Martin's got lots of originality... his song She's All I Ever Had is really one of my faves... The vocals and emtions just blend in... Nelly's cool too.. I think he's a really good rapper and he has this style and Shaggy too....  These guys are really funky, i tell ya...
At the moment i'm gaga over Standfast's Carcrashes... i think it's really a very happy-go-lucky track... u knoe.. very light hearted.,. & easy listening...
Well, it's 1 P.M.. now... gotta go.. and finish a Tamil paper... i'll put in a message later... if i can... :)

25/5/2001 - Friday
9:21 A.M.

Hey ya'll...  i'm back from sch.. well,i came home at 8... The parents' teachers meeting meeting went very well! I was actually joking with my teacher and my dad who came with me, was joking too, and i actually had a few good laughs... Well, That's kinda cool... I'm gonna be free now.. except for tutition at night, so i'm gonna just write and finalize stuff about the Wierd Waltz (Wild Guitar Remix)...

That day, i think it wasa Wednesday... i was on my way to school and in the bus i met someone. Well, this person and i dont' knoe each other at all..We were both standing and we just suddenly looked at each other, and we couldn't stop looking at each other..It was as if we were talking with out expression on our faces and the person looked  good and i turned away as i was shy but,  we ended up looking at each other again... freaky huh? I hope i'll meet this person again though... :)

I'm feeling kinda sleepy now though.. Oh yeah! Yesterdsay, i watched Bewitched on TV.. I love that show... And it was on TV2, first they showed an old episode of The Nanny, which i really like too, and then they had Bewitched.. I was overjoyed! As i love these 2 shows....  Watch it, it's on TV 2 at 12 plus... i think..
I just ate Mee Siam, so i'm kinda full..Well, gonna go now... I think i'll nap firt...


24/5/2001 - Thursday
5:41 P.M.

Hey... i feel kinda... hrm.. lethargic... well, i've been really busy this week.. ironic as the exams finished last week! Well, my results were'nt bad, but i was dissapointed that i didn't do better in my History as i worked really hard on that and i thought i'd get a A but i got a B and i was 4 marks away from getting a A.. felt annoyed but well, nothing much i can do huh?? *listens to Anggun's Still Reminds Me*... This is such a cool track, i mean, its' meaningfull as well as nice to groove to... Well, today, i'm just gonna slack a little more and do some Tamil later Cuz my Tamil O'Levels are next week! I really wanna do well on that, and although i've been doing terribly on my language, i'm gonna aim for a A or B... nothing less then that! No song writing today though... just not in the mood... I've had like only 4 hours sleep on average every day this week! These eye bags look appaling.. but anyway... Well, i'm kinda excited about this plan i came up with.. well, i was thinking that it would be great to have a reunion of my primary school frens and this time, i was gonna call all 30 + of them! I talked about it to Douglas, who thought it was a wicked idea too, so after my exams.. next week, i'll have to plan a perfect reunion for 30+ guys... I've not seen most of them for ages, that i'm actually kinda nervous... *Changes the song to Standfasts' Carcrashes... * Well, at the moment, i'm sorting out tape stuff and printing stuff... i'll probably start work at 6 and then do till i get tired... Tomorrow's my Parent Teachers' Meeting! How nice!... I just hope my teacher says something good about me.. well, i did not do really good or anything and i'm no angel, so i guess, it's gonna be a racquet tomorrow.. I think my dad's gonna go with me... Well, my mum seems to be busy... I don't know why, but i feel like eating Pizza badly.. Don't know why though...

Tomorrow's Friday... i've got tutition... oh yeah.. i got new specs... with no degrees! Well, i thought it would be kinda cool to wear a pair when i want to have a certain look or something.. u know what i mean.. it cost me $65 though... I've gotta get a handphone and... a new school bag! I kinda already bought a new pencil box... so that's kinda cool. Well, this past week had been stressfull, trying to do all my work.. i'm so glad, next week, it's the holidays... but technically, i'll be going to school for 3 times for the first week and everyday in the second week cuz i have physics remedial... but i don't mind.. as i guess it's for the good as i suck at physics... Well, plans for the holidays...??? Hrm... i wanna do work As well as enjoy, i think it's important to have a balance in everything... i'm planning of studying like 2 hours + every day and then going out at night or just lazing... Gotta sell more auctions so as to get more money... my stash is kinda running out... hehe... Well, i guess it's due to the fact that i spend like crazy at times... Last week, i spend $100 + buying 4 cd's and my pencilbox... i felt like shopping so i kinda went out and did that!

I'm working with Leslie tomorrow on a track for my album, The Rhapsody... I bet you all are thinking that i'm being so ambitious.. but well, that's just me... I've not officially released the Strain For The Shimmy album due to the fact that the Intertwine Remix has not been done... and i've not completed the Ricochet album too.. But i'm also working on The Rhapsody... so that's 3 albums at the same time! Well, after recording the Wierd Waltz (Wild Guitar Remix) with Leslie, i'm gonna write the tracks to finish the Ricochet Album, and next week, i'll get Nesh over, and we'll work on the Intertwine Remix and then, i'll be off the hook with the Strain For The Shimmy & Ricochet Albums and i can concentrate on The Rhapsody.. I also  decided to add a Radio Version of Nothing Without The Children on the album, cuz i love that song. So basically, they'd be like 20 tracks..

Well, it's 6:02 already.. gotta go.. thanks  for the company..

18/5/2001 - Friday
7:42 P.M

Yeah! i've finally Completely  finished this webpage!! I feel so acomplished! Well,  i hope ya'll will like it, as i've spent hours on this just to establish that sheek look and style... *grin*... Well, what can i say.. i'm a natural... hehe..
Well, i'm so exhausted! Yesterday, i had a great time shopping! Yeah.. spent about $100 on Cd's... well, it's worth it... oh yeah.. i bought a pencil box too... Well, i hope 'ill go out today... i need to get outta my house... Well, i'm glad my exams are over. FINALLY! It's been so dreadfull, u know knowing that you're gonna fail a few papers. My last entry was more then a month ago! Due to the exam stress and revision. HEY! The Vichara Guessing-Lyrics Contest thingy is still on... Try to guess what i'm tryin' to say in that song... The lyrics are featured Down below...

Well, I'll probably start song writing tomorrow... u know, i've not written a song in ages. I still need to finish my Ricochet Album... Just 2 more songs, Cowboy Blues & Rookie. I love the Ricochet Album. I'll put a full tracklist once it's done. But i don't think i'll be doing a full review for it, like how i did with the Strain For The Shimmy Album, cuz it's too tiring!

Well, i'm gonna be signing off... i might leave a message later... Bye

7/4/2001 - Saturday
5:23 P.M.

It's my B'day tomorrow!! Can't wait actually... i mean, it's strange... now i'm gonna be 16! that makes me feel so old! I loved being 15! let me reflect.... well, this past year... there were many Ups and downs... let me see...I rememberr last year, i did my album.. Chronic and also had a photoshoot... I went for a holiday.. which i enjoyed. I also remember getting in deep shit for failing almost all my subjects in the third term as i was too busy doing my album. Thank god i pulled through! What else happned... oh yeah.. my uncle's dog and cat died.. that was kinda sad as i loved Trixie and Kitty to bits. It's sad that his last dog Cleo is also gonna be put to sleep soon.. i think she's about 10- 14 years.. i guess.. what else happened...Oh yeah.. i was in a relationship...i stress on the term was.. which tells ya'll that i'm single now.. (Hey.. my e-mail address is below every page.. So, Don't be shy! hehe... kidding..) I guess things are ok.. This year was'nt a bad year.. i don't regret doing the things i did.. as whatever i did, i did them for a reason.. I do'nt know why but i love reflections... as i feel that memories are really important things in life. I mean, without memories, life wouln't be a thing!

I was thinking just now, why everyone works and stuff and what is that thing that god put us in this world to achieve.. and i realized it.. it's love.. Yeah.. it is. I mean, people work hard so that they can get the cash and find that "the one" and settle down somewhere and enjoy the love, with that person. I mean, it's not about material things or cash as these things don't go with ya when you die right? but i'm sure the spirit will always carry the love with it.. u know, maybe it's just my view or something.. ( and, NO! i'm not drunk!)... I meant love not only as in with a person who'd you spend your life with but love tha you'd bascailly give to your parents or the less-fortunate or anyone...I tell ya... i'll truly respect anyone who's able to get and give love equally... I remember that last year, i was trying so hard to find like a date or someone to love... but i guess once i experienced it, i realize that you can't rush it.. i guess it just comes.. and i guess my "the one" is somewhere,...  *crosses fingers* hehehe... Well, i better go, need to finish some work.. i was actually supposed to go out today, but i cancelled becuz my frens could'nt make it/weren't really up for it... so i'm going out tomorrow, to watch Valentine.. (i hope).. and have a great blast! Well, thanks for listening (whoever you are..) *hugs* i appreciate it.. *winks*

Love, Prasad

6/4/2001 - Friday
1:09 P.M.

Hey there! It's a friday! Finally, it's the weekend.. i'm prepared to spend like half an hour writing this entry as today, i've got time! Well, i do have tutition at 7:30.. but i'll do my homework later, start at 2pm. i've gotta do a compre and stuff, kinda boring though.. Well anyway, Today was an ok today! The weather is good! Cool and a little chilly... This is what i like... And then, today's sch was a half day as there was some fuckin school fuction.. like as if anyone cared! I find it so fake as we actually had to practise this celebration and stuff and that i found so stupid as who practices a celebration? It's not spontaneous anymore... u know what i mean.... thank god i was sitting close to frens, so i could talk.. as i can't just sit for 2 hours plus and NOT do anything... I guess i'm kinda hyper in that sense.. hehe..

Well, as i've written So many albums... to be exact 45... and although i have SO many favourites and it's really hard to actually thumb one down and say.. "yeah.. This is the best..". It's like when you have 5 children, you can't say one is better then the other as every one will be special to you. Anyway, i was thinking and i realized that my latest album, "Strain For The Shimmy" is in a way, my best album. I don't knoe why but i love every single song and not only are the songs personal & reflective, they are also funky and got a whole hip-hop edge to it. So, I'm gonna give a personal Insight of my whole album to ya'll.!!! yes i am!! Im gonna give y'all my opinion of every song of the title... so basically, i'm gonna be giving ya'll the preview of this album. Plus, there are gonna be lyrics tooo... I wanted to do this for this album, as this is my favourite album and definately a vibrant one...

Here's the tracklist of my Strain For The Shimmy album:

1) Contradictory – Intro
2) Error
3) Weird Waltz
4) Moods
5) She’s All I Ever Had*
6) Say It To My Ear
7) Noisy Silence
8) Lethargic – Interlude
9) Best Of Me (Holla Remix)*
10) Strain For The Shimmy
11) Cutting Edge
12) Rhapsody
13) Hype
14) X-Factor
15) Valency (With Nesh)

*Covered Songs

1) Contradictory - Intro

Ok.. this is the intro to this album. I wanted it to be very futuristic and yet to be indian, so as to get in touch with my roots. Lately, i've been trying to make my music sound very east-meets-west.. as i wanted to show my blend of influence. Although i'm very modern and i love doing stuff very modern-like.. i also like to do stuff kinda indian or arabic.. u know.. something close to heart... The music is indian and techno-ish.. so, it's very modern.  Basically, this song's about how people pretend to be people they are not... I say in the first verse.. " Phoney Eloquence.. Drowning In Lament.. " and i'm talking about how people put up this whole fascade about being the fittest or smartest or whatever.. and how they "drown in lament" when they are alone as they never get the oppurtunuity to express their feelings. It's about people who also contradict themselves and hide their creativity and individuality and how when they are in a group, they try to use other people to get accepted by either insulting or whatsoever... .. Here's a first verse of this song:

Phoney eloquence,
Drowning in lament
Combing the clan
Ignoring my plan

2) Error

This song's a single. It's a cool Hip-hop track.It's sung very fast and it's creative lyrics are simply cool. It's not really about mistakes.. This  song can be split into 2 parts as half the song is about people's perception of me and the other half is about a relationship. Im' talking about how people have these standards and expect you to look the same everyday.. like for example, usually, every day.. i try to make my hair look ok.. but sometimes, i neglect it and it looks toally shitty and when i do, people usually say..  "why isn't you hair like yesterday?" or something like that. People expect you to look the same everyday and sometimes it can be tiring. The song's also about being in a relationship, and being in one that's.. hrmmm... good but not what you expected it to be.. It's basically about a confusion, and theres' this conflict at there is still alot feelings for the person and such...
Here's the first verse & chorus:

Every time you look at me like
I’m supposed to be perfect all the time
Like, I’m some kind of god
I try, I try

Error: Gonna let you go?
(Error: Ever gonna let you go?)
Error: Gonna find my soul?
(Error: Ever gonna find my soul?)
Error: Am I in control?
(Error: Am I in control?)
Error: Gonna let you go?
(Error: Ever gonna let you go?)

3) Weird Waltz

Well, this has to be like one of the most personal songs on this album.. It's about thoughts and reflections. It's mainly about being in a relationship. I love this track alot! It's one of my all-time favourites as it's very personal. I called this song Wierd Waltz as in my opinion, i look at a relationship as a dance.. As in a dance, one person retreats and goes back, and vice versa for the other  partner and also in a relationship, that indicates that giving & taking and the compromizing between 2 people. Plus, not all dances can be easy... alot are very stranious and so is every relationship. I choose the Waltz as an example, as the Waltz is a very cool kinda of a dance.. So, basically, Wierd Waltz is about a personal experience and this song reflects my personal thoughts about someone. It's about how things can be better.. and how sometimes some people can be really ASSHOLIC! nah... just kidding on the last part... (that was kust my anger)... anyway, the songs' are very clean song...

i'm sorry i can't put the lyrics for this song as it's tooo personal.

4) Moods

This is a single too. It's about feelings and thoughts as well. It's a slow, creepy track. It's very moody and stuff, and that's why i called the song Moods. One of my options for this album title was actually moods. Well, it's about having this sort of attitude and naviety that you believe in things easily. It's about having faith in things so easily and getting played out easily too.... it's kinda ballady but it's not that typical ballad. It's actually very hard to sing, it's kinda of a strain for my throat but i manged to record it..  It's about that innocense that i have and how i suffer by it at times..i also did reflection of past experiences that affected me and i wanted this song to preject a sort of awareness... u know what i mean.. Basically, it's about pulling through hard times and it's about the mind, dealing with these hard times.
Here's the chorus:

One Minute, the lights, my glory
The next, life’s so lonely
The eclipse of my past
Brings me tears
Wanting you beside me
Protecting my fears
But you’ve changed your mood
For good

5) She's All I Ever Had

I covered this song as i felt that the lyrics were very meaningfull and it wasn't really a typical love ballad. I felt that it was different and plus, it's music was very majestic.. I had great fun recording this! The lyrics are simple as well as meaningfull.. u knoe.. it does'nt have hard or difficult words.. The song managed to capture my attention as it seemed very pure and honest...

6) Say It To My Ear

This song's a single too. It's a very fun track.. Pop influenced and very jumpy. it's something that would appeal to everyone including younger kids as it's fun and very boogie-ish. It's about how sometimes it can be veri irratating when soneone has something in mind, but does not attempt to let out to u.. you knoe what i mean.. And the other part is about when someone pretends things are OK when they are not...  i love this track as the lyrics are very creative and versatile and plus, it's kinda pop...It's also about being in a relationship... and stuff...
Here's 2 verses from Say It To My Ear:

Don’t want no letters, e-mails, SMS, Ah
If you really want me
You’ll show me some flesh (not that kind!)

That day, I got your message on ICQ
(12.30 am, Tuesday)
It wasn’t even, “Baby, I love You.. “
(Unfortunately for me.. )
All you wanted was my help
When you expect me to be there
But whenever I bring it up
It’s not Fair

7) Noisy Silence

I love this track alot. It's a very mysterious one and it's got that whole creepy thing to it. It's a single. I was gonna name the album this, but i changed my mind after finishing the track Strain For The Shimmy. Anyway, This is a very reflective song. Imagine standing in s noisy arena, and people are just passing by you, maybe hitting you at numerous times, but you're just standing still, engrossed wiuth a thought in your mind. You're so engrossed in your thought that you can't hear the noise around you, or even feel it, when someone accidentially hits you, while passing by. It's basically about looking at life and realizing that it's moving so fast... every second is just going & going & going and most of the time, we don't sit down and think about things or people in our life, cuz we take them all for granted. It's also about perhaps that one person, that catches your eye, that one unique character that moves with time, with ya. It's a personal song too and the lyrics really represnts me. It's about getting millions of thoughts in a sec, in my head... but clinging on to one, cuz that one matters...


In a vortex world
I’m breathing,
From your withered minds,
I’m receiving
Noisy Silence, Noisy Silence

In a stagnant world,
You surround me,
With your endless thoughts,
Empower me
Noisy Silence, Noisy Silence

8) Lethargic - Interlude

I love this interlude! The music is arabic with the indian tabla... And it really sounds groovy. It's about being free, and having so much fun. It's a happy song, And the lyrics are very happy and groovy... i'm glad i did this interlude... It's about going out with someone and having so much fun, cuz you really connect with that person, and although, it might seem lethargic, as in the situation, you know it's in da view.. like loving someone and getting it back..

Fine…I’ll see ya when the sky gets low
Make sure our hearts aglow
Say hola to the guy next door
And, and… party till the door slams

Drink the night with a circus of moods
You grooving to my groove
Me checkin’ your “ooooo”

Lethargic but in da view

9) Best OF Me (Holla Remix)

This is a really cool cover. With the rap and everything, i'm glad i added this to the album. It's a perfect cover! I love the tune and not only that, but the message it gives. It's about loving that person and afraid of giving it all, cuz you're afraid of opening your heart, Cuz you've still got the sour taste of love in your mouth. I think it's a really funny track. The lyrics are querky and kinda typical, in a way.. in the sense of talking about relationships.

Conversation ain't what?
Big thighs got you stuck
Feelings starting to show
Should I stay, should I go?
I don't know
You're driving me crazy

10) Strain For The Shimmy

Well, i've got alot to say about THIS song!!! This is one of my all time fave tracks. It's just got that sexy tune to it and it's a song that would make you want to groove and shake that booty! The music is arbic/hip hop. I love the mood of this song cuz it's very carefree and seductive. The lyrics are provocative as well as funny, it would definately raise eyebrows. The song's about being checked out by many people and getting the attention. I'm basically saying that Im' a strain to your shimmy! Like i'm So hot and blah blah.. that even when you dance with me, no matter how good of a dancer you are, i will strain your shimmy. A little egoistic huh?? hehe... Well, i was just takin' the mickey outta myself... It's about being checked out profusely by people but you don't care becuz you love someone.... Half the song's about being around many people and gettin the attention, but the other half is about someone... it's about knowing that person's feelings, thoughts and aware that you can control them. I felt really happy after doing this track, it was definately a thrilling experience for me, seriously. This song's hip hop but more to the melloww side and it's a totally new style for me as it's very cheeky but subtle in a way, not like Ricochet, which is a really sexual song and very in your face.  Strain For the shimmy is a perfect title for the album cuz it's something new, a new style and this album felt like a new me. I don't knoiw why, but it did. it's like i reborned or somethin as my style in this album is totally new, and distinct from other albums. Im' so proud and i bring this album to sleep with me every night... not literally but i usually sing the songs from this album. Plus, i love the titles... I've never had an album sounding like that, u know, where all the lyrics and tunes just fit in to give out this really versatile but very personal album... where it tells so much... this album totally personifies me... yeah.. ME!

It’s a Strain for the shimmy
So, gimme, gimme gimme,
Don’t refrain from  fillin’ me, fillin’
Cuz ‘ill be bouncin’ till Philly’
No worries, cuz I’ve got me millies’
I’ll be draggin ya’ll willies
So, no complaints, all my lilies?
Fellas? Are ya’ll? Pur-lese
Stuck in my lease

11) Cutting Edge

I Love this track too, it's a fun lilttle track and it's very creative. It's about how you're commited and how you give it all, but at times you get shit back... u know what i mean.. Most of the times, when you do something to soneone, you don't expect anything.. but when you're constantly helping and you feel like you're being taken advantage,,, It's about confronting that person and saying it out, but the person just doesn't give a damn and "freaks a little, freaks a little, like a lady.."  i'm sure ya'll know someone, who can be the person who says stuff to you, and promises stuff, but  the person ends up not keeping them and such... right?? Well, it's not a reflective track like Noisy Silence, where there's imagery and stuff to ponder on.. it's basically a rnb/pop track.. it's really fast and it's a groovy thing to dance too...

I’m awake, to your comedy awaits
Listening to your excuses
They will sound funny, some day
But not today,
Cuz, I woke up on the wrong side,
Of the bed.

12) Rhapsody

This song... well, it's definately one of my all times... It's just really, i don't know how to say it,.. hmm... honest, pure and when you listen to it, you can sense that elements of truth as well as passion in the song. It's a very very personal track. I have to say this in this album, this is the most personal track and it's the kind of tracks that would make you sit down and just think. It's a ballad, but the music's  not slow, the music is only the guitar and my voice just sounds sad in this song but ironically, thre music is happy and the song is called Rhapsody which means, being in a state of elated bliss. it's not a sad song at all, it's a song of feelings and thoughts and being dedicated to someone but confused. This song is very personal cuz it was based on the experiences that i went through and i'm glad i have the ability to express myself through music as i'm able to say what i want and do what i want with my music. Not only do i have the total freedom to explore all horizons with my music, but it helps me, as a catalyst. This song talkes of that someone, who plays a part in my life and who means to me and i basically wrote this song with no intention of writing about anyone in perticular but i guess there are elements of a  certain someone in here. It's a song where i analyze someone's move and try to figure out what's in the person's mind... I wish i could say more about this song, but i'm refraining cuz it's really personsl.. plus, i think i've said alot already... Oh yeah.. yesterday i did a remix for Rhapsody and i called it the (D-Low Remix) and it's really funky, totally hip hop and totally fast..This is for my upcoming album called "The Rhapsody", since i love Strain For The Shimmy so much, i decided to make a remix album, which will include 10 remixes of 10 songs from Strain For The Shimmy, spanish versions of Strain For The Shimmy as well as Rhapsody and perhaps 2 new songs... This song is a single (Obviously!) well, anyway,  'im gonna put a little piece of the song below:

Digging deep I find your maturity’s
Probably at a peak
A brainwave of a leak
That you think, not with anything to seek

13) Hype

*laughs when thinks of this song* hehe... Well, this songs's a funny one with the cute lyrics! It's about having that certain fren around who can be really annoying and he or she calls you and talks wack and nothing else! And this guy or gurl thinks that he or she is so cool and has everything and calls you and makes  big thing about small things and that's why it's called Hype , cuz in the song, in go.. " What's the hype about??? " and i'm like questioning the person telling him or her to shut up.. u know what i mean... Im' sure everyone of you out there has met that really annoying person who's too clingy and does wacky stuff which totally annoys u or pisses u off. It's not an angry song, it's more fun.. it's got creative lines and a hip tune. This is a single too...
i'm talking about a stereotype character here, u know, someone who goes around and thinks he or she is "all that".. u know what i mean...

It’s Thursday and you’re callin’ me
Braggin’ about how you lost your baby
You think I give a damn?
You can freak for all I care

I have given, So much of my time
Wanna get physically and perpetually

14) X-Factor

I love this one!! From the title, i'm sure you can guess what's it about?? Well, here i'm talking about someone with this thing called X-factor (something i hope, i have!) It's about having that certain someone in mind and this person is totally normal but you think that this person is special becz of the x-factor. It's a love song.. but it's not like Rhapsody which has underlining meanings in every single verse but this song is very direct and i just say it all out with no constraining and i love it and i included it into this album, cuz i felt that the whole mood represented this album, it's not only honest but it's frank and my opinions of love can also be seen in this song. I can't wait to do the remix for this track, cuz, i've got cool ideas in my head, for this one... It's basically about loving someone and picturing that perfect someone & talkin about it...

You cause me to shiver
With your words I wonder
Whether, you’re a blunder
Or is it your X-factor?
You make my world go…”wha Wha.”
While I work,
I get distracted
Is it you?
Or is it your X-Factor??

15) Valency (With Nesh)

I totally love this one and i it was great workin with Nesh on this song as it was a thrilling experience. We spent a long time writing this one and what was funny was that when we came up with the whole idea, we just said.. yeah,, this is the title, let's write... and we wrote individual stuff and then, incoporated it together and and when we discussed about the theme, it was freaky that we were actually writing about the same thing! At that time, i was just thinking about life and i was writing about  how most of the time we are lost and stuff like that and that's where the line i wrote from the song, "running but you never stop.." came up.. and he wrote totally cool stuff and when we connected i together, it all just came into place. Plus, the tune we got was really wicked! It was very structured cuz i told him that this is what i wanted, and this and that and he was more of less on the same frequecy, so we were able to establish this song. He writes totally cool songs too, one day if i can, i'll do a review and stuff about a few of his songs, believe me, they are cool. And i wanted to work with him, not becuz we are really close.. ok fine.. that was a factor too, but i really liked his style. The thing is that my style is totally different from his. Although we listen to the same music and stuff but the style is just different and the union of that, brought Valency. Its' more then a collabo, it's an anthem. It's a song about balance and how in life, we work so hard but most of the time we are cluless about what we are workin' for and it's about how we try to be different and fit in the society and we shouldn't cuz we should be who we wanna be. We are basically telling people to "get outta the box" and look at life.. to sit back and just look at life.. It's a very meaningfull track and it's something that everyone can relate too. I knew from the start that this was a single cuz i just did. This was the last single off the album, and with this song i closed that chapter of my life. That chapter and period of Strain For The Shimmy. Il'l never forget working on this album, as it brogught me closer to myself. i was in touch with my feelings and it just felt great working on songs and being able to incoporate real life experiences. This album means so much to me and that's why i've actually wrote this really long review as i think it deserves it. That's why i'm working on the remix album, The Rhapsody so that i can spend moree time with these songs from Strain For The Shimmy. I'd like to thank Nesh for working with me on this song cuz i really love it... thank you *hugs*.

Don’t know your limit,
Can I tell you where to stop right now?
Purlease just gimme an opportunity,
So I can show you how to get,
Outta the box

Urban synchrony
What if you don’t conform?
To the norms of society,

3/4/2001 - Tuesday
4:44 P.M.

Hey Everyone! Well, today's been the suckiest day ever in my life!! Got into trouble for nothing.. by an annoying teacher and the reason: I was sitting at a wrong table doing my work! As i said before, (or maybe i haven't..), some people are SO lame and SO deprived that they have to actually pick on the students for pleasure.. i mean, if i was genuinly doing something wrong, Then i would acept my punishment.. but of course, whatever it is, in this socierty the elders ARE ALWAYS right huh? Fuck to a democratic socierty! And this teacher had to pick on my hair and stuff sayin that i was a disgrace to the school and that i was usless.. blah blah.. Totally demoralized me. And my day just HAD to get better, as my pencilboz tore, and i can't find my math books. I think it's with the teacher as he did want to check my books, tryin to scrutinize and see if there's some mistakes but thank god, i keep my stuff well.. Belive me, today was a REALLY Sucky day!!  I can't wait for the weekend atleast there's something good to look forward to, My Birthday!! Yeah!! Im' gonna be 16! God.. that makes me feeel old.. u knoe..

*brightens up*.. I just remembered!! I might be getting a cat!! Yeah!! I love animals like anything and i might get a cute lil kitty for my own. Totally fury and fluffy and it's a ragdoll cat, so, it's gonna be really cuddly... *Grins* Can't wait! i've always wanted something or someone to cuddle at times, but well, since i suck at relationships, i have to turn to animals huh?? Wait.. Wait!!! No No... i'm not THAT Kind!!!  Turn to animals for love.. that's all.. hehe.. Just in case you sickos out there are thinking of anything utterly disgusting. .. ewww

Well, i feel better now, after writing in this page, I have to say that i always do, As i feel like just unloaded something of my chest.. u know what i mean, i'm off to do my homework.. thanks for listenin..


2/4/2001 - Monday
3:17 P.M.

Heehah! back from sch!! Damn tired! I think i've got quite alot homework.. I might do another entry later as i'm gonna keep this really short.. hehe,... (and i mean it!) i'm groovin to Missy's Get Ur Freak on and gobbling down a bowl of cookies & Cream ice cream... *licks his lips*..
WSell, gotta go shower.. feelin' really sticky... today was a generally cool day (Not literally! The weather's fucked!).. cool like as in.. i had fun...

31/3/2001 - Saturday
10:00 A.M

Yeah! It's da weekend!! Cool!! I'm so glad! Finally.. i'm able to get a break and you knoe.. lay back.. I'm listening to Breakdown by Mariah.. and it often reminds me of why i call that my all-time fave song.. You know, the music and lyrics just captivate you.. u knoe.. I just came back from Sch.. had this little test to do.. it was good.. i'm sure i can do well in it! I'm just takin'  a break now and i guess i'll start doin my homework soon.. like in an hours' time.. As it's only 10 am now!!

i'm gonna be writing a song later, my second Sanskrit song.. Don't know what 'im gonna call it but i want to put a little tamil in it too, as it would be good.. as i just finslized the music for this track and its' great.. It's got that tradional tabla and futuristic beats. This will definately be included into the Ricochet Album...

*looks through napster*.... hrm... don't know what songs to download.. oh yeah! i really wanna watch The Mexican.. The movie looks really cool.. and also Lost Souls... I'm a horror savvy..!! Well, i'll inform ya'll about anything else... At the moment i feel really tired and lazy, but i guess i feel better then yesterday.. I've not managed to answer the questions in my head.. But i will, and when i do, i'm sure i'll feel much much beter....

Thanks for listening again...

Love, Steve.

8:50 P.M.
I'm back again!!  well, this is my second entry today! Well, i did'nt do much today.. did relax alot! But i managed to Write my sanskrit song called Vichara... It's a very very cool track and i'm immensly proud of it. It's the third track for the album... And it's full pf meaning and truth... let me put it that way. Vichara means Continued Thought and this song is basically about my thoughts and it's like when you're in a like a vortex or realm and you've got so many things going around you, and you just go with the flow, but finally one day, you stop and realize that you do'nt even know where you're going or who you're following or who you love or who actually loves you.. u know what i mean. It's all about thought.. and it's a very personal track too, but i guess with the intense imagery, it would hard for someone to actually figure out what i'm trying to say, unless they really really know me, i do'nt think anyone really knows me to that level... maybe one or 2 does.. but well....

Ok.. a little test for ya'll.. i'm gonna put a verse from my Song Vichara.. and i want ya'll to figure out what i'm trying to say.. keep it in your mind.. and in my next few entries.. i'll tell ya'll what the line means,,, this is no competetion.. it's a just a little fun thing that i thought would amuse ya'll.. Ok. Here's the verse...

Ten Million bodies
Mighty, vice, a command
The mind free from desire
Giving, a quality of nature, the sun
attentiveness to god, complete awareness,
a habit, to think,
actionless action, facing towards
The supreme spirit, you, you….you

There.. theres' the chorus... crack your heads fellas.... See ya tomorrow.. Gonna be doin me work now!..

Love. Steve

29/3/2001 - Thursday

*sighs*... It's 5:54... and i'm quite ok.. I'm kinda tired as i just came back from Squash practice. It was great! Totally enjoyed it! I played a match with my coach and of course, i lost to 9:1.. Well... she's superb...(that's why sh'es a coach!)... but i really enjoyed it.. and boy, did she make me run! I felt that rush of adrenalin and i was enjoyin' it... I guess Squash was my highlight of the day... School was ok... have quite alot of homework... but i'll get through... Argh! I just remembered that i've got tutition tomorrow!! Well, i guess i need it.. Oh yeah! And i've got sch on Saturday morning too... Damn... hate wakin up in the mornin..

Im' listening to Mariah's Looking In... I guess i kinda feel that way, as what she says in the song.. I guess i kinda feel too, like someone who's always outside.. looking in... i'm glad that i kinda got this page up, especially this Thoughts section.. As i wanna get a bit personal, as i guess, i'm kinda looking at this page as a diary... u know what i mean?? I hope 'im not getting tooo personal, as i don't want the whole world knoeing my life. I want this to be very casual and free so, i'm not gonna bother about spelling mistakes or errors.. so, if i start typing anything like.."hgrytqrq5tyyry"... don't blame me.. *grins*

"It seems as though I've always been, Somebody outside looking in. Well, here I am for all of them to bleed, But they can't take my heart from me, And they can't bring me to my knees, They'll never know the real me"....   is what the song says.. I mean, people think they knoe me, but i don't think anyone actually understands me,..  in serious or un-serious circumstances... Well, i guess that's the price you pay, when you're a complex person.. huh??? It's been a really really tough week.. There is alot of work, homework and stress but the toughnes is more on a mental level.. I mean, things i do everyday may seem normal but now i'm kinda questioning myself as to why i'm doing them, or why i'm feeling for a certain issue or stuff like that as i feel clueless and pointless.. u know what i mean...  Sorry if i'm writing all this really uninteresting stuff... but i'm just writing what's in my mind...

O yeah.. i wanna thank Dan! Thank u so much for helping me get this page up!! I don't knoe how to thank ya!! Maybe i'll send ya some cookies or something??? hehe... Thanks again, i really apprecite it.. I wanna thank Loke Wei... (who 'im talking to in ICQ right at this instant!).... For helping me with the advice for the pics.... and the program.. you're a gem.. Thanks...

Nesh... hrm.. i'm kinda getting tired of these squabbles... i mean it's funny and stuff and i know we are both responible abd i'm totally aware that i do instigate it too, but it's annoying that u have to sooo childish.. u know... You can be So nice one instant and in the next, you're totally triflin'... I mean, it's kinda scary,. We seem to be squabbling alot now.. over simple stuff... and i don't know why?? Do you?? (hope you're not reading though... hehe... don't want u think i'm "dissin you on the internet..".. *smiles* ) Well, Talking about plans for my new Album Ricochet.. i have to say that things are goin ok.. I heve written 2 tracks, Adrenalin (Nobody Cares About Me) & Something For Me And You... These 2 tracks are very different from my previous album, Strain For The Shimmy. Strain for the Shimmy was more mellow and Hip-hop and i had lots of songs about my feelings about certain issues very personal.... But i want Ricochet to be more Hip Nop.. but these first 2 tracks are unique. Adrenalin is a very personal song... So personal that 'im not gonna put the lyrics up here and it's kinda sad... but the song is generally Rnb.... it's a big contrast to Something For Me And You which is more POp and it's very uplifting and happy.. with that positivity in it.. It's a good start.. i guess.. There won't be any covered track on this album, neither Intro nor interlude..... I guess i just wanna have full tracks..

Well, i'll end here.. Hope ya'll enjoyed me,, as i enjoyed you! hehe... Well, gotta go.. need to start doin my homework..
If you have any imput about my page or songs, please don't be afraid to e-mail me, as i'd love feedback from ya'll..

28/3/2001 - Wednesday

My second entry! Ah... well, i think i've got quite alot to say now... You knoe, life is so easy but i guess people make it so complex.. u know what i mean??? These past few weeks have been the most troubling ones for me. I mean, i just had so many things going through my mind, and i simply can't find all the answers to many questions loitering in my mind. i'm glad i can spend time with frens and family as i guess i really need them now to get my mind off these things on my mind. I seriouly don't know how to categerize what's goin' through my mind... i mean, basically, it's about stuff going about in the world, my life, my frens and other touchy issues....

*Listens to Mad's Drowned World / Substutite For Love*.... Damn.. i love that track... It's one of those tracks that make you get goosebumps... u know, as you reflect on it and it simply makes so much sense.... I love the chorus... and it's simply great... As she goes.... " The face of you... My substitute for love.... "... and it's got that dreamy essence to it...  You know, i feel like i'm writing in a journal or aomething, but i'm glad as i've always wanted to keep a diary but i'm just too lazy, but this way... i'm able to do it quite easily...

Well, i just came back from school, so i'm taking a break.. Damn the weather's freakin' hot! I hate coming home all drenched in sweat! It's freakin annoyin'.. i tell ya... I'm just takin a break... then i'd probably go back to studyin',,, Shit.. my life's sucks! i'm single, virgin and totally unacomplished! Well, i guess my time will come right??? Hey! Stop sneering ya'll!! Cut me some slack.. will ya... *grins*.

It's 6:06 now... *sighs* I wish i had like other things to do.. u know other then just doin work.. u knoe, i'd love like walking my dog.. (if i had one).. or go sky-diving or just go and record an album at a studio or have a relationship that actually works out... I feel at times that i devote lots of time to people that i neglect myself. I've always wanted to be a people's person as to be there for people but i often ask myself if there'd ever be someone who'd be here for me like i'm there for them,,, u know what i mean.. I'm not Dissin' my frens or something as i have the greatest ones. I don't think i could live without them! I could name a few, but i won't... as i would'nt wanna seem bias, but i'm sure you know who you are.. (if you're reading..) I mean, i have to say that without these frens, i would'nt pull through everyday situations as i feel that their company is essential and basically, as i'm kinda friendly, i get attached to people very quickly.. And i really love these guys... my frens i mean.. BUT, i just feel that sometimes i'm taken for granted.. and i hate that feeling.. It just makes yout tummy churn and spoils your mood...

"One Minute, the lights, my glory, the next, life's so lonely.. The ecplise of my past, brings me tears, wanting you beside me, protecting my fears... but you've changed your mood.. for good... "  These is the chorus to one of my tracks from my Strain For The Shimmy Album called, Moods. It's a moody track and i guess i'll end this entry with a kiss & hug to all of ya'll... and a message..., "Differences are unique, respect them, enjoy them." *kiss* *hugs*

Bye ya'll...

24/3/2001- Saturday

Ah! Yeah! Finally got this webpage up! I was supposed to get it up since last year October! Well, I know, procrastinating is a bad habit but well who has good habits anyway??? *grins*
So, this is my first entry in my Thoughts page. Feels good! I’ve gotta put up more MP3’s,,, and I’ll probably put up some cool new songs of mine once I get an MP3 player or borrow one…

*Listens to Mel B’s I Want You Back*… Gawd… I just love that track.. Well, anyway.. today has been a good day… I put up auctions, finally got this Page up, finished a lot of homework… *sighs* Damn… I wanted to go out today… don’t know if that would work out… I got a haircut today too… Feels much neater but yesterday I was so annoyed as I cut myself while shaving! And the blood didn’t stop flowing for like one hour!
I’m so glad it’s the weekend… as this week, I slept everyday at 2:30 am and woke up at 6:00 am for school. And my eye bags looked revolting…
I’m so glad that I’m about to finish my Strain For The Shimmy album.. I worked really hard on this and I’m simply love the style of this album. The ambiance is queer and it has a whole moody thing to it. But of course, there’s the hip-hop flavour that still empoweres certain tracks. Glad that I could work with Nesh on this album. We did 2 tracks together and I’m so excited about getting it recordered. And after this album, I’ll be working on another one called Ricochet..(as usual, I have no break)…. But I love doing these tracks, so I guess I love the stress a little bit… hehe…

So, I hope ya’ll love this page as I’ll try my best to get it updated as often as possible with new pics, news and MP3’s… so get ready :)