31/12/2002 - Tuesday
9:56 P.M.

hey Everyone! I know it's been ages since i said hi.. but well, here i am :) And it's new year's eve! I just wanna say Happy New Year's to everybody! I came back from Australia on the 23th and since then, i've been workin on my music stuff and today i'm tryin to rush with my school homework! Yup, school starts in 2 days! Annoyingly, i decided to complete atleast half the homework? Well, it's better than nothing.. right? Well, i felt had to put a message up today as it will be my last message this year.. it was a great year for me.. and usually, i reflect on this year and think of the good times and think of all the great memories. Well, i just came from the supermarket.. i actually had a dinner date tonight, but it was postponed and i'm kinda glad that it was postponed as i need to do homework. Though, i wanna watch 8mm at 12 midnight.. i thought that was a great movie. I have english, economics and Literature homework.. and i'm almost done with my English.. i'll get on with my Literature work after that and then i guess i'll be fine.. but honestly, i kinda am dreading the idea of going back to school.. i hate it. I mean, the school is ok.. the people are great.. but the work and stuff is just so gruelling.. By the way, after i  came back from Australia, i saw the doctor as i was terribly sick when i was there.. i was practically sneezing like 200 times a day!

I think this year was great as i met many new people and i got closer to the people i wanted to get closer with.. i had good dates.. hrm.. i managed to go clubbing and have great fun with friends.. i managed to skip the first 3 months of school. (wish i could that this year too.. but annoyingly i can't..) I  guess my personal life improved alot.. i managed to feel true love.. and i guess that was a great feeling. I managed to finish alot of great songs.. and do loads of promotion. The Demo was something that i was extremely proud of. By the way, Go Figure is gonna be released in 1-2 weeks! Yup! I just got all the minor details finalized and i'm sure that y'all will like it. *sighs* To think that one year just flew by.. it was so quick.. and i'm gonna be 18 soon. I mean, it's kinda freaky when you think about it. I think.. this year, i've matured alot in the sense of mentally and i guess i have become very determined, in the things that i do, and i'm proud of myself for that. I mean, sometimes i feel like the things i do are not gonna pan out, but i just listen to that little voice inside of me.. and believe. *sips his slurpee* well, i got one at 7/11 jut now.. *grins*

Oh yeah.. and here's my Top 15 songs of 2002!!!

15)    Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (Featuring Clipse)
14)    Busta Rhymes Featuring P. Diddy - Pass The Courvoisier (Part II)
13)    Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule - Ain't It Funny (Remix)
12)    Remy Zero - Save Me (Smallville Theme)
11)    Tweet - Call Me
10)    Jay Z - '03 Bonnie & Clyde (Featuring Beyonce)
9)      P. Diddy - I Need A Girl (Part 2) Featuring Usher, Ginuine & Loon
8)      Cam'rom - Oh Boy (Featuring Juelz Santana)
7)      Madonna - Die Another Day
6)      The Clipse - When's The Last Time
5)      Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
4)      Missy Elliott - Work It
3)      Kylie Minogue -  Can't Get You Outta My Head
2)      Truth Hurts - Addictive
1)      Sci-Fi Lullaby - Automatic

Those are my most favourite tracks of 2002. And yes, the best song, in my opinion, of 2002 is Sci-Fi Lullaby with Automatic. I very rarely get goosebumps when i listen to a track.. well, this one made me get them. By the way, i'm really happy, Strain For The Shimmy is #930 in the charts on GarageBand.com and i think that's really great! i've been geeting cool reviews and people seem to like the Intertwine remix as well, so, i'm kinda happy. Well, simce it's the new year.. i gotta have resolutions right? Well, i thought of 3. My first resolution is to believe in myself and not give up on my dream. My second one is to be nicer to my parents and family. And lastly, my third resolution is to not delay on things i need to do! Yup, well i gotta go now.. as i gotta get on with my homework.. But i'll talk to you next year ok? See ya!


6/12/2002 - Friday
1:00 A.M.

Hey people :) i had quite a busy day.. well, i woke up at.. like 5 plus.. P.M. and at 3 my teacher called me, guess what, i got promoted! Yes.. let's all welcome another year of stress and crap in the next college year. Im' listening to Christina's and Redman's Dirrty.. i kinda like it.. i think the video is cool tho. i mean, people were going, "oh.. she's this.. she's that.." Personally, i think she's really adventurous. andshe's got a fantastic voice, so what if she wants to show a little skin? I think we all have to respect and appreciate each other's individuality. I think it's good that there are different kinds of people in the music industry.. and it's this characteristic, their individuality that distinctly defines them. Well, i'll be putting up new audio stuff tomorrow or later, so wait up for that :) At the moment, 'im gonna be putting up.. atleast 80 auctions.. which is gonna take me atleast 4 hours.. i have been jogging a bit this week.. i hope i'll have time to job later.. i usually start at like 5am.. and finish at like 6. Hold on a sec, let me put some music on my MP3 player. *puts some music on* I just enqueued 72 songs.. i think that would last me till 5 rigtht? *grins* Anyway, i went to extend my passport and post some articles out. I'm gonna put up more auctions now and after that, i'm gonna search the net for gigs in Melbourne/Sydney and New York and then work on the faxes. Looks like i won't be able to work on Shut Up though.. i wish i had more time devoted to it though. Well, i gotta go, but i hope you'll enjoy downloading the new intro, Go Figure. It's kinda sexy. Hope you like it!


5/12/2002 - Thursday
9:02 A.M.

Hey u :) I know.. its' damn early.. but 'ive been up the whole night.. but well, i'm in a totally different time-zone now,.. so, it's not like i've not had sleep at all or stuff. I've been reallt busy and i've been tryin to get me my sleep.. cuz i think i really lacked my sleep during school.. well, its' december already and there's still one month till sch opens but i'm not gonna think about that. So far, the new album has been going good.. i  recorded a new intro, called Go Figure.. Its' really cool.. i think it totally sumarises my thoughts, intentions and also motive of calling the album that. However, getting to do Shut Up has been difficult as well, i've been stalling on it.. I've been scannin tons of pictures to put up auctions to sell on ebay.. u knoe, all my prized cd's.. but well, i thought that if i'm serious about this music thing, i have to sacrifice right? So, i decided to sell em all away. So, i'll be probably putting em up for auction later, but 'im gonna read more about Paypal first. I've been doing loads of stuff, like em-ails.. and faxes. i think promotion is essential as there's no use in working so hard on the album and not putting it out to the right people right? So, this time i have the right people, managers, producers, A&R people and also radion stations. Il'l give y'all more specific infomation, once the New album is finished and then, all u guys in the specific states can get info from me of the radio stations that will be playing my tracks *grins* I have gotten replies from certain radion stations and other people, that i really shouldn't mention. All i can say now is that things are looking good. It was only yesterday that i was flippin out, cuz i thought economically i would'nt be able to pursue this notion.. but i guess  selling my stuff is a great idea.

I'm listening to Jay Z's and Beyonce's 03 Bonnie & Clyde.. I love this track.. it's groovy and totally dancey.. Oh wait! Ya'll really have to download this track, go to www.garageband.com , go to the Pop section, find this group, Sepia. They are from Denmark, i think. At the moment, their song, is #1 in the pop charts. You have to download their tracks.. Fall Into Me and Ease Me. Fall Into Me is my personal favourite, it's really sexy and kinda has this creative mood to it.. its' a Bjork meets Mono meets Portishead.. and it's really fantastic.. you can also check me out *hints*, you can search me as Steve Andre. I put up 2 of my tracks, Strain For The Shimmy and Not Into You. So far, i've beeen getting cool reviews for both songs and i'm really glad about that. *listens to Fall into Me* It's a cool track. Today, i've got loads of errands to do.. i gotta get my Aussie VISA, go extend my wretched passport, go to the library and borrow Hamlet, post my parcels out.. and put up auctions.. and watch Coupling at 11 *grins* Tomorrow, it's gonna be a really stressful day for me though, i've gotta visit my Aunt, cuz it's Hari Raya.. and i've got a wedding in the evening, in which 'im the bestman.. remember, i told you about that? Oh wait.. i gotta call the Australian Embassy now.. I'll do that in 5 minutes :) I just messaged my teacher.. Oh.. did i tell you my results? I got 60% for my history.. and 40% for my economics.. Well, 60% is good but 40 isn't that good.. though iv'e not known anything about Economics all year through.. So, my teacher told me last week that she would discuss it with the principal and il'l have to wait for the outcome of weather i have to repeat the wretched year of college or not.. Though, if i have to, i don't think i'd wanna stay in college.. U knoe, i did study like hell.. and sometimes i feel just so frustrated.. i mean, i do'nt even know why the hell i'm in college! Anyway, I'll probably get a reply from my teacher later though. I'm gonna sleep soon though.. i woke up yesterday at 8+ pm and i've bee awake since.. if i sleep now.. which is like 9:22.. i should get up at 3?.. i hope.. i don't wanna sleep that long though.. I'm leaving for Australia next Saturday.. and that's why i'm kinda trying my best to finish Shut Up by this week.. I think finishing it by this weekend should be no problem.. and i've gotta photoshoot on Sunday as well. this is the second one... as the first one i had last week was kinda incomplete.. Hold on a sec, let me put on some music :) I've been doing loads of research of Sydney.. and the hotels.. buses.. trains.. and blah blah.. so that i won't go there like a dumb fool. anyway gottta go, see ya :)


22/11/2002 - Friday
8:50 A.M.

Hey guys :) Well, it's kinda early in the morning huh? WEll, i slept at like 12 +.. i was watching this cool show.. it's cooled Nuremberg.. it was about the trials of the German Nazi generals after the fall of Nszi germany. it was kinda interesting. annoyingly, i have school next week, an extra week of lectures from 9-12,  from Monday to Saturday. Then, after that i've gotta wedding to go, i'm the best man! yup.. and then, i might try to push New York then, then, go to Melbourne, stay for a day, take an internal flight.. to Sydney, stay there for 4-5 days and then come back to Sydney for my Grandma's birthday on the 20th. Damn! And that reminds me that i've gotta get her a Birthday Present.. and i also got get my other family members in Melbourne and frens in Sydney Christmas presents. Well, so far this new album has been kinda costly, but i'm dealing. I've been selling all my stuff away.. on auctions and stuff.. and i've been forcing myself not to go out, cuz i do'nt wanna spend. But yesterday i gave in and went out with my fren to the mall and we had great indian food. Well, the photoshoots are next week, and i still need to excercise like crazy... hehe.. believe me, i'm not quite driven.. i get lazy halfway doin the weights. Anyway, i have'nt had time to work on the song.. as i had been promoting the site, and putting up auctions.. and calling producers, managers, A&R people and today, 'im gonna send faxes to all of them, about my album and stuff. And my music is gonna be sent to radio stations in the US.. i'll tell y'all the stations, for those of you who are in the states, and then, you could have a listen if you want. I guess, compared to The Demo, this new album is getting loads of promotion and attention, which i'm grateful for. I mean, i worked really hard and i've spend loads of $$, i'm glad that people appreciate my music. Anyway, i'm gonnago now, but i'll come in later, if i wanna say something ok? See you!


20/11/2002 - Wednesday
7:52 P.M.

Hey everyone! It's Steve again..well, i know it's been a month.. but i'm so sorry for not putting a message for ages.. well, becuz after the Music Awards.. than came the judgement Day.. results! and well, i did'nt do well for 2 papers, Economics and History.. For Econs.. it was no suprise.. as i hate the damn wretched subject. History was ok.. i mean, i didn't really study well for one of the components. WEll, so, i had to take 2 supplementary papers.. and thst wss last FRiday and Saturday. Actually, school closed like a week plus ago, but i had to still study like helll :) I know, it sucked. But i did well for the supplementary papers. The History was great.. but the econs was'nt ok.. i mean, i studied but as usual since my foundation sucked, i probably did fairly well. Well, in any case, i'm still in college or most probably still in college.. which is cool. another year of stress and crap, joy to the world :) Well, after the exams finished, last weekend, i have been sorting out my place.. all my school stuff, and now 'im totally comnited to my music! Yup! i think i'm really happy now.. i mean, the exams are over and the music thing is goin ok. Well, alot of things to tell ya'll about my music.. I did alot of changes to the website. I added a new contact page, with my cell phone number. Basically, i'm putting my number up for record people to call me.. if you're a fan, i guess it's ok.. but please do'nt call really late in the day.. note, i said day! *laughs* cuz, i'm kinda nocturnal.. so, i'm up from 5 in the afternoon to 9 in the monrning.. it's kinda like a whole time zone for me :) Well, i guess i prefer being up when nobody else is, so i get to do whatever i want. that's something about me that i like.. i mean, i could stay alobe for a long while and i won't get bored, cuz iv'e got loads of things to do.. though i'm a people person, i like spending time with myself :)

My dad just came back from Osaka, Japan, and bought loads of Haagen Dazs... *mmm*.. i just finished a cookies & cream! Anyway, my flight to melboune is confirmed and my Sydney is gonna be confirmed too. However, i postponed my New York, cuz i wanted to work on new tracks. At the moment, i'm  working on a new track for the brand new album, it's called Shut Up. It's funky, and it's totally cool, i bet y'all will love it.. it should be done by this weekend or early next week. I also did major changes to the Album page which is now Albums. It comes with info about The Demo. And i've also got 2 photoshoots in the way.. one Indoor and 1 outdoor. The indoor one is gonna be really coool.. realy cool ideas. Believe me, you're gonna see the new Steve.. a whole new image, a new single and album. Lately, i've been doing loads of promotion. i've been promoting the site, sending tons of e-mails and also talking to record execuives. Things seem to be going really well, so i hope y'all are happy. I have also had my music on this really cool page, http://www.garageband.com and this allows my songs to go up the charts.. i just entered them yesterday.. i only put up, Not Into You and Strain For The Shimmy. People get to comment on my songs and also view my bio and lyrics and stuff. It's just like a music review page of artists.it's really cool. Anyway, i have like 19 options for the album title.. all te 19 titles are titles that i like.. but i thought i would ask people's opinions first and see what the public likes. Anyway, i gotta go, so, i'll see ya'll later :)

18/10/2002 - Friday
11:10 A.M.

Hey there. well, i just woke up a while ago, thought i'd say hi. It's just so sad to read about the latest bombings and stuff. Well, the Bali Blasts were so devastating.. Bali's a beautifil place.. i mean, it's a parasise but i think now, it's gonna lose alot of it's credibility. It's just so sad.. i mean, you go for a holday to enjoy yourself, to have fun.. and you die. It's so tragic. And Bali is a supposed to be a calm area.. Well, i couldn't believe it.. And now the Bombings in Phillipines.. that's so scary too. All these places are so close to home. WEll, even a month back or so, terrorists were arrested in Singapore, and they were plotting attacks in the Airport, MRT stations and other significant parts.. even the water supply. This would ruin everything singapore has worked for.. I take the MRT everyday to school, i think atleast half the population take the MRT everyday. It would kill innocent lives. Families will be destroyed.. tons of jobs will be lost.. my dad works in the Airport.. the economy will suffer again. And then there will be this sadness in the people.. the happiness and safety that has been evident for the past 37 years or so since Independence would be gone. I do'nt know.. somethimes i think about stuff like that, and it just kinda makes me sad. You knoe, you think a human being would relish in thousands of people and innocents? It's barbaric.. and sick. To have the conscience to do something so inhuane is unspeakable. I mean, these terrorists are sick.. *sigh* And then the whole North Korea thing is true, so the US was right all along. I read about that in the papers today.

Anyway, i rented many movies yesterday! Yup.. i got Cats and Dogs, A Walk To Remember, The Queen Of The Damned.. and thought it would help me kill some time.. chilling at home and watching those stuff. Yesterday, i was practicing that song that i wanna record.. i'll probably do the same today... and i'm getting help from someone in the US, cuz it's kinda like an American thing.. hehe.. yup, that's all i'm telling for now.. But i bet y'all will like it! Anyway, i gotta go now, so, i'll pop in back later ok?


16/10/2002 - Wednesday
3:13 P.M.

Hey there! Well, i came home today early.. there was nothing much in school anyway.. crap day.. well, i'm glad i'm hope as i can use the computer.. yup.. i'm still groovin to Tarkan's Album.. I like Ay.. the second track of the album.. it sounds kinda wild west kinda.. Anyway, the weather here is annoyingly hot..but i just had a great cold shower.. I dont' have plans for today, i gotta sort some work stuff, which would take the most 30 minutes.. and then, i intend to put new pictures on the site, i had them scanned yesterday, but i dodn't add them to the pictures page yet.. I have to do my weights today.. and i'll go out in the evening, gotta get some boxers and cd covers.. and stufff.. So, basically, it's a relaxing day for me, i'm glad cuz as today's my official break since my exam's were over last thursday. Guess what? The scripts are gonna be given back on Monday.. yup.. but since i'm not feeling too well today, i won't be going to school tomorrow and Friday.. I'll be seeing a doctor tomorrow though. Anyway, i hope you like the pictures, they are totally different looks of me and i guess i am spontaneous in many ways. By the way, i've been practising today.. and i'll be starting the recording or atleast the music editing by today or tomorrow for the lastest song that is going to be included in the new demo. Anyway, i gotta go, i juz wanted to say a quick note, oh yeah, by the way, i've been eating so many cookies! Yup, i ate so many Famous Amos cookies this week and last week and the week before that.. well, as i always said stevelovescookies!


15/10/2002 - Tuesday
10:20 P.M.

Hey guys! Wassup? i'm so sorry for not putting up stuff for ages, but dont' worry, i'll be now, regularly putting up messages, pictures and other stuff, cuz my exams are over! yup! LIBERATION! Well, when my exams were on, i was studying like morning to night and come home at 10, and sleep.. so, i didn't really have time for myself. WEll, i've got so many things to tell you, i just don't know where to start. Let's go with stuff associated with music first ok? Well, lately i've been hooked to Missy's "Work It".. i think it's totally fantastic song, with great lyrics, cheeky and catchy, my kinda stuff man! And, i also am totally digging stuff from Beenie Man Featuring Janet with Feel It Boy.. the video's totally cool.. especially Janet, the way she looks so adorable.. ahhh.. Anyway, I bought my fave album at the moment, Tarkan's Karma. It's fantastic. This turkish singer is really talented, he writes all his songs and he also gets involved in the music and he mixed middle eastern, indian and pop beats together and it's totally modern and very east meets west, i guess these sorta tunes really kinds drive me up. And, i like the Wallflower's We Could Be Heroes.. well, though it's an old track from the Godzilla movie, it kinda got me a few weeks ago. By the way, Madonna's new Video, Die Another Day, smash... man... Well, she's so active, punching, kicking and a whole lotta stunts.. it totally fits the mood of the Movie.. which i really wanna watch cuz my fave Halle Berry is acting in it! Yup! Anyway, give me a sec, i'm gonna pop in Karma and groove to it, well, i'm listening to Brandy's Full Moon now though, another smashing album. Well, JLo's new single, Jenny From The Block, actually is kinda nice to me, i think it's cool.. though i heard some criticisms about the lyrics and stuff, but i like it.. And Trina's No Panties is still cool. Oh.. I like Ja Rule's and Charlie Balimore's Down Ass Chick.. i think that's what it's called.. it's funky.. And i really like Blue's Fly By.. i think it was a single released in the Uk a few months ago, but i really like it now. Last but not least, i really like J. Timberlake's Like i Love you..totally hip hop.. but i've not checked out the video yet..

Well, i'm home alone now..and my parents and brother have gone out to check something. Well, my exams finished last Thursday, and on Friday i had the Music Awards Rehearsal which lasted from 12-6... then, on Saturday, i had the rehearsal from 8am-3:30 P.M... so it was really tiring.. Sunday was my only day off and then, Monday was the Music Awards. I guess i was nervous.. and the awards started at 11:45, but i came out at like 12:30, or 12:45.. but i gave it my best shot.. i remember as i was going to walk on stage and the host said, "And here's our next performer.. " my hand phone started vibrating! It was leslie! I had to say, "Hey, i'm due on stage now.. Can't talk!" and i went out. But the crowd was great. I was touched that they cheered me all the way. I really have to thank my class who stood up and clapped and shouted.. it was flattering. Well, i sang Nobody Knows from Tony Rich, Gone from N'SYNC, Chaiyya Chiayya ( a hindi song from this real famous hindi movie, Dil Se), and Hup, the turkish song from Tarkan's new album, Karma. It was all a medley, to about 8 minutes and 44 seconds with futuristic sounds and missy's get your freak on in the front, so it had a blend of fast and slow. Well, when i started singing, they started cheering and then when it got the fast break part where i go, "Ah.." and "Yeah".. they went really loud. I guess i was really comfortable on stage, and i wasn't that nervous, i kinda enjoyed it.. i even interacted with the audience.. They were quite a few people taking pictures and i posed and smiled and then, i danced a bit to, cuz i didn't wanna look stupid standing there like a dork when the music went fast.. and they loved it! I was really happy and i guess i can't describe the feeling to be on stage and have people liking what u do.. i guess it's kinda exhilarating.. i mean, it kinda encourages me to do more stuff and get more engaged in my music, and well, i'm grateful for all the support and all my friends for giving me advice and stuff. Those stuff really matter too.. Ok, i guess ya'll wanna know who won right? Well, i won the first prize, for Best Male!! Yup, when they announced the second winner, it was kinda evident that i was the winner and i just stood there speechless.. and i mean, i wored hard but i thought the others were good as well, so it was all kinda serial to me. I took my trophy anf bowed.. i guess i've never felt that happy in years... that was yesterday, Monday. Well, after that, i had tons of messages and calls to answers.. it was really flattering.. and everybody was coming up to me and congradulating me and stuff... i was really grateful. And even today, everyone was still congradulating and teachers were also giving me good words... which was nice. The last singing contest i took part and won in was in Primary school.. in 5th grade.. i think.. and i won the first prize for that.. so, its' been a while for me from doing contests and stuff. But i think it was a good experience cuz i got close with the other performers, people i barely knew when we first began.. but we became quite close after spending hours rehearsing and i also got to deal with long hours on stage with sound checks, with mic tests and stage positioning and also experience being in front of a large crowd.. i guess all these are essential stuff to learn.. and since college can be a drag at times, it's stuff like that, that make it a little more interesting, though stressful. I was supposed to be one of the main hosts of my school college Open House, but i rejected the offer.. as i would have to go through long rehearsals and also the tiring part of hosting it from 8:30 - 3:30 this Saturday.. which i wouldn't mind as the script was written for me and i was prepared to host it, but after the exams and the awards, i've not had a breather yet.. i've been organizing my files and worksheets and other stuff.. plus, excercising, with swimming, weights and jogging.. i decided that i wanna build up muscles..yup! So, ya'll better encourage me on that ok? By the way, the Tarkan album i'm listening to now, it's totally great.. Though Hup is my Fave song, Kuzu Kuzu is also really wicked! Plus, for the Open House, i would have to rush and get a haircut , which i wasn't intending of having cuz the hols are gonna start and i was gonna rough it with my hair.. so, i rejected it.. i miss the idea of not hosting it, but i need a rest and tomorrow i'm gonna see a doc cuz i'm not gonna go to sch on Thursday and Friday so i'll have a long 4 day thing! Yup! You knoe, 'ive not watched a movie since Bend It Like Beckham, which was atleast 2-3 montha ago... i don't knoe any of the movies that are showing in Singapore now.. been like a freaking hermit!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday is Marking day where the teachers mark the wretched exam scripts and then give it to us by next week.. But we still have to go to school.. ao, Monday was Cultural Day, with the Music Awards and then today was Games Day, but i spend the day in the Library watching Pleasantville, which was great.. a really touching movie.. hey! No, i did'nt cry, though it was kinda touching.. i had my tamiil oral exam as well as a mock paper, which i totally scrwed up, but i don't think i actually cared, cuz it's not counted. One of my frens Su, wanted to leave after 20 minuteS! I do'nt think she even did half the paper!! it was funny.. Tomorrow, we have this project crap thing to do and i've got a couple of errands to do.. like get a comb *laughs*  i know.. i do'nt have a proper comb! hehe... and i gotta get some clothes but m' kinda low on dough.. i bought Tarkan's album at Borders at $26 and i also bought this book Sex For Dummies... *winks* well, the book looked kinda informative, so i decided to get it! *laughs* Na, i just wanted to put some cool stuff in my room... wait, though that does'nt mean that i do'nt have moves of my own that i gotta look at book *smiles*. Plus, today i spent alot on Japanese stuff.. i hung out with my frens Jason and SAsi.. and we chilled in Town.. it was great.. v'e not had fun for ages.. we were talking about girls, girls and nothing else but girls! *laughs* ha... it was fun.. anyway, you knoe what, a class in the science faculty and i think some other people in my school voted me as "Sexiest Male Alive".. haha! I was like.."whaT?".. I was really flattered though.. i mean, alive? Well, i think the performance must have made an impact or something.. everything seems to have changed.. better now.. so it's cool! Well, i went to the library today.. got a book on Egypt's Kings and stuff, cuz i might be going there in Nov or Dec and so,i wanna make sure i know all the stuff about Egypt's history. But i'm definately going to go to Australia..Sydney and Melbourne and then, i would go to Amsterdam and New York.. Amsterdam cuz the flight stops there for 2 days but New York is really important to me cuz i gotta check up with the Producers and stuff.. But if i can go to Egypt, i will definately go.. its' been a passion since ever.. and i have to go.

Anyway, i think i've filled you up with most of what that has been going about with me.. And i hope i've not bored ya.. it's just that i've missed talking to all of you and  wanna tell you everything.. I ca'nt type that much though, cuz it's 11:14 now and i intend to sleep by 12 and after this i gotta put up some photos on the Pictures page and that would be all. The pictures were taken in June.. that was when i had short hair.. you can see the spiky hair with gel as well as the floppy hair.. but now i look different.. my hair's long again.. and it's not really center parted.. By the way, about te web site, i've got lots of new things coming out.. 4 new tracks will be recorded as i'm producing another Demo, this will be the US, only released to the US, with 4 New tracks. 2 of them are Shut Up and I Can Commit.. the other 2 are brand new tracks, and i'm not gonna reveal any info about it.. i want it to be top secret.. and for the latest single, from the new untitled album, iam working with 3 people. so, i'm collaborating with 3 people.. it's gonna be totally fantastic and i will keep ya'll informed about the single. I already have a title in mind but i'm not 100% sure if i'm gonna use it..but all i can say is that it's different from anything from Strain For The Shimmy. Well, i gotta go now, i'll be free tomorrow, so i'll try and put something up ok? Anyway, thanks for still visiting the site and i'm ever grateful for the support and advice you all give. Thank You.

Steve prasad.

20/8/2002 - Tuesday
1:20 P.M.

Hey everybody! Guess i've been kinda quiet these few days right? Well, it's just the crazy workload that's killing me and driving me nuts! Yup.. everythin's a schedule now.. Well, school's ridin up my ass and i did not sleep the whole night on Sunday cuz i had a test on Monday.. i guess you could blame it on time management. Last Friday was good.. i spend the evening with myself :) yup, myself and i had great fun. i decided to, for a change, cook dinner for myself.. took me a few hours..(Due to the spilling of the salad and the hollering of my mum..) and then i watched the recorded Ally McBeal and went to sleep.. Saturday was kinda cool too.. woke up in the afternoon and did school work.. and Sunday was the same too. I had a History Test on the Korean War on Monday and i studied the whole night. Actually, i was intending to sleep at like 11 and i did.. but Nesh called me at 1 AM! And that asshole woke me up! I was too awake and then i studied till the morning...I'm in school at the moment and now i'm having a long break.. 1 hour 30 minutes.. Cuz i officially dropped Economics today (Yeah!) And that means MORE time for other subjects.. I guess, this term i  am more focused.. i'm going to the library more often.. doing more work and well, last week, i had an average of only 4 hours sleep per day.. and in the wewekend i had 4 pimples! i've not had pimples for such a long time.. but i guess the lack of sleep and the stress, lack of water and fruits is giving me the pimples. So, now, i've started drinking loads of water, i'm eating plums like crazy and i decided that i must get an average of 6-7 hours of sleep every weekday. i decided not to torture myself and i don't wanna fall asleep in school. so, its' gonna be lots of sleep for me now! Well, i gotta go now, gonna use this break to get some math done.. So, i'll pop in later. Bye


10/8/2002 - Saturday
3:04 A.M.

hey you all.. How ya doin? Well, it's 3 am here and i'm just doin some adjustments to the site cuz someone really important is gonna see it.. *hint hint* and well, i just wanna make sure that the site's all  up and workin, and to make new adjustments and stuff. Well, i added in loads of new stuff to keep you all satisfied for the next few months!! Well, i added New pictures in the Pictures section, LOTS of new tracks, from the new album.. consider this avery exclusive preview for all of you. Well, i added cool tracks like "Once".. a slow ballad.. and one of my favourites, the Intro and also other cool stuff. I've been writing this new song.. it's called Israel.. and it's really coool... once it's done, 'ill put the lyrics up ok? My fave song at the moment is this Turkish song.. and it's called Hüp and i totally love it! It's by this really wicked turkish artist called Tarkan! Well, Remember that singing competetion i told u about? Well, i'm a finalist! Yup, among 4 othet guys!, and the finals is in October 14.. Today, i didn't do Anything at all.. And i have loads of work to do! I spend the whole day with Leslie.. we were chilling at my place and then, i went and watched a movie with Nesh.. I watched Goldmember.. and it was great! and Tomorrow, i'm havin a gathering at my place where all the guys are coming to hang over for pizza, and for food.. and just chat.. from the morning, till the afternnoon, i guess. Then, 'ill have to study.. and then, i have 2 dates in the evenning! Yup, that i don't know how i'm gonna juggle and then, probably, Nesh will sleepover at my place.. So, i guess, i'll  have to mug like crazy on SundaY! Damn.. But it's been a great holiday.. Thursday was National DAy Eve andwe had no school.. but a celebration.. and today was a holiday and its' like 4 days in a row.. so, i guess i really enjoyed i! Today's pizza was really great.. we had BBQ Chicken and Mexican.. though the Mexican was really spicy.. Well, i have to read this Cold WAr book and i gotta do a Math Tutorial.. Im' really getting back on my schoolwork and my promtional exams are in a month and a half time.. and i'm totally slacking! *sigh* I guess i'm distracted.. I really wanna pursue this music thing.. and im' trying my best to be commited to my website and College.. though college is really biting my arse...

Well, i wanna say hi to some people.. i guess i shoulddo this often.. u know, say hi to the people around me and stuff. II wanna say hi to Jarred, who i'm not sure is reading this or not.. Well, thanks for being a great fren and all this conversations we've had have been totally crazy.. wiith crazy "leukus" *grins* and justin and your crap! I was laughing thinking about all the crap you guys have been saying! I wanna say hi to Loke Wei.. I hope your quarrel with Kelvin's fine.. though i think you should'nt be sad about it.. i mean, he doesn't sound like a good fren anyway! I mean, if he can't apprecaite what a good and bonafide fren you are, then i think you should happy that hes' not your best fren. But maybe try talking to him or something.. Anyway, I wanna say a holla out to Nesh.. Hope things are ok with you in the castle and i hope the evil queen isn't biting your arse.. And Leslie! I have to say that you're the best fren that i trule appreciate. Thanks afor all the CRAZY fun that we always have as i can never get bored with talking or chillingwith you. Nagas, hehe.. It's been fun with you, and the grapes!!! hehe... you know, next time, get me strawberries.. and maybe cherries? To Chun Cheong... well, i'm glad you're back from the UK, we had such great times when we were in SJI.. i can't never forget the.. "It's time to play dress Up and Not dress down StevE!" thing.. *grins* I wanna say a hi to Kelvin (Though i definately know you're not reading this now...) Thanks for the great conversations and advice and i truly enjoyed the cookies and ice cream.. And I wanna say hi to my frens In SA though i don't really think they are reading this, which is good anyway.. Siti.. - Wow.. you looked SO damn HOT in that sari that day.. DAMN.. Bobby's one lucky lad to have you :P And to Fishy.. sorry to hear that you didn't get into the finals.. but to me, you sounded great *hugs*

And to my special someone.. you knoe who you are... *winks* Well, thanks for helping me with alotta stuff.. i love you babe. hope you'll get over with your stuff and we can hang out soon ok? Just don't think of me too  much ok? hehe.. I guess you guys are cluless who i'm talking about.. and that's good.. cuz i want my personal life to be personal.. Anyway, i'm listening to Blue's Fly By.. anf i kinda like it.. You knoe, the fridge spoilt yesterday.. i think..and now we have all the food laid out in the kitchen and balcony.. thank god we have another fridge in the balcony. so we stuffed the stuff in it.. heheh.. total mess. Well, i think i gotta go.. i wanna sleep early, cuz i gotta long day tomorrow.. Well, i'll try my best to leave messages often ok? Thanks for all the support and all so far, love ya all.


29/7/2002 - Monday
10:17 A.M.

Hey there guys! Sorry i've not said stuff for a while. My site server was down cuz it expired and i had to have B help me do the afministrative stuff to get it up again. Well, i had the new photos done.. so please check em up! Well, here you can see the new hairstyle and stuff. Guess what.. today my school ends at 12:50! Yup.. it usually ends at 4:50 but my school won the championships for Bowling and to celebrate that, the principal gave us a half day! God bless her kind soul. I just know that this week would be great.. cuz a great start of the week would definately mean a great week ahead. I just feel so driven and energetic.. and in a really good spirits. Well, it's my lunch break now but seriously, today was a waste... cuz My form teacher and Miss K are both absent. So, that's only 1 period if lesson today! The rest are free periods. But of course she gave us wotk to do in her 1:30 hr slot.. analysing 2 poems.. and it's pairwork, so i guess that's ok. Well, i'm basically gonna try and do some work today cuz i didn't establish ANYTHING in the weekend.. (though that's not actually surprising..) and i have an econmics test tomorrow! And i'm missed the last 4 lectures.. ok.. skipped :P Well, i gotta blow outta here cuz i need to borrow some books.. (yes, surprisingly, i read!).. and do some research on Cold War and i do'nt knoe, enjoy the great day! Its' raining and the weather's great.. cool and extremely perfect for an afternoon nap! i wanna thank god for this great day! Thanks dude! Anyway, gotta go, Il'l try and say something later or tomoorow. You'll always be in my thoughts! Steve.

13/7/2002 - Saturday
12:38 P.M.

Morning :)
i just woke up.. weell, this 2 days has been really tiring for me... i didn't sleep for more than 24 hours.. and  on thursday, i was up the whole day coping down Maths notes cuz i was absent for 4 days last week.. so, i was basically catching up on all the stuff i missed up. I had a great sleep yesterday. I feel more energized and well, i'm gonna start doing my homework soon.. atleast do like 5 hours of stuff.. then,i'm gonna be going out tonight to watch Bend It Like Beckham and probably have dinner and come back late. So, i've gotta like take advantage of this early afternoon to atleast establish. Anway, i wanna thank Bal for helping me uploading this site, as he uploaded this whole site for me and is helping me with all the Updating! As i cant' update anything from my site and i have to send him what i wanna update and he updates it for me. I met him yesterday for a while in Borders :) Anyway, Guess what happened to me yesterday, i broke my phone! Yeah, i dropped my cell phone and broke it! I was so disorientated in school and i couldn't really concentrate on anything.. so i straightaway went to the Nokia Care Center in Borders and got it fixed.. and i got my phone back at like 7:10. It was as good as new, i was glad. Im' listening to the HIndi song that i'm gonna sing at the sining thing, now.. i love it.. i just gotta prcatice more, and i should be fine. Anyway, i gotta go now, gonna get my haircut... So, see Ya!

10/7/2002 - Wednesday
10:23 A.M.

Mornin'! Well, it's 10 and i feel kinda ok.. apart from the coughing, i feel great :) The weather's great and it's cool and not humid.. I'm not sleepy at all and i have a long break now to do work, but i just thought i'd put a message cuz i miss putting stuff on my site :) By the way, i hope you like the new stuff i added on the site.. i guess the obvious change would be the colour but the basic concept is still the same.. this would just be a temporary thing and then, i'll get the URL changed to a new adddress and then i hope i'll be able to do a whole new design.. probably with flash and a whole lotta interactive stuff.

Anyway, i just had Chicken rice without the rice.. well, i just felt like eating chicken and i ask for the chicken without the rice and the stupid bitch still charged me $2! What a rip off! Well, my next lesson is at 11:30.. so, i've got a one hour  more till then.. i'll just chat for another 5 minutes and then i'll leave cuz i gotta read some literature.. and well, i did plan my day today and so far things are going ok.. and once i go home, all i'll have to do is a Tamil Compo and then practice my singing.. yup.. gotta practice cuz i wanna join this singing competeition in school.. remember? I think i've mentioned it before.. Anyway, i'm gettin my mum to help me with the Hindi song.. my hindi's not that good.. *grins*

By the way, the new shots from the lastest photoshoot would be up soon.. i've gotta go get the photos.. My hair has grown longer now :P Yup.. i kinda just flop it down when i go out.. yeah, that's my new hairstyle at the moment.. i guess i would grow it long again like before.. i remember when i had it right down to my lower cheek.. Well, i gotta get the sides trimmed though. I have not worked on any new music stuff lately.. cuz school's started but i guess i would try to write stuff when i can. I still haven't finished the track "Shut Up", which i like alot. Well, i got my results back and well... guess what.. i failed my Economics and Maths.. (I wasn't surprised.. i never studies for Econs.) but the math was a blackout.. i did study and i could have done far more better .. but as usual, i got a blackout and F'd it. Screw that. I'm just gonna work harder this term. I've not slept for one lecture yet! (And in my context, that's considered a feat!)

Last term, i had lots of things on my mind.. not like i don't have anything on my mind this term.. but i think this term, things are more sorted out. Like in school wise, i think i'm ok.. just gotta read my stuff more.. and my personal life.. now, i feel like i have got it under control.. not like as if there's a personal life but i think now, i don't really think and ponder about having a relationship.. i guess last term i was yearning for something.. but now, i'm not. I mean, a relationship would be great.. but i don't need it, i do'nt really want it. Plus, i think i'm more focused.. like music-wise, i'm talking to people in record companies.. as in Executives and things look ok. probably, most of the decisions would be on me to make. So, i think as a whole, i feel more focused in my areas.. i guess i need to project most of it in my studies now.. and perhaps i'l just do that.

Well, i think i better go now.. cuz it's 10:41 now and i gotta do some literature now.. read some Shakespeare. So, i'll take to ya'll tomorrow ok?
See ya :)

9/7/2002 - Tuesday
7:06 A.M.

Mornin guys... well,it's 7 in the mornin... and i'm in school now... kinda waiting for the bell to ring.. which it will in like 15 minutes.. so,'ill talk to ya'll for another 10 minutes ok? Well, i slept at like 1 plus yesterday but i couldn't get much sleep in the night anyway.. as i've been sleeping at 8 am and waking up at 5 in the afternoon for the past 4 days.. gonna have to get adjusted to this time zone :) I feel ok today.. just tired and my legs kinda hurt.. i'm still wheezing and i've got the medication in my bag.. but i feel ok, not like last weeek, when i could barely walk. I don't know why i get sick so easily.. maybe i'm just a weak person.. but my dad always complaints that i do'nt take vitamins.. well,i usually forget.. maybe i should start? My diet is ok..kinda like the typical teen.. but i don't really eat that much of Fastfood.. i hate burgers but i do dig fries and nuggets..But my lastest craze: Japanese. Yup, i even had Sushi yesterday.. but during the holidays, i did eat alot.. went for buffets and stuff.. kinda put on 3kg.. but i guess i'll lose it with all the stress and schoolwork, once i get in the hang of the school starting again. *sighs* I just feel kinda bad that i didn't do well in my exams.. i kinda scrwed up like 2 subjects.. but i take sole responsibilty and i only blame myself..i pruposely didn't study for Economics cuz i wanna drop it.. but i did badly for my math though i studied for it. My new aim this term: Not to skip any math Lecture or tutorial! Anyway, today seems to be an ok day..i kinda like the subjects today but my school finishes at like.. 4:10, so that means reaching home at 5:45... and that means starting homework at 7.. till 10.. when i'll watch Ally McBeal.. Well,i gotta go now.. this was a damn long paragraph.. i have breaks in the middle.. a brunch and lunch break and if i'm free, i'll come and say more stuff ok? No promises though :)
Anyway, hope ya'll have a good day.
Bye, Steve.

8/7/2002 - Monday
9:50 P.M.

Hey there... just thought i'd put a quick message.. Well, sorry for not putting up any new messages for a while.. been kinda busy.. Well, today was a good day for me.. gonna be going back to school tomorrow after a one week off.. well, i had 4 days MC plus with the 2 days weekend and monday being youth day... yup, 7 whole days of resting.. i haven't done any work.. read some literature, but that was it... just gotta focus and get my act together i guess.. well, after my exams finished, i became very sick and i had to go see a doctor, and i did so, on Tuesday and got an MC for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.. though Friday was college day, and there was no school.. I asked my frens and they said i did'nt miss much, so, i guess that was ok. I was very sick.. am still sick still. with a blocked nose... but no sore throat.. i had a sore throat.. lots of green phleagm and well, just the medication kinda knocked me off every 8 hours... i would wake up, take the pills.. and sleep.. kinda went for like 3 days.. By friday, i was ok.. but my voice was still kinda lost.. ( Believe me, even i couldn't hear myself sing!) And then, Friday i had a couple of Frens over and celebrated Loke Wei's Birthday! Yup... he's one of my best frens and his Birthday was on the 2nd of July,. but we had a be-lated celebration.. and it was fun... and we had a Cookies & Cream Ice cream cake which was fantastic and i had 2 slices.. hmmm.... and we then went to catch the movie, The Eye. It was a really good movie... y'all should definately catch it.. its' horror and really kinda spookes you. also, it's based on a true story which kinda freaks you out when you think about it later. Then, on Saturday.. had a really bad date.. which i don't wanna elaborate about.. but it just kinda sucked... there was just no friction.. and boy was i glad when it was over and i treated myself to a Snickers Ice cream.. which i personally like :) and Sunday was slack day.. (but wait... isn't everyday slackday?? ) And i watched 3 movies in a row on Sunday night... till today morning.. I watched Jeepers Creepers, Head Over Heels and Sorority Boys... Sorority Boys is a really hilarious movie... really enjoyed it.. Ya'll should catch it too.. but it's RA so i downloaded it oon Kazaa. So, i woke up at 5 today.. though in between i was interupted by my cell phone ringing and a few SMSs'... Well, all in all.. it's been kinda cool.. you knoe what, i just realized that i've been blabbering and i always put too many ...... Now, i'm gonna try and write proper sentences with proper punctuation! Ok. So far today, i've been working on the music and i can proudly say that i've finalized the music for the performance audition on Friday, though i've not worked out the lyrics for the Hindi Song yet. I'm gonna have to ask my mum to help me with that cuz my Hindi's not that good. Wow, did you see that? My sentences were great!.... Screw that.. I'm just gonna write the way i wanna :) Anyway, gotta go, Friends Started!

28/6/2002 - Friday
10:49 P.M.

Hey there all of you! Well, so tell me... you like the change or not?? Well, i decided that i needed to change the website and update it on a whole level and plus i felt like a whole new colour thing would be good! Well, i decided to keep the same concept of the site... but update alot of the content. I did a new Bio, put new pictures, put up new tracks on Multemedia, and put alot of stuff on the singles page. I managed to do this all in one day! Yup.. cuz i don't really have much time... and i think i'll keep this for temporary use and while i have this, i'll be working on a new website with flash and stuff. Well,  I hope you like it and in the pictures section, there's new pictures taken for the demo and stuff :) Well, sorry i didn't say anything earlier as in type in a message... cuz i've been really busy with my exams.. but they finished yesterday and today i had no school! So, i woke up late as i slept late and had Leslie over and we just hung out and talked and stuff... Hold on a sec.. i need to change the music. .... Anyway, i just had my dinner... really good garlic naan and i'm feelin kinda full now :) Do'nt know but my throat's feellin kinda sore... i also have to send e-mails to those ebayers who haven't sent me the payments yet and well, i'll do that once i've left message. You know, i practically spent half a day to do this whole site-makeover and i hope you like it :) I don't know but i can't seem to download any new songs now... kinda irritating.. audiogalaxy's all copyrighted.. i guess i'll have to get my tracks from the IRC or something. I dont't think 'im gonna do well for my exams... firstly, i'll faill my economics and my Math.. you know, i studied my  Math like crazy but still i had this blackout..  could'nt do anything.. i guess i need more practice, that's all :)... Wow... i've actually not put a message for such a long time.. I got rid of 2 big sofas in my room and i have this new futuristic sofa in my room.. i just feel like re-doing my room.. as i never was able to put things that i like... all this while, my parents kept putting things in.. but, i want the room  to feel like mine and it's important to me that the room represents what i like.. so, tomorrow im' gonna go to Ikea and other places to look for furniture... i know nothing about furniture so i guess i'll have to really look around.. basically, i'm looking at a conforter, lots of pillows... bean bags... stuff like that.. stuff that will make my room user-friendly.. and i bet i'll spend alot of money as well... Guess what... my phone bill came 3 days back.. it's $50! yup.. kinda expensive... considering the fact that i'm paying my phone bills all by myself... and well, i'll just have to save $$... So, i'm plannin on going shopping tomorrow and maybe i'll just drag a fren along...

Last week, i had alot of fun, though it was after i did the wretched 5-7 hours of studying everyday... I went to watch Scooby-Doo.. which i thought was a great movie... really funny and i really wanna watch Bend It Like Beckham badly, it looks like a totally wicked movie. Well, school starts on Monday... normally... damn.. i'm so tired of all these long days and unbearable work... and i don't have time to do my music or even write songs... i feel very tired of all this stress... Last week, i talked to this A&R executive who was interested in my voice and well, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed... i just wish god will grant me my wish and alloe me to do music every single day... i think the best thing  in life is to do something you love and get paid for it as welll. that's when it's sincere.. I ca'nt say what company it is or any more info, but he has my Demo and well, 'ill have to call him and ask him again... Seriously, i wish i could just stop school and do music... but that would be pointless without a record deal.. Well, my dad just dropped off the old car and next week, we'll get a new one... i really liked the old one a lot.. i mean, it was with us for like 9 years... don't know how i'm gonna treat the new car next week :) Anyway, i should go now, cuz i've got loads of things to do.. See you all, and i hope you like the new design.


4/6/2002 - Tuesday
12:11 P.M.

brand new single

hey guys! This is my brand new single, Not Into You. The third single from the much-anticipated Strain For The Shimmy album. This single is only being released in Australia and other parts of Oceania. Today's the official release... I think i must have got you all surprised right? cuz i never mentioned that i was gonna release a single any time soon, better yet in a selected region, but well, i always have something up my sleeve. *grins* I hope you like this song as it's really meaningful and it's equally personal to me :)
Basically, Not Into You, kinda talks about my perspective on life, and how i am not really interested in people who are interesred in me.. Well, as the title clearly states. I guess, the whole mood is about how i'd rather go for someone else than the "you" as i find that the "you" and i cannot click... it's basically about somethin' between 2 people. I had this whole latin-feel to it as i wanted it to sound kinda easy-listening... and as you can see, the lyrics are very simple... though, in some places, contradictory. To me, this is one of my favorite tracks, it's featured in the Demo and i hope you like it.

Love, Steve

3/6/2002 - Monday
9:04 P.M.

hey there guys! Well, it's been a cool day today... it rained and at least the humidity's gone for a while... I recieved quite a lot of payments, from my auctions, so i paid my Ebay and phone bill.. which was $29 US and $40 (singapore dollars..) and well, i feel conscious free.. cuz i hate owing people money... And i put up more auctions! Yup.. and they look like they are doing well! Im' listening to Tweet's Oops.. (Oh My) and i totally dig Missy's part.. kinda sexy.. Anyway, Addictive by Truth Hurts is still my favorite track.. !! I just came back from the post office and i'm gonna be doing some more math after putting this message up.. I've been doing my math since 1! Yeah... trying to catch up on my work that i've missed in the first 3 months... WEll, i went theough a whole lecture notes on one chapter and i'm still doing the tutorial for that... not had my lunch or dinner yet.. so i feel kinda dizzy... I had a party tonight.. a RJC party (RAffles Junior College..) and it was at Chinablack.. (A cool club in town..) but i said no cuz i had work to do... pathetic huh? well, i just went out on Saturday .. so u thought i'd give it a pass... I went to watch Panic Room with my frens and it was cool.. you should catch it too :) You knoe, my dad loves addictive tooo.. he was dancing to it and asked me to keep playing it.. he even made for me a Vodka/Orange Juice..for me to drink :) I said no after the first glass... i didn't wanna get tipsy at home! Anyway, gotta go now... i think i'll go down.. get some dinner and come up and do my work.. feel kinda weak.. Adiós y amor to all of ya'll!

Señor Steve

31/5/2002 - Friday
1:20 A.M.

Hey you guys! i know it's been  ages since i wrote... but well, this lazy ass on to typing again! Well, 2 days back my damn monitor went blank! yup.. just went *pop*.. and i guess somethin' blew inside it... Now, i'm using a temporary monitor thanks to my dad and to my dad's fren, who lent it to us, till our monitor gets fixed. Well, i've got so much to talk about with you all, i just don't know where to start! *listening to Aaliyah's We Need A Resolution* Well, i'm still trying to figure out a way to try to desin the new website.. i've got such new ideas but i just suck at HTML's so i guess i'll have to ask help from Bal. And i'm basically, looking at simplicity again, but it's more shimmy-ish as in more 2002... and i'm also gonna come up with a new url, steveprasad.com.. i think this i kinda decisive as Chronic was 2000.. and i need to change the address to suite to the time, and i don't want people to think that Steve is just my name... Prasad is my name and Steve is my nick, that people call me with, as some people can't pronounce Prasad properly... my granny said that it's supposed to be pronounced as "prashad" bbut everyone (in school.. etc..) says "prasad", "prasanth", "persad"... and god knows what... and due to that, in high school, i had Steve.. and people used to call me that.. though went i entered college, i didn't want people to call me Steve as i didn't want people to think that i wasn't proud of my name, which i am very proud of actually. So, i didn't mention that Steve was my other name :)

School's over! Yup! And it's the one month june holidays... surprisingly i'm not swamped with homework... but i've gotta study for my exams which are in July and i've not even started yet! WEll, kinda wasted 1 whole week slacking... but i've started doing some literature.. as i've gotta finish reading 2 books by Sunday.. my aim :) and they are both lit books which i'm gonna be tested on. Well, today was a good day.. though, as usual, my time's gone crazy and 'im sleeping at 2 and waking up at 2pm as well! You know what, 'im gonna put an alarm today and wake up at 8 in the morning to read! Yup.. gotta have rules now! Hrm... listening to Black Coffee now... one of my fave all time tracks.. That day i put up like 40 auctions on Ebay... i was really glad, alot of them ended really well... and i need the cash though :) I'm afraid that i wouldn't do well in my exams... i mean, i suck at Econs and Math.. well, i'm gonna start on Monday... 6 hours of studyin... i mean, i shouldn't be so lazy... and believe me... i've rarely held a book.. Well, tomorrow, gonna wake up early, read my literature and go out in the evening... Yup... probably gonna chill with my fren Fish and have dinner with her. She's really cool and i love chattin with her...

Guess what? Today i sent out the Demos! Yup!!! I packed them yesterday... believe me, my tongue felt really funny as i had to lick 38 envalopes! well, i hope that they would reach the companies, producers, managers and other record executives in good condition. Today, i carried a big paperbag and i went to the postoffice... the woman at the counter was very helpful.. and she helped me print the tags and stuff... (Ok.. why the hell am i tellin you all this? hehe) Well, i was there even after they closed! As i had to stick 3 stickers on every since package and i was making sure it all looked perfect and then the post-woman came an helped me.. and she she just took the stickers and stuck 'em so quickly.. like.. *pa!* and u know... i felt kinda paranoid then : P Well, it cost me $116. Not only am i low on cash.. i'm low on dicipline... do'nt know but i'm just worried about my exams.. that's all.. i guess i gotta have a timetable.. as i've got like 25 days and i'm sure i can really make full use of the time as well as enjoy.. if i have some dicipline.. and now that i've sent all the Demo's out, i feel like as if i can really concentrate... I went to get some ink as well, as the ink on my computer totally went flat.. and i got a Burger king voucher.. and when i went to claim my meal, the supervisor was fucking rude... felt like stuffing the burger up his ass.. believe me, he shouted at me.. and i was ..." Right... "... i did'nt wanna swear at him as there were people around me but believe me, i was really close to swearing at his fucking face... Anyway, i shouldn't be talkin about that asshole... My fave song at the moment is Truth Hurts' Addictive... and you have to go check it out... go to www.truthhurtsonline.com and check out her video.. or if you can't check it there, go to www.launch.com. J.LO's got 2 new singles.. "Alive" and "I'm gonna Be Allright" and well, for the track "Alive", i think she could have sounded better... i mean, there was no change in pitch.. it sounded kinda monotonous to me.. but it wasn't bad... "I'm Gonna Be Allright" is good.. it's hip-hop.. and it's the same "J.LO took the song and passed it to a rapper" thing again.. the video is very cool.. she looks great in it.. and i honesly love the song.. but wait, the chorus, isn't sung by her *grins*

This week, it's been cool... getting alot of rest... i went to school on Tuesday... and had a history lesson with my ever so beautiful history teacher.. and i went to have lunch with acouple of frens at Tiong Bahru Plaza and that's at Tiong Bahru ( Hehe... i think ya'll knew that right?) And, i had the most horrible porrige i've ever eaten in my life:  McDonald's. Yeah.. the breakfast porriage is kinda tasteless... maybe it's just me... or maybe i'm just not a poriage person.. Im' listenin to Another Day In Paradise now.. i love this track.. kinda classic as well as new.. i'm talkin about brandy's version. well, it's 1:39 now.. probably gonna sleep at like 2:30... gotta take off these lenses and have a quick shower.. Well, last saturday, i went clubbing! yup.. my first time.. it was great.. i went with my pals from school, Grace & Pei Lin and we met with other guys at the club at Boat Quay like, Nicole, Elisa, Glen, Rachael and a few otherguys from year 2... i can't really remember their names... waskinda hammered. Well, it was a saturday and i went to KIng Albert's park to fetch Grace.. she wanted some company and i realized why when i saw her cuz she was wearing something that revealed her back and some of her front... Then, we went to meet Pei Lin.. and it was realy fun.. she was dressed in a Tube and was covering herself... i mean, why wear something if you're gonna cover?? So, we took a taxi and got to Orchard.. (Cuz they wanted to parade what they were wearing all over town.. ) and i was their escort :P so, we walked and got a tube (train) to RAffles Place and walked to Boat Quay.. Then, we got to the CLub and then my frens who were in came out to welcome us... and they were unsure if i'd get in.. as for gals it was easier and for guys it was harder as they 'd  check ID... but i tried my luck.. so i went to the counter, bent, said in a deep voice, "here.." pointing out my money.. the cashier wass like.."OK"... but the bouncer was like.." No.. you've gotta show ID.." then, i said.." No.. i don't have ID.." and then the cashier asked, "You're not local right??" and i was like..." No.!" and there, i was in :) As J.LO said, ain't that funny :) And it was great, they were playin all Hip-Hop tracks.... Missy, Truth Hurts, J.LO, Busta, R. Kelly, Jay Z and MUCH more! It was great.. i was dancing like crazy... plus i had a little bit too much to drink... so i was kinda high... had bourbon-coke, vodka-7Up and Whisky.. and i couldn't feel my legs... !!!! So, we danced and danced.... Actually, i was supposed to go to this Club called Creme as it was a party there, but we decided to go to Zappa's as itwas hip-hop music and it was cheaper... i honesly had fun :) My fren Grace was so hammered that she couldn't walk... so i had to hold her... plus it wasn't much of a help that i was hammered myself!! Well, we had to cross the road, to go to the Clarke Quay, where the building in which Creme was, to pee... well, we were wasted and were foolin around and they decided to do to a lesbian club! then, they were like.." How's he gonna go in?" hehe.. "We'll just say he's a butch!" and we were joking around and we went into the club... just entered it.. and guess what, the police were there.. they were like.. "show me your ID!" and we just quietly walked away... and they  stopped us.. but they pulled me away.. my frens managed to escape and they had a bodycheck on me! I was afraid... really afraid... but i didn't have anything illegal or do anything illegal.. they took my ID and went to check for criminal records... (Well, i do'nt have ANY, mind u!) and then, they found 2 handphones on me! mine and my fren's Grace... Grace could'nt put her handphone in her pocket cuz she didn't have one! her dress was like so tiny.! so, they thought i stolwe it.. so i had to prove it was grace's.. So, i called her from my phone and of course, my number and name showed on her phone and then they believed me... hehe... i was scary but they didn't mind the fact that i was 17... they didn't think i was local either, so they checked my ID to make sure, i guess. Well, when i got back, my frens were like, "Thank God!" they thought that was the end of me! WEll, i'm glad too... We went in the club and danced all the way to like 3+ and i came home at 5! Well, mainly cuz i wanted to come home late so that my mum would be asleep... cuz if she caught me drunk, that would be it, i tell you! seriously, she'd skin me! Wow... appropriatle, Mad's Nobody's Perfect is playin on my MP3 player now...  talk about dramatic action :) See, my lit ain't that bad  *gawks*

THen, my bro caught me... and he was kinda mad... but i told my dad about what i did.. and he was'nt mad... he was teaching me about how i should keep a limit and drink properly and not get drunk... So, i guess i've leant quite alot :) I rejected a party offer last monday.. and although i agreed to go clubbing this saturdy, i'm gonna tell my frens that i can't go :) But i won't miss next week's party though *cheeky grin* Decided to compromise WITH myself! See, i guess i should be responsible.. and i'm gonna have a timetable from tomorrow and start studyin... seriously, this time... i tried today, but i had too many breaks and i was distracted easily today.. i guess, i'll try to be more focused tomorrow :)

Anyway, i feel really glad that my dad's realy cool.. i mean, he was teachin me stuff ans i'm glad iv'e got a dad like that.. i mean, i'm comfortable talking to him and stuff.. to me, he's more than a dad.. hes' more than a fren and well, i have to say that it was because of the way he's brought me up, that i'm what i am today and i'm ever grateful. Thanks dad :P

Well, my personal life... is hrm.. i don't wanna talk about it.. it's just confusing.. i need to sort things out in my mind... cuz i just need to think of what i need and stuff.. i mean, it's something that i have to keep outta my thoughts page.. though, this page is personal, i'd like my personal life to be more private... hope you'll understand :) Anyway, wanna thank everyone who has supported me with my DEMO, and i'm very proud of it.. just looking at all the copies, i felt an immense satisfaction... i mean, i just feel like i've already accomplished something.. and though i'm no superstar... i'm glad that i've come so far.. you knoe, able to cut and album.. and i worked on every part of it.. from production, writing, singing to technical stuff and design... i mean, it's just overwhealming and i have to thank all of you, who give me your advice and support me, with all the e-mails and stuff! I thank you. YOu knoe, audiogalaxy has every single song that's on my Demo. YUp! The Demo got leaked out in the Web, EVEN before it was released! Atleast, the good news is that, the people are downloading the songs everyday, so its' ok.. but i'd rather put the songs on my site and let them get it here... you know what i mean... Shit.. it's 2:30 now.. annd i've gotta GO...it's been great talking to ya'll again.. i'll give an update on my life soon ok?
Love you guys,
Steve Prasad.

13/5/2002 - Monday
10:36 A.M.

hey there ya'll!!!!!!!

I know it's been ages since i actually said anything.. i know i'm just a lazy asshole..! Well, college life's really kinda taxing... and guess what, my holidays starts next week!! Yeah! But i''ve gotta do studying as when my hols finish, i immediatly have my important exams.. Anyway, school's cool cuz i like the people here.. though the travelling is getting to me.. and that day i slept and went all the way to Lakeside! (Lakeside's at a really far end of Singapore) and i managed to sneak in to school.. hehe... sly.. but hey.. that's me :) I'm now in school, typing this down.. and it's my only break of the day and my day ends at 5 today! Yup.. and it's only 10:36 now... *groans* Well, i wanna say that the demo's completed and the distribution has begun.. watch out world! *laughs*

I've been trying to chill and have fun with my frens.. i really click with some of them here and that's great. That day, my fren Fish and i went shopping in a Japanese supermarket! But we barely bought anything, though we had fun pushing the trolley! Totally wicked, i tell you :) And plus, i've got a new look now! Yup.. it's cool.. Last tuesday when i came to school, my frens were schocked.. it was kinda nice, i think it makes me look fresh.. but once i have photos taken, i'll keep ya'll updated ok?

I wanna take this time to thank Rohai (Leslie) for being a cool fren to me.. Its' just that at this moment, i''ve needed lots of advice and support and i am ever grateful to him. I'm glad that best frens like him do exist.. I also have to thank Loke Wei.. for everything.. mainly for just putting up with my wild antics.. and all my shit.. and for always dutifully helping me with my computer and supporting me with the demo.. you are guys are great and i cherish all every minute :)

I had an ok weekend... i spent some time out and stuff.. was kinda cool..  getting on other things, i wanna thank Fish and Su for being cool about my Demo.. Fish heard it and loved it.. Im' glad.. Anyway, did i mention that i was takin part in a singing competetion?? Yeah.. it's in July and i took the application form like 2 weeks back.. i'm still kinda comtemplating on what song to do.. Well, if you have any ideas, please tell me or something..Oh.. shit.. i have Miss K's lesson now... well, i gotta go, but if i have a break later, i'll pop in a note, but i gotta go now ok? See ya!

3:55 P.M.

Hey.. its' me again... my tamil teacher didn't come to school.. so i'm just slacking... i've got a math lesson at 4:10-4:50 and now it's 3:55. I feel kinda bad.. my frens want me to go out with them, and i really really want to, but if i do.. i won't be able to do my homework and go to the library as planned. I have a history essay to pass up by friday... Guess what? Miss K shouted at my fren Marianne today, "Who the fuck do you think you are?"... and the reason, my fren printed another version of the poem she gave us for a graded assignment and Miss k found that she was being too big for her shoes.... i don't get it.. but i never ever see her smile??? Anyway, I brought so little money today... and iv'e spent it all! Annoyingly.. i had to borrow some cash from George to buy a drink! Last week i spent $70+ on my "new look" and now i'm like kinda broke... well, atleast my mum still owes me $250.. i'll have to bug her about that today! I kept sleeping in Econs tutorial today.. i seriously know nothing about that wretched subject... i just don't knoe what the hell i have to do.. Hold on a sec.. i hear some screamin... oh.. its' the soccor boys howling in the field..

i gotta get new glasses.. my old ones are lost! I watched Spiderman that day.. really cool though.. You know, someone said i looked like the spiderman guy? Absurd :) I liked the effects.. believe me.. they are fantastic.. but some parts are really cliche... Oh yeah, i learnt so many new words this week :P (Laughs) Yup... Connotation.. Denotation... idiosynstric... stuff like that.. I use these words for my English and Literature.. This thursday, i'm gonna watch Episode II The Attack Of The Clones with my pals.. i can't wait.. bet it's gonna be totally wicked.. I have to do quite alot of work today.. kinda dreading it.. I think i have about 30+ copies of the Demo ready.. still another 20+ needs to be completed... and due to the crap work that i'm getting.. i might have to push it to the weekend.. again.. Well, guys, i have like only 5 minutes more... then, i gotta go for my Math class.. though i'd prefer typing to ya'll.. i annoyingly have a conscience.. :) I think i better go.. cuz i gotta ask my history teacher some questions.. i'll talk to ya'll later ok??  DAmmit.. the bell's ringinggggggggggggggggg....

12:02 P.M.

Hey there... kinda sleepy... hey.. i put up 3 messages today.. Well, this weeks' a really taxin' week.. tsk... i'm supposed to be soing work.. but i didn't do much at all.. actually, i didn't do anything at all.. i guess i have to concentrate and put my mind to it.. I'm gonna probably do that literature essay during my breaks tomorrow.. not like i have alot. Well, i'm gonna have a totally new design for the website and i'm thinking of really cool ideas now... as though i love this, i want something with only one colour.. and stuff.. which reminds me that the payment for my site needs to be paid as it lasts only till the 22... i hope i get it paid by then.. i'll ask bal or dan to help me on that :) Hold on a sec, i wanna flip the beats on my mp3 player... *changes music to Brandy's Apart* Anyway, i'll be only staying on till the song finishes ok?? You know thinking about life here.. its' so melancholic.. and i feel so in a cage.. I mean, i love my family and stuff.. but i see myself doing the same thins everyday.. i don't knoe but i just would like some change i guess.. u know, before i used to have wild ideas of running away.. well, i did try when i was 8 years old.. did make it to the carpark :P I like school.. but i don't know if the things i wanna do will come true... i mean, even at 17.. i feel such a lack of.. not romance.. but like.. i guess everybody has the one person in their life, that they'll love and sacrifce anything for.. i don't have that yet.. i guess i'm still young.. i just turned 17 anyway.. but i've met people who have these special relationships with their partners.. and i just feel.. not jealous.. but like as if there's something' wrong with me.. Damn.. the song's finishing... OK.. I'll play another track and il'l leave once that other track finishes ok?  By the way, i just watched Friends and Alias... yeah.. found time to WAtch TV instead of doing work :) By the way, i feel kinda bloated these days.. don't know if i'm putting on weght.. i'm not keeping track at all. I remember in Love Is Somethin' I Need, I said "Easy as can be, Love is something that will make you shiver..".. well, i wanna shiver :)

Prasad Steve.

18/4/2002 - Thursday
8:02 P.M.

hey there! Kinda lethargic here.. cuz my legs are really tired.. you know when i woke up at 5 today, i just felt so so damn sleepy.. i think i've never felt that sleepy since all the days i've woken up at 5.. well, i won't be writing much but i just felt like writing... i'm glad that i did alot of my homework and after finishing this entry, i'll be doing my literature tutorial! Anyway, today's my second bro's 21st Birthday! I just called him and wished him as he's in camp now and he'll be back tomorrow.. Today, i went hunting for a cool gift/gifts but i couldn't find anything that spectauler.. i was in Town.. Orchard road.. and i walked here and there and all i found were expensive/not nice stuff. i was in Guess and the stuff were ok there.. but everything i touched was like $119.. and well, that was kinda a little bot too expensive... When i came back from school just now, the first thing i did wad sleep.. actually, i didn't wanna, but i just succumed to it.. cuz i was damn tired... my legs are killing me.. i can't wait for the weekend though.... i wanna wake up later... perhaps watch a movie... and stuff... but i gotta stufy as well.. i'm like totally lost in in Math and Economics.. atleast i'm ok with my other subjects... Guess what? i figured out what i wanna do if i can't be a singer... i'd really wanna be an Egyptologist.. and i would major in the studies of artifacts and all the ancient stuff of eypt.. and i would like to eaither ork at a museam in Ciaro or teach Egyptology in a University or such.. i think it's quiye an interesting think to wanna major in.. i mean, i've always been facinated by the studies of Egypt and i'd love to do more,....

Guess what track 'im listenin' now.. it's Brandy's Apart... her new single is called "Full Moon.." with a cool video which you can watch at www.launch.com and do'nt forget to check her album out. I was contemplating on weather i wanted to put the Apat  Mp3 up or not.. but 'im not gonna cuz ya'll should go out and buy the album! this song's relly sensual and it's got this really coool vibe to it.. and i think it's kinda meaningful as well.. hold on a sec..  heres' the lyrics for ya'll to see...


I never do anything that pleases you
So maybe we are better off apart
I don't wanna  argue anymore
So maybe we are better off apart

You used to spend time with me
You would never leave
But now the time you used to give
You spend with your friends
Lately I've been feeling like you're taking me for granted
You do not appreciate anything I do

That is why I'm leaving you
Sorry cannot fix it
You'll regret everything
You'll be looking for me
You never listen to me
You never really loved me
I've done everything I could
You did not meet me half way, why

I never do anything that pleases you
So maybe we are better off apart
I don't wanna to argue anymore
So maybe we are better off apart

You always have something to say
You're always complaining
When things do not go your way
Then you want to leave
Well I have had more than enough
I am sick of talkin'
You do not appreciate
Anything I do, no

That is why I'm leaving you
Sorry cannot fix it
You'll regret everything
You'll be looking for me
You never listen to me
You never really loved me
I've done everything I could
You did not meet me half way, why

I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried

I never do anything that pleases you
So maybe we are better off apart
I don't wanna to argue anymore
So maybe we are better off apart

I never do anything that pleases you
So maybe we are better off apart
I don't wanna to argue anymore
So maybe we are better off apart

Well I tried and I tried
While you lied and I cried
So I'm saying goodbye
No more, no more
And I tried and I tried
While you lied, I cried
So I'm saying goodbye
No more, no more

That is why I'm leaving you
Sorry cannot fix it
You'll regret everything
You'll be looking for me
You never listen to me
You never really loved me
I've done everything I could
You did not meet me half way, why

my fave part of the song is when she goes.. " I never do anything that pleases you, So maybe we are better off apart, I don't wanna to argue anymore, So maybe we are better off apart.. " i think the way she sang it was good.. airy and sounds kinda middle-eastern as well, maybe that's why i really like this song. Well, 'ill probably be starting to record, I Can Commit tomorrow.. i think.. though i've got still loads to do about the demo..  The people in school are really cool.. today, i had to pass up a tamil composition and i obviously did not finish it.. (not surprisingly..) and then when i handed it up, it was lie half done and my tamil teacher was saying that he would give me detention on Wednesday cuz the compo did not fill in the requirement of a minimum 350 words.. so ibegged him to give it back to me and wrote it in my lunch time... WITH the help of like 4 girls! WEll, they tool Tamil, Higher Tamil in High school and thus don't have to take it in College.. so they were giving me good points... was kibda funny cuz they were like laughing at my broken tamil.. Anyway, i gotta go.. cuz i gotta eat dinner then STUDY!!! So, i'll see ya later guys!

14/4/2002 - Sunday
10:35 P.M.

hey.. so, how are ye all doin? Well, i'm supposed to be doin research now on the Victorian Age and Thomas Hardy's Life... but i'm takin a break.. plus i'm chattin with Adri on ICQ.. Hay Babe! Well, hope she gets well soon cuz she hurt her leg.. Anyway, got loads to tell but i don't think i will write much cuz i wanna do lotts of my research and homework.. Well, My Birthday was great actually.. my mum bought me my handphone... Yeah! and it's really cool.. Silver and it's really slick.. and i love using it.. messaging people and stuff.. well, i don't know if i should give my number out or not? i do'nt think i will. i want my cell phone to be for my personal fans.. By the way, i wanna thank all the emails from everyone of you who email me about my music, encouraging me and showing any form of interest in my boring life.. really appreacite it..  Im' listenin to All Saint's "I Don't wanna Be Alone.. " It's a really cool track.. Well, i guess my B'day was good.. watched a movie with my cool mates and got really cool gifts from them.. a T-shirt.. and a Book, "Pay It Forward.. " and it'seally cool.. both of the gifts.. my bro gave me money and yeah... Well, my grandma was warded in the hospital.. cuz she had breathing difficulties... BY the way, my dad cooked really cool Chicken rice today.. i was kinda surprised.. cuz he doesn't cook much.. i bet my mum's feeling kinda threatened... AND i bought sushi just now... that was my dinner and i also ate some Kueh's. ( A kinda Desert thingy.. ) and i love drinking the chicken Soup.. Anyway, tomorrow my day's gonna be long.. my school finishes at 5 and i have debate at like 5 + probably up to 7.. or later...

Well, it's 10:47 now... i'm gonna stop typing at 11.. and i've gotta do research till like 12... and i've gotta also work on my Debate thing.. oh yeah, i joined the debating club.. well, since i had a sport as my extra curricular activity for the last 4 years.. i decided to take something that would help my brain.. (YES, i Do Have onE! )... My grandma was discharged today and she's back.. she looks great and cute.. hehe... i always love teasin her... I got a CD writer too.. Well, i'm sorry to say that the DEMO has not been sent out yet.. I know... i've been stalling.. but school's been taking loads of my time... i will send it by this week.. i promise.. Don't worry, i'll keep ya'll updated..

Well, i think my life is ok now.. my hair looks ok.. i have it short now,.. u wanna know why? Well, That day, on my birthday, i was Caught! YYeah, In my school! That had a spot check and they caught me and i had to have my hair cut by a barber in school.. and now my hair's above my eyebrows... could u imagine that? Well,. i won't be having a photoshoot just yet.. due to my busy college timetable.. but i'll try to put a pic up as soon as i can ok?? Socially, i feel confident.. i know alotta people in school and i like the people.. i'm having fun and i guess it's Cool :) And guess what, remember that lit teacher i told you about? WEll, annoyingly, i'm beginning to like her.. yeah... annoyingly... and she seems nice to me! BUt i was supposed to hate HER! My personal life sucks... well, i finally told this person.. X.. who i have feelings for long time, that i still had feelings for the person... it was damn hard me i guess... cuz i was expecting X to laugh at me or something. but since X was buggin' me.. i had no choice.. I don't understand why i actually like X... sometimes i feeel like it's stupid when i have other people giving attention to me.. and stuff.. i guess i don't kknow what's with my mind... sometimes i feel so pissed at X... but why would i be so pissed if i didn't give a freak about X??? Well, i guess this is the first time i'm actually talking about my Personal life to you all.. but whats 'a journal without some personal stuff? Well, i keep thinking about X sometimes... i don't know why... i even had a dream of X that day... believe me,.. i wouldn't wanna talk about that.. !!! so, what am i doin now? Well, nothing... i always felt not good enough for X.. cuz X always seems to have high expectations and i'm no greek god.. and i don't think the feelings are mutual anyway... I'll just give myself 3 weeks to get over it... as in X... and see how it goes... maybe i gotta look at other people?? I don't know why i feel so committed to X... i guess getting over someone you really love is the hardest thing... anyway, if you have any advice to give, my ICQ's 98818208 and my e-mail address is stevelovescookies@yahoo.com

here's my new song which will be featured in the new album, it's called I Can Commit...
I Can Commit

Uh…. Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..
Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..uh.. uh…
Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..uh.. uh…

Verse 1
Aren’t you tired of sayin’ no?
Every time I beg
Outside your window
You know, it isn’t so..
I wont’ be, I won’t be, I won’t be
Foolish like before
I wasn’t sure of what was in my head
Or all the damn stupid things that I said
Baby, you gotta believe me when I say
It would be ok, I would never hurt you that way

( I Can Commit, I Can Commit… )
I think I Can restore (Of what’s.. )
Left of us.. (that’s right.. u gotta believe girl… )
I know you do think.. (of me somehow.. )

I can Commit, I can Commit.
Not like I, Not like I,
Not like I said before
It’d be different, I won’t be foolish
Cuz baby, Cuz Baby,
I’d only want you more
I can Commit, I can Commit.
Cuz now I, Cuz now I,
I Can learn from before
It’d be different, I won’t be selfish
Cuz baby, Cuz baby,
I’d only love you more

Ooooo… ooooooooo
You can commit baby, I can commit baby,.. ( yeah.. I can.. )
Ooooo… ooooooo
You can commit baby, I can commit baby,.. ( yeah.. I can.. )

Uh…. Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..  ( I Can Commit, I Can Commit… )
Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..uh.. uh…     ( I Can Commit, I Can Commit… )
Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..uh.. uh…     ( I Can Commit, I Can Commit… )

Why are you treating me so?
Slammin’ down my calls
Ignoring me for so long
You know, I love you so
I won’t be, I won’t be, I won’t be
Inept like before
I never thought that you would say
You had enough and I simply walked away
But I thought about it all day
It would be ok, I would never give up, till I say

( I Can Commit, I Can Commit… )
I think I Can restore (Of what’s.. )
Left of us.. (that’s right.. u gotta believe girl… )
I know you do think.. (of me somehow.. )

I can Commit, I can Commit.
Not like I, Not like I,
Not like I said before
It’d be different, I won’t be foolish
Cuz baby, Cuz Baby,
I’d only want you more
I can Commit, I can Commit.
Cuz now I, Cuz now I,
I Can learn from before
It’d be different, I won’t be selfish
Cuz baby, Cuz baby,
I’d only love you more

Ooooo… ooooooooo
You can commit baby, I can commit baby,.. ( yeah.. I can.. )
Ooooo… ooooooo
You can commit baby, I can commit baby,.. ( yeah.. I can.. )

It's not really finished... but here's what i've done so far... I gotta go now.. loads of work to do... See ya'll later!

6/4/2002 - Saturday
9:09 P.M.

hey! wassup guys! Well, sorry i've not said alot in such a long time... i'm just kinda busy... with college and stuff. Well, 'ive got loads to say so, i hope you sit back, chill and read away :) Well, College is really cool so far. I think my form teacher, Mrs Ram is really fun and i can joke with her and stuff and i feel comfortable about it.. and oh yeah, there's this ANNOYING bitch who's my literature teacher, Miss K's her name.. she keeps picking on me like i'm some kinda rat or something..so far, i'm having lots of fun... i mean, the people are nice, the school's cool.. the food's fantastic.. and the lessons are bearable... what more can i ask for?? Well.. maybe not that bearable.. i feel totally lost in my math but i'm ok with History, LIterature and Economics... I do have to read loads of lit though.. u know Miss K, wanted the whole class to read this book, The Mayor Of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy by MONDAY! Yeah, i've got 400 pages to read by monday and i'm only at the 60th page... and what have i been doing the whole day? chatting with my frens/slacking.../sleeping.... (boy.. am i a pig??)
The food is reall cool.. especially the chops and stuff... i love eating the steak and stuff, it's cool :)

I like my class alot.. i mean, when i first came.. i thought they were kinda quiet... and me being a loud ass... i need to have noisy people around.. (Explains why i can daringly answer back to MIss K... )... On my first day, i was in another class but then i got a transfer to another class.. So, i got attached to my first class A12 and now i'm also kinda attached to my new class A31... And i've been spending time back & forth between 2 classes... I went out that day with my classmates to watch The TIme Machine.. her name's Siti... and then, i also like chilling with people like Amirdeep, Wei ling, Fish, Dalphine... and much more... the guys in my older class are really really cool..  and i have really cool people in my new class too. THere's this girl, Serene, who's really interesting... she just strikes me as a very unique person.. cuz i was talking to her.. and she's so unlike other girls.. And there's this other cool girl, Adrianna... (if you're reading this now, Hey! *winks* ) And she writes poems and stuff.. and she's very talented... she visited the site that day and i was totallu surprised cuz i did not give her the URL.. i guess it's becuz i just wanna keep this in the wraps.. u know,.. the whole singing thing.. i'd rather they know me as just a student... then a student who sings and stuff... u know what i mean? Anyway, there's also a cool gal called Lulu.. very comical... and yeah.. all of them are kinda nice... Theres' this guy with a unique name, Ezekeil.. i think... when he introduced himself to me.. i thought it was "Easy Kill". but it supposedly is pronounced like that..  and theee'salso a few seniors in the school who are really cool.. and well, so far, i'm having fun and i don't really have anything to complain about... But i've not been studyin... u know,, i guess i need to prioratize... ok.. i hope i spelt that right.. and  need to organize what i need to do.. i guess i've gotta spend my doing as much as i can.. I wanna wake up in the morning.. and study my literature... my aim is to finish reading the book by Monday.. so i can concentrate on History and Economics and Monday... i intend to study a little.. on Monday as well... although Monday's my Birthhday.. I can remember my last birthday.. it was really cool.. Nesh came over and with my family, we cut the cake.. ate and stuff... i thought it was  a great birthday... i don't know what i'm gonna do this year though... i'm gonna be 17... hrm.. i don't know but i liked 16 though...  i think being 16 was great.. it was much better then 15.... and i guess as a person.. i don't feel changed...i still feel the same.. i guess i gotta be more mature though... sometimes i feel like i'm kinda naive... but i guess that's something i can't help.. even this week, i felt being taken advantage at one point and i don't know,... i guess i shouldn't be too nice..

I keep having these recurring dreams,.. that kinda freak me out,.. it's very strange.. i can't remember it.. but i had these dreams 3 times today.. cuz i dozed of 3 times while reading... (the book that that biatch Miss K asked me to read..  ) and i had the same dream everythime i dozed off.. and now that i'm trying to think exactly what the dream's about.. i can't make out what the hell it's about.. all i can get is that itt's kinda high-tech.. kinda spy kind.. and i keep waking up in a freaky way.. like my head jerks.. and i wake up.. like as if somebody put a current through me.. and i suddenly wake up.. freaky.. seriously freaky..  Hold on a sec.. let me check my horoscope... give me a sec.. i usually check it on msn.com..well, we hindus are kinda superstitious people.. even my name was kinda "choosen" by like a fortune-teller.. This happens in every indian family. Once the baby is born.. the child is usually brought to a holy man, who is someone with physic powers and by judging the exact time of the baby's birth, date and year, the holy man will say what letter tha name should start with.. like for me, he said.. "P" and that's why I'm Prasad.. but it's more complicating than that.. Prasad means "God's Offering.. " And it's usually pronounced as "Prashad" and that's how i should be called... but nobody can actually get Prasad, so i'm not gonna try my luck with Prashad. But it's kinda freaky.. i mean, i'm used to people saying Prasad.. and Not Prashad.. But Actually, people should call me the latter and not the former.. But i guess you guys are easy with Steve right??
Anyway, back to the horoscope thing... "You're bound to be feeling fairly sociable and should come across very well to other people right now. You ought to be able to make a positive impression on your friends and acquaintances a little more easily than usual today. But if you really feel like enjoying yourself and having a good time right now, just be careful that you don't overdo it.".... Ok.. that's what my Horoscope says today.. Well, It's not like i'm having fun now... as in specifically today.. I wanted to go for a movie though.. but the person i wanted to go with was fucking with me.. so i just decided to stay home and study :)

I gotta have a shower soon.. it's 10:40 now... Damn.. gotta start studying at 11 and finish at .. 1 am?? i gotta lack of water now.. my lips are very dry... damn.. I've been having this urge like anything and you know what it is? To swim! Yeah, i feel like just swimming for hours... i guess i love doing that cuz i can think of all kinda of stuff and sing to myself in my mind and i wouldn't have to worry bout anything else. BY the way, did i tell you that my history teacher is REALLY pretty! Yeah.. she's so damn gorgeous... perfect  face.. perfect body... wow... and the way she talks.. shes' very confident & intelligent..and i heard that she's dating the PE teacher in my school.. lucky idiot :) My fave track of the moment is P.O.D.'s Youth Of The Nation & Enrique's Escape.. and not forgetiing Missy's 4 My People... I've been listening to this tracks lke crazy.. i think P.O.D sounds alot like Linkin park.. in this song though. By the way, i'm workin on a new site.. and it's a completely new design and it's gonna be really cool :) i've kinda got the basics but i'm having some trouble with it.. but i guess i'll ask someone to help me... with the HTML's and stuff.. cuz i'm a total clut to it..

Well, now i'm gonna talk about someone who's really dear to me.. Well, i wanna apologize to this person for being such an ass to.. and i know that you're definately not reading this.. i wish i didn't shout at this person when i did like even today.. i shouldn't have.. This is someone i truly love and has supported me in everything.. (Ok. fine.. not everything.. ) but i would be ever grateful to this person... for just being there for me to talk to, and love and basically enjoy.. Even today, i was explaining something about my Demo to this person.. and it was cute.. the questions  these persons asked and i just am really gonna miss her.. my grandma.. she's going back to Melbourne this thursday.. and i'm gonna have to say goodbye.. and sometimes i shout at her and i shouldn't. and she actually endures all of it, cuz she loves me.. Well, i just wanna say that if you have a granny out there, anyone of you, make sure you spend time with her and stuff..
Anyway, i really gotta go now and bathe.. i'll talk to ya soon ok??

28/3/2002 - Thursday
3:37 P.M.

Hey there everyone! Sorry for not sayin stuff for like 12 days... been really busy.. well, this is gonna be a long message. so take some chips, drink and chill with me.. Well, I tried getting into the College i desired, Temasek. This college is one of the best in Singapore.. 5th position.. and well, i didn't manage to qualify.. I got 11 points and the cut-off for that college was 10 points.. Leslie got there.. However, i got into a another college, Saint Andrew's.. and it's cool. I tried appealing to Temasek.. but i couldn't get in.. Well, i tried getting in through choir.. and i went for the auditions and i got rejected. I guess my voice wasn't what they were looking for.. plus as i was waiting there, i heard some of the choir people singing and they sounded really good.. hehe.. i guess i sounded just too amateur.. I guess what really disturbed me was not the fact that the school rejected me.. but it was the fact that the choir rejected me.. i guess it's good to get rejection once in a while.. i mean, all this while.. everyone's been going.. "You Sound good.. " and stufff.. and i guess some rejection would get me back to tha ground.. Well, i went to school to Monday.. and it was cool.. Not big but the atmosphere was great. Nesh was posted there too. And i guess, that was another reason why i was happy to go there. Thew toilets suck but the food rock! Believe me.. i've been having Pork chops and sirloin steak for the past 3 days.. and the drinks as well! *winks*

My orientation started yesterday and it was fun.. i mean, the games were good.. but i spent time talking to many people there.. senior people.. i guess i was having fun the whole day yesterday.. well, we had a scavanger hunt and on the list, one of the things that were needed were checked boxers.. and in my group, i was the only one wearing boxers.. (i think..) but they weren't checked. just lines.. but my group forced me to take them out! So, i had to go to the loo, taken em' out and give it to them! And they took chalk to draw the boxes on them.. Annoyingly, in the end, we didn't win anythin.. And for the sacrifice i had to make!And then, i headed off home and i worked on my covers... u know the last part of the Demo.. don't worry.. 'ill put up the pictures of the Demo below so ya'll can have a look at it ok?? Im' really glad that songs like Under Your Skin, Not Into You, Strain For The Shimmy & Love Is Somethin' I Need (Remix) Is hot on www.audiogalaxy.com i checked and atleast 25 people downloaded those songs (each of them.. ) daily! But these are songs which are from my upcoming album.. which is not even released yet and in a way, i'd prefer if people downloaded it went the album was realeased. *Listens to Alicia's A Woman's Worth Remix.. " I kinda like this remix.. funky.. Anyway,i wanted to do some recording today.. i don't know if i'll have enough time though as i've gotta sort out more covers of he Demo.. I have 2 versions released, the Blue Version & Grey Version. The official date of realese of the Demo is 8/4/2002. i choose that date cuz that's my 17th Birthday.

By the way, i got an e-mail from a cool person for a US-based company yesterday.. and she wanted to take about my Music... and she said her company signs independent artists.. i was really glad that's what i've always wanted. At the moment, in school i'm gonna be taking English, Tamil, Maths C, History, Literature, Econmics.. and i'll have an Extra activity.. like how i had Squash before.. and now i'm not really sure what to take.. I mean, i just wanna make sure 'ill have time to still talk to ya'll and  still do little recording.. u know what i mean.. but i guess if i can get a really cool record deal.. i would stop everythhing to pursue it... well, the people in my school are really cool.. there's this girl Siti, who's really cute and there's Fish, Fiona, Joanne, Wei Ling, (my older Classmate) Chun Choon and a whole lotta poeple i can't remember.. Unfortunately, i was actually in this class but now i'm transferred into a different class cuz i took an appeal to get the 4 subject combination.. instead of the previous3 subject combination i initially choose..

Nesh is also goin to get a transfer to another school.. cuz he got really attached to another school.. i always thought we'd be in the same school.. but i guess i can't get what i always want right?? But if that's his choice, then what can i do but support him right? *sighs...* Hope he'll be fine there. Thinking about it... all my close frens are al in different schools... and it was just last year when we were all in the same class... well, i guess that's what life's all about.. moving on.. but i'm glad we still keep in touch.. i don't think i can ever find such good frens that i have now.. thanks guys :)

This week i'm gonna be sending out the Demo.. and i'm really glad that i can finally do it.. its' been ages since i got the feeling of having a new CD being released. But well, this isn't the album.. but it's kinda like a preview.. i decided to only have it given to company executives & officials.. and certain important friends. but other than that, 'im not giving a copyto everyone else.. sorry bout that :) It's also not gonna be sold on Ebay as well.. cuz i don't wanna sell my music.. cuz it's my passion and what i love to do.. and since i love doing it... i just wanna share it  :) I hope you love what i've done with the website so far.. forthe past year.. i've had the greatest privelege to talk to you guys and i'm ever grateful for that :) Thanks for all the emails as well. I think College life will be cool.. and i hope to make new frens andhave fun,, as well as try ti cope with all the new sudjects... By the way, i wanna say Hi to all my Frens in OI! HEy Guys! Well, OI was a school i spent my January in.. in case you did'nt knoe.. by the way, i'm putting the pictures right below... can u see it?? Watcha thinK?? Well, i liked both the pictures so i decided to have 2 versions cuz i couldn't make up my mind!


Well.. as u can see. the theme's silver., i had so much fun doing this photoshoot... I mean, it's totally futuristic. and unique..,i feel like these photos show a different side of me.. I have to thank Nesh for taking these pictures. anyway.. the top 2 pictures are the covers.. but the one's below are in the insert.. I hope you like them though,.. it's cool cuz my hair was totally different and i guess it was just a whole new experience for me,,, And i'm really proud of it.. once i get the new website format up.. i'd have this put nicely...

I sorted out a theme... To me, it had to show growth... maturity and show a significant change from Chronic... Chronic was 2 years back and it was me when i was 14... the theme was sometihing like in the 80's with the jeans and the smile... and that whole godddy thing.. but i guess to show the new me, i wanted a whole new perspective.. And i guess the silver theme is futuristic plus with the clothes, it shows me in a "different" age...Plus, my hair's totally different.. looks punky and more wild... i guess overall, i'm very glad with this whole look. The Album will also have this theme and look.  Anyway, i gotta go now cuz i've got lots of things to sort out... with the album & stuff.. so i'll catch up with u guys later ok??

Bye! Steve!

16/3/2002 - Saturday
12:11 A.M.

Wassup guys?? Well, i'm doing really good.. and its' been a swell of a day for me.. yup.. i just came back from my lunch/dinner date with my teach and my 3 other frens... it was really fun.. And on Wednesday.. i had a great time with my Chemistry teacher at Marche'.. and it was great.. Today, i went out for Japanese and it was great.. i ate like tons of stuff... sushi.. and all kinds of other japanese stuff. My frens & I decided to give a treat to my history teacher.. cuz we got A's for our History.. (ok.. maybe not all of us.. ) and we also gave her a Gucci Perfme as a gift.. hope she likes it :P By the way, guess what, i've finished the Strain For The Shimmy (Intertwine Remix) and it's up! yup, Look up.. can u see the link??  Good! Right click and press, "Save Download as" and there you have it! Well, i had fun doing thins Demo, and i'm really proud it.. So, yeah.. i can finally say it, I finished the Demo! After eating from 4 p.m. to 7:10 p.m... the waitress had to ask us to leave! *laughs*.. well, it was a freakin' buffet... and then we went and watched the movie, 13 Ghosts, which i already watched like 2-4 months back.. i think.. cuz, i downloaded on Morpheus then.. Anyway, Brandy's album Rocks! If you wanna check out more info about her album, go to www.foreverbrandy.com or www.brandy-brandy.com .... If you can. GO BUY THe Album! i HEARD Under Rug Swept is really cool.. i've yet to preview the whole album. but i will.. i guess after this, i'll pop in Alicia's Album.. cuz it's right beside me and it's kinda tempting... but 'im groovin to Brandy.. Anyway, i wanna thank Loke WEi for getting me such a cool gift when he was in Malaysia... thanks again! Well, i was rexcording yesterday and i got inspired about a new song.. which i'd love to completely write.. cuz now i just wrote a few verses.. its' called I Can Commit.. and it's a cool track.. and i've never written a song like that before.. It's totally Rnb.. and it goes like.. "I can commit, i can commit.. not like i said before.. " cuz when i was hearing the music, it just took my attention.. it just gave me that whole impression of like a relationship thing.. So, the theme's about me (the boyfren.. ) who got dumped by the girlfren.. cuz i lied or cheated.. and now im' going, " I can commit, I can commit.. " u get it?? I thought, it would be kinda cool to take a bad guy place.. u know.. By the way, if your'e checkin out Brandy's Album, check out "Apart" & "I Thought.. "

*Sips some water.. * I'm kinda dry.. my lips cuz i've been drinking very little water... well, i think this theme to " i Can Commit" Is kinda different.. cuz Strain For The Shimmy's cheeky.. Love Is  Somethin' I need is sad.. the remix is Vulgar.. *smiles* and other tracks.. (ones that you've probably not heard.. ) like NOt Into You, is about NOT BEING INTO someone! ( U know, i guess the title says it all huh?? ) and Under Your Skin which is more perspective & meaningful and there's Once... a love track.. so i thought the whole.. " i'm sorry baby, i'm a bad boyfren but i'm sure i can commit now." theme was different.. hehe.. i guess putting myself into situations makes it easier to think of stuff??  So, i guess once i get the ictures done it would be great to finally send the DEMO out.. right before school starts... *smiles* Kelvin is telling me to make the font bigger cuz what i'm typing now is too small!! hehe.. I know.. Im' sorry guys.. but if it's too small, could you go to VIEW, FONT SIZE and make it bigger? Cuz if i wanna change the font size, i'll have to change it for all the 4 colours! So, it would be kinda difficult.. Don't worry, for the new concept, i'll make sure, it's much much more bigger?? I love this website concept though.. i think it's really cool & slick.. simple and very cool! .. ( i think i said cool twice right?? hrm... ) Well, i guess I Can Commit can be a single or something.. cuz sofar, i'm like really loving the tune.. i think it's fab.. *smiles* Sory, it's just that Kelvin's saying funny stuff to me on the ICQ! He's an ass.. hehe.. Itt's 12:36 now... hrm.. i don't think i'll be sleeping early though.. i don't know what's my plan for tomorrow.. i wanna write I Can Commit,, and maybe i'll let ya hear a little bit?? hehe. Well, i'll have to think 'bout it..

I was say a Holla out to Sanjay! Hey! I wanna thank you for religiously visiting the site, if i did have a fan of the week section, youd' be thefan of the week for this week.. (thinking about a section for th  fan of the week.. )...i was watching Amaazing Rxce just now.. U know Rio De Jeniro looks great.. i'd love to go there though... Well, lately i wanna say that i've been very happy.. i mean, though i'm busy with my recording.. i'm glad that i get to spend time with my frens as well. Wanna say a Holla out to Rohai!! Heyy, we gotta do Wierd Waltz??? hehe... anyway, i thought we had great great fun today.. Wait.. great great fun doesn't make aany sense,.. hod on.. let me say that again.. HEy, we gotta do Wierd Waltz??? Hehe.. Anyway, i thought i had a great great time today Rohai.. u know it was kinda funny cuz we were waiting for a bus for like ages and all the buses were full.. guess cuz it was a friday and then we dashed across the road to the MRT to get a tube back. and rohai was like doing some impersonations of an actor in the 13 Ghosts.. hehe.. i mean, i t was funy.. Anyway, i feel that it's good that i'm having fun now.. i mean, once SChool starts, i'll be busy.. i hope not.. but i guess the workload would be killing! Please some director or Producer, please like my DEMO so i can get outta this shithole and move somewhere else to be a singer... Today it rained the whole afrternoon.. but it was still ok..i guess it's good it raiined. its' been scorching the last few days.. By the way, i wanna thank MIZTAMAN for dining with me and my frens today. Thanks alot! and it was great to have allmy close frens around me.. *LAUGHS* GOD... Kelvin just said a SUPERB Joke.. hehe.. But i can't sy it. cuz, it's explicit.. hehe.. Anyway, Thanks Kelvin, for being a cool fren! hehe.. By the way, we gotta do something this weekend?? Or yeah.. i forgot, i might be going for the Exclusive Preview of A Walk To Remember... thabnks to Sanjay who got free exclusive tickets... i wasn't sure if i wanted to go, but i'll probablyggo, cu if i work my ass of workin on my music & stuff in the weekend.. i guess i deserve a movie on Tuesday right? I bought a really cool pair of jeans.. (its' like my fave pair of jeans.. ) seasoned and baggy.. i'm definately gonna wear it for my next photoshoot... no doubt about it.. hold on a sec, i'm gonna chat with Kelvin..

I wanna say a Holla ouut to Gene.. thought i'm very certain, he's not reading this, cuz i didn't give him my site address! Hes' busy with teaching. he's a teacher and i gotta give him a ring cuz i promised.. i guess once i get my cell phone.. this weekend.. i'll be totally connected with the TECHNOLOGY!! Then, i'm gonna get an MD player.. So i'll be totally equppied.. I've gotta new wallet, my bags a new.. oh shit.. i gotta get a new pencilbox.. i''ll get a new phone & MD player! Plus, with the Demos out.. it would be great.. Well, it's 1 am. bnnow.. and as usual, i dont' feel sleepy.. I guess i'll get into writing I  can Commit.. and i'll put a message if i can on Sunday or something ok?? Well, hope you liked the new Intertwine Remix,.. cuz i worked really hard on it.. Thanks for reading! Bye!


13/3/2002 - Wednesday
7:47 A.M.

hey there! ... *yawns* kinda sleepy guys.. well it's 7:48 A.M. now in Singapore! I slept at 3 A.M.. well, i don't think this will be a long message but i'l try and say what i can say ok?? I'm listenin to N'SYNC Featuring Nelly - Girlfriend.. i really love this track now.. Anyway, i have put up a message up, *yup, look up!* And i just felt like sayin' hello and PLUS, i sang an acapella of one of my songs i wrote in 1998. To be specific, it was one of the first songs i wrote... hehe.. listen and find out :) Anyway, looks like the DEMO's comin out cool.. one more verse of the Intertwine, and i've finished it :) Then, i'll have to worry 'bout the photos, and the other stuff.. *scratches himself... * sorry guys.. just that last night there were lots of mosquitoes bitin' me... believe me, you wouldn't get my drift.. well, i decided that as whenever i want to, i would change a new slogan kinda thing on my pop-up, with my symbol.. well, yesterday, i put up the first slogan, "Racism Sucks.." And i totally believe in it.. i think as people, we have to learn to co-exist with each other.. branding a race/religion is not a justifiable thing to do.. I believe that god created people different because if everyone in the world was the same race/creed/colour, then the whole damn world would be freakin' boring! Think about it.. there'd be no sorta individuality or culture... We should be grateful that we experience interesting things from other cultures and i think we should respect each other, individually.

What people gotta realize is that colour seriously doesn't matter at all ... there's nothing wrong in being fair or dark or tanned or whatever... i mean, beauty doesn't mean fair or dark.. there are many people who tan themselves like anything so as to get a tan skin... and i totally despise any sort of racism, either it is to any culture, to my culture, to anyone or to me. Personally, i have been discrimminated before and i know how it feels.. for one thing, no one is superior than anyone and we should think as a human.. humanity taught us to co-exist.. and i think in this world, we have to learn and practise that..Anyway, i gotta go.. i hope you ike the acapella i just put up.. *smiles* Have a nice day guys!

Steve Prasad.

6/3/2002 - Wednesday
1:02 P.M.

Wasp? Well, it's Prasad here! Well. i'm just in a very weird mood now.. it's a mix of lazy/sleepy/groggy... i'm listening to N'Sync's Girlfriend remix featuring Nelly.,, and it's my favorite song now.. it's really hip-hop.. and i also like 2:59 by A1. I think that it's been really cool that i have a few weeks break cuz i wanna do more music... i just finished the third verse to the Intertwine Remix and i'm really proud of it.. And i should do the fourth verse by tonight and then it would be cool cuz by this week, i'll be confirming most of the stuff for the DEMO.. and i'm really excited.. I was telling my parents that i wanted to go to the temple to give thanks cuz of my results so, we're gonna get a garland and go to the temple and offer prayers... i was thinking of bringing my camera and taking some pictures and put it up on the site and let y'all see how a Hindu temple looks like... my favourite temple in Singapore is the Sivan temple which is located in Aljuined and it's a temple that's made of cream-colored cement/stone and the whole temple is crafted by established workmen from India and the temple is fantastic.. its' a good area cuz just beside the temple, there's a Buddhist temple as well as a Mosque.. I think it represents harmony as well as friendship between different races and that is very essential in our society.. i'm not a pious person but i believe in god.. and i don't  usually go to the temple but that doesn't mean i don't pray or give thanks to god.. cuz i do... Anyway, guess what my dad bought from me from San Francisco, he bought me a Louis Vuitton wallet! Yup! It's really cool, and it's the classic one.. so i'm quite happy about that.. and he's giving my $500 for doing well for my exams! Cuz we made a deal of $100 for each A and so since i got 5, i get $500! Anyway, i'll probably use that money to invest in a Hand phone.. and i have my own money as well, which reminds me that i've gotta go send some parcels out to the US... *plays Brandy's What About Us. * Damn.. this is a wicked track..

I wanna really apologize to Amber.. she e-mails me like every freaking day! and I'm SO SO SO Sorry, that i've nit replied any of them.. But that doesn't mean i don't read them.. I will reply them later ok? I promise :) If your'e reading this, I'm really sorry :P I decided that i need to push myself more, and even just now, i felt lazy and i went to check my e-mail and got an e-mail from Jo, and he was telling me that he worked with a girl group on a track that went #1 in MP3.com! And i was really excited for him. It went #1 in the Electronic section, under Experimental. I heard the song and it's electronic... not much lyrics and then, Jo told me that he wants to work on a track with the girls, 2 other musicians and me! And this is supposed to be like a worldwide band kinda thing.. So jo, would pass the file to the girls, then once their vocals are done, he'll pass it to the other 2 guys and then 2 me for vocals.. so i guess it would like an assignment for me, and i'm excited cuz i like doing all kinda of genres and this sounds mighty interesting. i don't know why but i feel kinda sleepy... i guess the word's lazy.. but once i finish this entry, i'm gonna go brush my teeth, wash my face and stuff.. ( i knoe! I haven't washed up yet! *laughs*) And i ate my lunch just now... Mee Siam.. (it's a dish with noodles and gravy.. ) and it was really good.. my dad has just gone out to meet his fren and later i'm gonna go get a hair cut.. yup, s trim cuz i look like a freakin' gorilla! I was thinking of re-doing a classic  track.. and i can't think of a perfect track.. i'm still pondering..

I'l have to spend time with DAn.. it was really sad that he got retrenced and he'll have to go home. He's one of my best frens and its' gonna be hard to say Bye-bye.. and i guess i'll treat him dinner or something, cuz he helped me alot in this website and stuff, plus hes' just a really nice guy... Plus, i wanna pass him a copy of the Demo so that he could listen to it at home or somethin.. That day, i had a kinda date.. a blind date.. it was'nt bad.. i had fun, but there wasn't that much chemistry and well, since my last date was like a year back, i decided to go for it.. we had dinner and a movie and well, it was ok.. not bad.. but i don't think i having any more dates... cuz i just wanna concentrate on my music and stuff.. plus, i just seem to be meeting the wrong people... i don't knoe.. maybe i just have high expectataions or somethin? *smiles* Maybe i'll meeet someone i'll like in my new college or somethin?? I gotta do somethin about my face... it's really pale and o guess i need some sorta oil cuz, plus my lips are dry to the lack of water.. i don't wanna look really pale.. and sick... but it's just that when i wash my face and come outta the shower, it looks pale and white..

Well, my granny's still with me, so it's cool. I love having her company and my uncle from Perth came down a few days back and yesterday he visted us and that was cool cuz i've not seen him for ages. My cousin Tara and her boyfren came down as well, but i was sleeping and my bros were out so she couldn't see us.. which was kinda sucky. cuz she used to visit us before when she was much younger and we used to play and stuff, i'd love to see how she looks and stuff.
Well, it's 1:34, and i guess i gotta go and do some more recording, ao i'll catch up with ya'll later ok??

Steve Prasad.

2/3/2002 - Saturday
11:54 P.M.

Hey u! how you doin? *Listens to the Love Is Somethin' I Need Remix* hehe, Anyway, sorry for not putting up a message for such a long time :) I was busy.. this week and of course laxy. Well, this week has been the greatest week in my life! Well, i got back my O'level results.. (you guys in the US call this the SAT's.. it's kinda equivilent to that and this is the British system.. ) and guess what i got 11 points! I got 5 A's and 2 B's! I was totally surprised, cuz i never expected. Well,  i did really work my ass off, but i never expected 11 points! i expected like 15 or 16 but 11 is really good! I got my results on Thurday, and i went to school in the morning at 7+ A,m. I wanted to re-create a normal school day cuz i knew that this would be the last time that i would go to SJI, (St. Joseph's Institution) in my usualy everyday Uniform. So, i wore my uniform and went to school. It was cool cuz it made me feel like i was in Secondary 4 again.. (Grade 10) The results were supposed to be released at 2 P.m. but i was like 7 hours early! I thought it would be cool oppurtunity for me to take that time to chat with all my fave teachers. And i spent at least 30-45 minutes individually with atleast 5-6 teachers which was cool. And it was great cuz this time, i wasn't just their student but it was like i was their fren and i always considered my teachers as frens and since i missed my school so much, it fet great to be there. They renovated the hall and it looked damn good, air-conditioned and stuff.... walking around the classes, it brought back memories and it was great. I mean, when i was in the school, i just took advantage of it, but i was really really glad to go there again. So, i walked around and it was really funny cuz i was standing outside the library using my handphone and the librarian was like, "Hey, aren't u supposed to be at assembly??? And Your'e using your'e handphone in school?? " She still thought that i was a student there! So, i played along to pissed her off more! Rememeber Fernandez, that teacher i mentioned before that picked on me cuz i was doing badly in class and stuff? Well, even he was really nice to me, which was cool :)

So, when the time came, all my frens were there, sitting down on the floor in the hall, waiting for the resutls.. we were taking pictures and stuff cuz it was kinda cool. And when i got my results, i was totally in the air! I mean, it was too good to be true. I mean, i could actually go to a few of the top Colleges in Singapore! Anyway, i was so grateful and i went and hugged my teachers like anything! I got a A1 for History as well as an A1 for literature and i hugged my 2 teachers like hell! UI even got a B for my Tamil! I though i'd fail that subject! But well, i'm really grateful..  I wanna thank god, seriously, i mean,  for givingme the strength to study and out up with the stress. My parents and all my teachers as well played alot of part! My teachers are really cool! i'll mention a few,.. there's Serene Seow.. (the Glamour diva)... Tracy Goh.. (the woman with the pumpkins.. *winks* ) ... Rosana D'Costa.. (the cute girl-next-door..)... Lee Siew Lian.. (the horny one...) ... Amy Chua... ( i've only one word for her, TABLE!!! )... Surhan.. (my form teacher, another horny one as welll... ) .. Miss P.. (The Cute little girl!!!  a.k.a my grandma... ) Dominic... (ALMO!!)... and i guess that's all.. those are all the cool teachers who taught me... I mean, it was really cool having them as teachers... Anyway, so, i've gotta  apply for a College and i guess i'd choose the college called, Temasek.. Well my bro was there before so he gave me feedback on that place...

I guess this whole school thing turned out kinda cool! and i'm really on top of the world.. Now, i can concentrate on my music. I hope you like the 2 new versions of Strain For The Shimmy that i put up. I'm still workin on the Intertwine remix, i've got like 2 more english verses and 1 more arabic verse to sort out! I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who downloaded the songs! Thank you so much! I'm gonna push myself and work harder on this cuz i'm not gonna rest till i get a cool record deal. By next week, the all the songs in the DEMO will be finalized,  and i'll be personally surpervising and participating in the production of the DEMO... and i decided that i'd just called it the DEMO-CD, and i'm not gonna give it a special name or title. I think i feel a peace of mind and physicaly and emotionally, i feel very stable and at ease. I'll be workin out alot later and i'll be reading the book i got yesterday by Anne Rice, The Queen Of The Dammed... and also probably write more stuff.. don't worry, 'ill always update my thoughts page and dedicate myself to answering all your e-mails. Thanks for the overwhealming response and i will try to answer all your e-mails.. it's just that sometimes, i'm in the midst of recording or doing something else...

I guess these few days, i'll try to finish the intertwine as well as work on other stuff.. i wanna improve my Spanish as well, so i guess il'l be heading to the library to get to get some books to improve it.. and i'm just kinda happy that so far things are going well fot me. My parents are really happy and i guess i'll be getiing lots of money from then.. *ca-ching! Ca-ching!* Anyway, let me change the music for sec.. *plays Lisa's The Block Party..* i find this song kinda cool.. it's kinda kiddy a bit.. hehe.. Anyway, u know what i realize, i always use the word Anyway... i don't know why the hell! Anyway.. SEE! I just did that again! I'll probably be putting a new voice message up, cuz i feel that i like talking as well as doing acapellas cuz i then keep a sort of link to the people to visit the page as well as download the stuff :P

I gotta go babes,
So, i'll catch up with ya soon ok??
Steve Prasad Ramachandran

24/2/2002 - Sunday
7:14 P.M.

Hey there ya'll.. how you all doin? Well, i'm cool.. *listens to JD featuring Da Brat & Kandi's You Bring The Freak Outta Me*... damn i love this track, the part where it says,,, "show me how to use my tongue... " *grins* Anyway, so sorry i haven't left a message for a while or so, been busy doing my recording. At the moment, im,' doing a re-recording of the Intertwine Remix and im' very proud of it.. i wanted to take a softer approach to it..  I was up the whole day last night! hehehe.. And i finally got the hook recordered.. today i'm doin the chorus of the Intertwine.. I really wanna go out but if i do, i won't be able to do the Chorus and i have to be commited right ? heehe.. Anyway, i'm, gonna put up the new version of Strain For The Shimmy, as it's much much better then the original and the photoshoot has also been postponed due to my schedule.. plus, tonight i was thinking of doin some writing.. hold on a sec, i'm gonna go flip the music.. da brat's been hollerin on my stereo for the past 10 minutes and i'm gonna put a new joint up... *play's Fat Joe & Ja Rule & Ashanti's What's Love..* Yesterday, my bro cooked some Tandoori chicken.. i love it.. i ate it at 8 am in the mornin, with some lemon and chopped onion.. I wanna say hi to Natasha.. (if you're reading..) Yup, she's this real hot chick in my class (laughs)  Hey Cleo, if you're reading, i wanna say that i hope you'll work things out with your relationship. Natasha looks like an egyptian princess and i call her Cleopatra, and Cleo for short :) hey thanks for the e-mails girl... I also wanna thank Amanda and Nicki for getting me valentine's Day gifts... it's reallycool of ya... U know, i liked the people in my school, OI alot... only that i needed time to work on my music that i skipped school alot.. well, i actually kinda stopped going totally.. yup i know what you're thinking.. but hey, it's not like as if they were teaching anything... I also wanna say a holla out to Amber! Yup, she's this cool gal from the US. She e-mails me practically every day... thanks for the support girl... i know i've been neglecting this site, but i'm just wrapped up with recording, which takes alot of my time.. i haven't even eaten anythin' yet.. PLus, i need to personally work out the production of the DEmo-Cd's as well as the design and also make sure the pctures in the photo shoot look appealing...

I wanna say to Tami! Yeah she's this very cool singer in Canada and i think she's very very talented! She owns her own company and signs singers on. HeyTami, thanks for all your e-mails and help! i'm so glad that i had the greatest oppurtunity to get to know so many talented people through my singing anf through the site, it's been amazing... Guess what? looks like i've got enough cash now to get a Handphone.. but i'll not spend it yet as i'll probably need it for the production purposes of the Demo-Cd.. so far, i don't think i have an estimated number up yet.. i guess i'll send atleast 40 out... 40 should be ok... to countries like CAnada, Australia, US, UK... i just wanna get my music around.. that's alll.. By the way people, make sure you check out Brandy's new album, Full Moon.. its' really cool and new single What About Us, is a totaly smash! So check it out!!

Antway, i gotta go,
See ya,

14/2/2002 - Thursday
12:52 A.M.

Hey! It's me here! Yup... Well, i've spent the last few days doing what i love doing... which is my music and stuff... I'd like to wish everyone i know a Happy Valentine's Day! Yup.. If you're close to someone you love now, give them a kiss or something, or perhaps even a hug? Well, i think this day is a good day for us to reflect on our loved ones. Sometimes we should NEVER take advantage of anyone who loves us, especially our parents, grandparens, family as well, as frens. I think it's important today, that we pay tribute to all the significant people that we love in our lives. If you're with your boyfren/girlfren, remember... today's the day ya'll party! Unfortunately, this year, i'm unattached. But there's nothing to despair as i'm happy for everyone out there who is in love. if you are in love, take time out to think about that special someone. If you are in love, then enjoy it. CUZ today, You don't need an excuse to hide your feelings!!!
It's a beatiful day, and even if you don't have a date, it isn't too late?? Just ask that special someone to tell that special someone about your feelings. Believe me, u only live once and sometimes it's better to live knowing that you are happy with someone, then to live wondering what if.. u know what i mean? I think today's a good time for married couples as well, to share their love. I don't think my parent's have anything on but u never know, my dad might just get something for her. Anyway, I just wanna say that Valentine's Day is a universal day for people to share their friendship & love. So, send those cards to all your frens and tell them what special frens they are! I hope you liked that preview of the song that was put in my Valentines' Day Message. It's a song called "Once" and it's about being in love with someone Once and never forgetting that feeling. Anyway, I gotta go.. sorry for the short message, but i've gotta go and shower.. (i know, it's mighty late) as well as do some recording..

Bye bye everyone
Steve Prasad.
9/2/2002 - Saturday
4:04 A.M.

Hey there everyone! How are ya'll doin? Well, Sorry for not putting a message for a the past few days... been busy with my music! Yup, working on a new track with Nesh called Dance (So Divine)... oops.. Did i just reveal the title? *laughs* Anyway, it's very cool song and i'll just talk about it a little bit since i've been workin 9-5 on it.. It's a Hip-hop/rnb track.. It's kinda oriental.. and i guess i love it lots cuz its' kinda east meets west and i feel that it totally fits the grovve of the album cuz i wanna show my musical influences which have originated not only from the West but also my roots.. I guess, when an artist starts out, they will be influenced and try to copy other singers and stuff, which isn't wrong.. but as time goes by, he or she will find his or her's own identity.. I guess i'm kinda like at that stage .. I like the style of music i'm doing now.. It doesn't sound so amateur-ish like Chronic, it totally represnts me,.. And i'm totally totally proud of it.. And to celebrate the lauch of the album, there will be a totally new site :P So watch out for it. I guess this week, i'll be busy with recording as well as designing the website.. Tomorrow, i'm having a photoshoot and i'm still NOT aseelp!! *laughs* It's already 4:13 A.M!

Anyway, I wanna apologize to Sanjay as i'm chattin to him now and due to this entry, my replies are slow :P *listens to Mad's Paradise (Not For Me)* I do'nt know but i'm in that mood... That creepy mysterious mood.. Talking about songs, I love Brandy's What About Us and A1's Caught In The Middle LOT's now! Dammit... i gotta get Darkchild to work on my tracks... *chuckles* Hold on a sec, 'im gonna listen to some Portishead... *changes the song* Ah.... This few days have been kinda cool.. been eating quite alot, cuz im' workin out alot as well.. 1 hour + a day.. which i think is quite ok.. so far its' just sit-ups, push-ups, stretches and a lotta weight carrying.. I just hope i look okay for the Photoshoot later.. I have been enjoying the Joy of eating traditional Indian Food for the past few days.. cuz my grandma cooked this really cool indian dish today called, "Appam" It's a flour thing with coconut milk and brown sugar.. very nice but u can't eat alot at one time cuz it's sweet.. Plus, since we've been eating quite alot of outside food (Due to the fact that my mum's busy with tutition and she wouldnt' really like my grandma to cook cuz when she does cook, she might spill stuff :P ), i kinda complained that i missed home cooked indian food.. And today my mum cooked my favourite ladies 'finger dish and a Beans dish as well as a Tofu dish including another Vegetable thing. Later in the morning, my granny's gonna make fish cutlets! Yeah! I love em'! It's fish with spices abnd potato rolled into oval-like shapes and fried.. So it's really nice.. No bones and very Tasty.. Yeserday, we went to eat at the Indian restaurant in Little India... It's a very very cool restaurant and it was featured in the Newspapers, Radio and TV.. It's called Gayathri's, And it has really cool Nan's.. (if you don't know what a Nan is, It's a Flour like north Indian dish which is made in a coal thing.. ok.. maybe my explanation wouldn't really help.. :P )

I hope i'll be able to go with NEsh to this other cool restaurant in Little India called Ganga's. It's a cool buffet.. Ok.. why am i talking so much about food? hehe... I'll change the subject.. Oh yeah! Today we had a little blackout! Yeah, the house was without electricity for a while! Cuz my dad was fiddling with a plug of an old radio & i was recording and suddenly everything went dark! And i was like.. "What the...??.... And we just  lit some candles and then my dad fixed it in like 10-15 minutes, but it was kinda exciting i should say :P It's 4:31! hehe..  Valentine's is in a few days and i still have no date or plans! damn.. i feel so pathetic.. i'm not even trying.. and i guess i shouldn't really bother? I guess, it's just like any day right? (Ok, this is me trying to comfort myself, if i were you, i'd just nod!...) So what, i can spend that day recording or something? No bigggy right?? U know i was thinking of cutting my hair but my dad kinda said no, so i guess i'll be keeping this hair for a while... but il'l wanna cut it soon though..

Actually, thinking about it, i am having kinda fun now... i get to record and do whatevr i want.. (as i'm skipping school like anything!!!) And i can study whenever i want! well, i'm not doing lots though... It's quite difficult when the scrummy school barely does anything..  That day i had a wierd dream but it was kinda ok.. i dreamt that i was in a hotel.. ( I Don't know why though! ) and i was blond.. Yup, my hair was blond.. it was like kinda nice... but i guess i wouldn't dye it or anything cuz i got school next month... but id' like something outrageous though? u know what i mean? Just know i went to buy some film and i left my housekeys in the shop! Then , as i was walking home, i was searchin 'for the Keys,k but i couldn't find em'! I ran to the Letter box as i checked it before headin' for the shop.. and it wasn't there.. but thankfully, when i ran to the shop and it was there! If my mum found outta bout' this, i'm dead meat, i tell ya! Hold on a sec, let me change the tune :P

Lately, i have been having cravings for Japanese food as welll.. Yup that day, i spent $6 on Sushi! I'm listening to this song by Oscar De La Hoya called Run To Me.. It's a really cool classic :) I think it's very melodious.. " Me loving you girl and you loving me... am i unwise to open up your eyes... Run to me whenever you're lonely... "  I love this classic track... i would love to do a cover for the album.. but i can't think of the perfect cover at the moment.. if you can think of any, pop me a message :) I wanna say HI to Kelvin as well!  Sorry for not calling most of the time! I guess you're busy at school.. Anyway, wow.. this song, Run to Me, By oscar is fab.. seriously.. it's cool.. U know, i never told anyone in my new school bout' this site.. accept Sanjay & John.. 2 exceptions... Sanjay cuz i felt like i could trust him & john cuz iv'e known him since i  was like 10... and he knew bout' the site since before.. I don't know why though.. I mean. i guess i want them to just know me as Prasad, their classmate.. rather then, Steve, the singer.. U know what i mean? I guess i was cool with people in my old school knowing cuz i grew wif em' and it was just different.. I'm not embarrased bout' this site! NOT AT ALL! Im' really really proud of this site.. i guess i'm afraid that they might be cynical or somethin',,,,  let me flip the beat... Oscar's been bangin' on my speakers like 4 times now!  *listens to Nelly Furtado..*
Ok.. It's 4:50 now,.. I better go now,. i wanna sleep by 5! Damn.. i hope i can wake by 11? U think i can? Well, 'ill try my best to put a message if i can.. See ya !

Steve Prasad.

4/2/2002 - Monday
10:15 P.M.

Hey there everyone! Well, first of all, i'd like to wish my brother, Shayne, a happy 22nd B'day! *Cheers* Yup, Hes' 22 years old! And i'm gonna be 17 soon... in like a 2 months... I don't know but 16 sounds ok... 17 just sounds so much older... i'll need a bigger excuse to act childish... *grins* Anyway, it's been a really cool few days for me... I've been religiously excercising and i will be going to school tomorrow! *grunts* I know, i hate waking up so early! But Tuesdays have lessons that i feel are important, so i'll go.. but i'll skip Wednesday! Sorry i didn't put a message throughout the weekend, cuz i was busy... Yesterday i slept at 5 plus am! Cuz i was sending e-mails and getting addreses from Recording companies worldwide... So far i have the addresses of a few cool companies and once i get all their addresses, i'll send my Demo-CD to them! So, that's why i've been really busy... I need to study as well... i was supposed to do some studying just now, but i couldn't.. I decided that tomorrow, i'll dedicate ALL my time to studying! I was suposed to work on a track that i wrote with Nesh, but i will do it on Wednesday. I finally finished the ballad that i have been working on.. So, i'm kinda grateful about that..

I wanna say hi to some people today... I wanna say i to Sanjay who has been visiting the site and this new fren of mine is from my new scrummy school. I just wanna thank him for the support. I also wannna thank John for leaving a message... And Leslie as well, Sorry for the whole thingy that day.. Anyway, That day, the MTV Asia Awards took place in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I unfortunately, lost my invite... *LAUGHS* Plus, my timetable was too tight ... *winks*
But i heard that it wasn't bad, with performances byEnrique, Pink, M2M & other international and asian celebraties. I think it's cool that the awards took place in Singapore, it's a good oppurtunity for the people in the west to recognize Singapore's position as an Entertainment Industry... Though, honestly, Singapore iis far from that at the moment and i guess, in years to come, perhaps music might have a stronghold in Singapore... Who knows??

I reallly wanna say sorry to iqbal cuz i kinda busy on the phone and i could'nt answer his calls... Anyway, i'm really really glad that i'm the Fan Of The Week of this really really cool website, www.mariahworld.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sent an e-mail like 3 weeks plus ago and i monitered that segment and well, after i while i saw that they didn't faeture me, so i just thought they found someone more interesting.. but today i checked the Website and I was featured! I wanna thank the webmaster, Matt for putting me up as well the link to the Website. Tomorrow, i intend to do lots of studying, mainly history and Economics and then i intend to go to the Library.. so i think if i have time i'll squeze in a message here  ok?? I'm only in the beginning period of working on a Whole new concept of the Website to launch the new album, Strain For The Shimmy.

At the monent i like the song, Caught In The Middle by A1. Honestly, i don't really favour songs by boybands but A1 do write and do some cool tunes. I think this song is a catchy tune. If you get the time, Go download it! By the way, Alanis is releasing her new album, Under Rug Swept and her new single's a REALLY COOL One! Go to www.alanis.comto view her REALLY cool NEW website! It's honestly the most coolest website i've ever seen... seriously... it's very creative.. I bet it's exensive. Well, I feel much better now although a few days back i was really sick... I'm glad that i'm going to school tomorrow, i kinda miss the frens in school. I'll probably be having another photoshoot to get new photos for the site and to finally decide the album cover of the new album. I just hope i'm able to finish most of the songs by this month and beginning of March..
Anyway, i'm on the phone with NEsh now, so i'll talk to ya'll later!


30/1/2002 - Thursday
4:26 P.M.

Good afternoon guys & gals... Well, i'm in a lazy... mood... I don't know why.. *smiles* I'm groovin to Bubba's Ugly and i'm just so into this song at the moment... Well, i came back at school like 2 +, ate, excercised and showered! Well, i wish i could record as i'm in the middle of 2 songs but my throat's really aching me... it's been really painful since 2 days back... Plus i guess it kinda got worse due to the fact that i was busy doing my projects... my literature and my history!.... I'm just kinda weak at the moment.. thank god in school i was able to take 2 panadols from my classmate cuz i was having an unbearable fever... but the fever's gone down now... (thank god!). It's so damn freakin 'hot today.. i keep sweatin... Anyway, today.. school was really coool. I mean, i had fun and as well learnt stuff. I'm glad the History presentation was good cuz i woked my ass off on it.. Well, the teacher last week kinda humiliated us. Well, it was our fault as well.. none of the group members were commited except for like 2.. And i was busy with my literature project.. so i kinda neglected the history project. Then, on the day of the presentation, we kinda went up and read from like a booklet i made, which i printed from like 3 sources from the net. They were very difficult to understand and then, the teacher told us to stop and asked the clas.." Do ya'll understand what they are saying?? If you ca'nt, then why didn't you ask questions? Why are alll of you talking among yourselves..??" Then, she faced us and scolded us saying.." In my teaching career, i have never experienced such crap before! The other classes have put up very good powerpoint presentations...."  And well, she said more stuff and we said we'd redo it... Although, a few of my group members wanted to continue, i wanted to redo the whole project. Firstly, i like history and i'm good at it.. i needed to show to her that i can do it.. So i worked my ass off yesterday although i was really sick, coughing, and did a cool presentation, with picturs and good graphics about the "French Revolution"... and before my group did the presentation, we re-enacted the whole scolding thing that happened last week! The class laughed and Even SHE laughed! So, it was great! Plus, she told me that she thought the presentation was good... After class a few of my frens said that They actually understood what the French Revolution was about as i explained it to them easily! I was kinda happy about that... I caN TEACH!! YEAH! hehe..

I really like the song by Dido called All You Want.. It's very very.. i don't know but easy to listen.. I lke school.. i mean, i like the frens and the people... but i'm only gonna go for 2 days every week! hehe... Cuz on the other days they don't teach anything! So i'm thinking i'll go to school on a Tuesday and Thursday... Atleast i'll have time to do other stuff on other days.. like record and do my own research. I really wanna read more about the French Revolution and also the Industrial Revoltion.. cuz that's what's gonna be taught next week.. Plus i need to brush up on my Economics... *sighs* God! i'm actully talking about so much work.. dammit, i hope this doesn't make me a nerd??? *grins*

I'm trying to read this book about Frames & Tables... as i wanna change the format of this whole site... But i need to knoe HTML stuff first right?? Well, i dom't know what i should do now... Should i try and record although my voice is really painful? Or should i try to do some stuff to the site??? I guess i'll do something till 7, cuz im' gonna start studying then and then i'll watch 3rd Rock From The Sun... Sorry if my message today is kinda boring... i guess its' the mood... :)

Well, i'm gonna go cuz i need to do stuff, see ya later!

Steve Prasad.

27/1/2002 - Sunday
3:10 A.M.

Hey guys! *listening to Garbage's Cherry Lips.. * How are ya'll doing? Well, i just wanna say that i'm doing really fine! Yup, i don't know why but i'm in a very hyper mood now, and it's 3am!!! Hehe.. Well, i'm just one big ball of energy huh? Well, i've got lots of things to say to ya, so if i were ya, i'd put some music on... ( u could put my music on...hehe.. ), get some snacks and relax.... done that? Ok.. well,  here i go... Anyway, i really like Brandy's What About Us, It's such a cool song.. Anyway i just finished doing a second verse of a ballad that i'm working on, and i'm finally statisfied with it! I guess i can be a perfectionist but this song is really important to me cuz i'm going to send this song to record companies, including other songs that i'm working on... I am working on 3 songs at the moment... I'm very proud of the ballad that i'm working on now, i'm not telling u the title.. :P And i'm also working with Nesh, on a totally groovy track... which i bet you a'll will like,,, We wrote it together and it was great.. i've always liked his lyrics and the fusion of his style and mine just brought up this totally cool song, kinda dancey and exotic. This last few days, he has been coming to the studio and working with me full-swing.. and it's been really tiring for me and him as welll... Like today, i was recording the whole day... but i like dedicating my time to my music... And i am also gonna be writing a few hip-hop/rap tracks and i hope you'll like em'... I am really proud of the Love Is Somethin' I Need Remix and i keep listening to it everyday... i hope u like it as much as i do...

I feel that in this album, in the sense of lyrically and musically, i have more freedom.. and i am following my inspirations... u know what i mean? LIke i've always have been facinated by Egypt and stuff like that and i want to write a track of the mystical history of Egypt... and so far i'm just experiementing with sounds... it takes alot of time.. producing, recording.. but i don't really mind.. i'm skipping lots of school so that i can stay at home at work at my songs... Well, honestly, i like the school.. i mean, not the school, but the people.. i've met very nice people.. but i dread going there cuz i mean, i just do.. that stupid Singh guy keeps picking on me... Oh! by the way, this song by Dido called All You Want, is really cool... Go download it guys... it's kinda like my fave song now.... plus i keep  listening to that song by Bubba Sparxx, Ugly.. It's a cool track..

Well, i guess i hate going to school cuz i feel scrutinized about the things i do... One day i comb my hair differently and everybody's all on it... u know what i mean... well, i guess the thought of knowing that people are talking about you behind your back just kinda pisses me off... I have heard the rumours the people have been talking about me... and it pisses me off more then hurt me... Oh yeah, one guy asked me if i used make-up! Yeah! What kind of quetion is that? My face is kinda pale i guess... but i don't freakin' wear make-up! And they talk about my hair or eyes... But i guess, most of them are nice to talk to, and joke with... Damn it, i've got work to do... ugh.... Last week, a bitchin' History teacher humiliated my group cuz our presentation sucked... and we have to do it all over again... Well, i guess i'll start working on it tomorrow:P Yup.. I have an agenda tomorroe... Wake up, eat, do homework.. math, read newspapers... do literature.. excercise... do history research... watch TV... Post parcels... i guess i won't have time to record though... unless i finish all this early... OH yeah! There are showing Deep Impact on TV tomorrow.. i can't wait to watch that movie again.. I think it's really cool!

Hold on a sec guys.. i'm gonna change the music... * Puts on FoxyBrown... * I ca'nt wait for Austin's new movie, Austin Powers: Goldmember... with Beyonce acting in it... even Britney Spears makes an appearence, so that's coooll.. *yawns*.. Sorry, i'm kinda tired that's all.. It's 3:30... now.. i guess.. U know, my love life sucks... it's gonna be Valentine's Day in like 2 weeks and i don't have a date... There is this girl in class who's pretty & i have her number... but i do'nt know if i should call her or not... she's really really pretty.... and nice to talk to as welll...Well, i guess i do want to concentrate on my music.. but everyone deserves alittle bit of romance right? I just wanna be not alone this Valentine's... *sighs*  I miss being in a relationship though... the kisses the hugs.. the romance... the last relationship i had was exactly a year back... Well, i don't think i can do anything.. Maybe i need to do something to my attitude??? By the way, my dad's B'day was that day and we had lots of fun... the whole family ate Japanese and we had some cake,,, tiny... and we enjoyed having dinner together.. My dad at the moment is in Male.. at his annual fishing trip.. he's be back onthe 31st.. wow... January's gonna end already... kinda fast huh? Then it's gonna be Febuary... where i get my O'level Results towards the end of the moment.... I'm kinda nervous about that though... Anyway, i wish i can talk more, but i really gotta go.. Cuz i'm extremely tired.. and i neeed to Go sleeep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll holla back later, Ciao..
Steve Prasad.

15/1/2002 - Tuesday
3:42 P.M.

Hey there guys.... *sighs*... Don't know why but i'm in a funny sort of a mood... i mean, i feel tired, fatigue... coughing... but i still wanna record :) Well, i think after doing this message, i think i will try to finish the track.. maybe not finish the track but atleast do bits... i mean, i really wanna send the track i'm working on now to record companies... u know what i mean... Anyway, i think it's probably the weather.. but my head's aching... *listens to THere For Me... *   U know, today my day was kinda cool :) I mean, i enjoyed it.. i like my class now.... surprisingly... and well, there's that anooying singh teacher who's a total fuck-tard... well, he just picks on me.. u knoe today, i went to give him the form he made me sign and he looked at my keychain and told me, "TAKE THAT KEYCHAIN IMMEDIATLY OFF!" and u know what the keychain says, "Being sexy is a hard job but someone has to do it.. " U know, i mean, it kinda pissed me off.. but in my heart, i laughed at him.. i feel kinda sorry.. i mean.. he's such a loser and for another thing, i bet his life sucks... my mum was saying,that he's probably just really jealous of me or something.. u know what i mean,... hold on a sec, let me change the track... i don't know but due to my wierd mood.. i'm kinda putting Mono and Portishead on my MP3 list.... *changes the track.. * So, as i was saying, i came home just now at like 2... watched some TV... took a shower... and now i'm just writing this message and sipping Orange juice.. remember how i was complanin' about the work load? Well, today they kinda dumped on me... i have English work... Literature AND Tamil!.... I have to read Othello and Anthony & Cleopatra and write a synopsis of the 2 books by monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!... and i have to write some stuff on Shakespeare's life.. thank god i was doing my own research for the last 2 days.. :P

Well, I'll be going to the library later/// *smiles* Ok.. fine Stop giving me that snicker! Yes, i do read! hehe... I wanna get 2 lit books.. and like another book by Charles Dickens... Well, i think i'm gonna be busy now studying & recording and stuff, so that's good.. cuz i wanna be busy... Well, sometimes you've gotta be careful what u wish for... Today i talked alot to all the people in my class.. i kinda like them now,.. like Dion, this girl in my class.. shes' really cool.. and funny.. and there are a few others who kinda are cool.. In my tamil class, i guess it's kinda fun, i mean, i try to work on the language but barely succed.. :P
It was cool today.. i mean, i had fun... and John, my primary school fren was great to talk to... I took a little challange with him... cuz i kept swearing alot since i came to this scrummy place... and for every swear-word.. i was to slap myself... i ended up slapping myself a few times throughout the day :P

On Saturday night, i went out with Dan & Bal to this cool but expensive place, The Rainforest Cafe... i had fun, thanks guys :) It was kinda cool.. On Sunday, i had more fun actually, u know chilling with Leslie & Nesh... it was cool.. i mean, the last time we actually chilled together was like ages ago, so it was really cool.. I went to Toys "R' Us and bought candy... *laughs*.. i know sometimes the kid in you comes up at wierd times :P And they are much taller then me, which is totally not fair *grumbles* Well, i'm not that short.. HEY! I said stop snickering! *grins* I plan to record till like 6, then, do some work... till 7, go to the library and come back to do some reading... and sleep... I'll probably tape Dark Angel & Freaky Links... (I love Jessica!)...
well, i gotta go now, gotta call from a classmate.. bye :)

12/1/2002 - Saturday
12:12 A.M.

*Listens to Alicia's A Woman's Worth...* Heya guys! How u doin? Guess what? I finished the Love Is Somethin' I Need Remix (Remix) Featuring MiztahMan. It's a really cool song and i love it! The Pop up has been updated! So check it out! And you can download the song above, or at the Multimedia page or at the pop-up. Anyway, i spent the whole day doing the song and i'm so tired... phew.... it's been kinda tired doing this song as i think i really worked hard on this... i guess tomorrow, i'll be recording again.. but it would be a song for the album :) My voice is better now and i'm glad to say that healthwise, i feel good now... so i'm grateful that i can sing :P Anyway, i wanna thank MiztaMan for joining with me on this song, and i'm really happy i did this track :P  I feel kinda tired *yawns* Dan & bal actually wanted me to go and watch The Others with them just now, a midnight show, but i already watched it, so i said no, Thanks guys for the invitation though :P Well, i gotta go, need to sleep! Goodnight guys! Hope u like the remix!
Love, Steve.

11/1/2002 - Friday
11:39 A.M.

Hola! It's a Friday! Yeah! Weekend! U know.. i'm so happy that it's the weekend.. u know what i mean... u know just looking at the whole week at a whole, I've not leant anything at all! Nothing! I tell u, this school's a freakin' joke! I mean, i don't know but i don't feel useful or anything... i didn't go to school today cuz i just did'nt feel like it... Plus, i'm still sick! i keep coughing and there's still alot of pleghm... *urgh*... Sorry i haven't put anything up for awhile, cuz i've been doing other stuff... Well, they don't give homework.. but when i compare what my frens are doing and what i'm doing, i'm barely doing anything! *Listens to Kylie's More More More..*... u know.. i like her album.. it's kinda got it's own style.. and her new single In Your Eyes is really cool... Anyway, i don't know but i feel just so miserable... i mean, i wanna record but my voice is not up to it cuz i keep coughing... and even if i go to school, there's no work.. Ok so far, Literature & English & Tamil is ok.. but like for example, Yesterday we had History, and the Teacher didn't turn up! So we didn't have History! And on certain days i have like free periods for 3 hours & school finishes at 1:20 P.M.! But i guess in the first 3 months, there is not much workload, as  u know, it's just temporary but i guess i just wanna do stuff u know... At the moment, Economics is cool tooo.. i mean, the teacher is kinda cool. and he says funny jokes & stuff but i kinda get it.. i don't understand all of it.. but a little... After putting this message, i don't know what i'll do.. i mean, it's 12.. i've not eaten yet... i wanna record.. but i think i will take a rest and i wanna do some research on Shakespeare and read the newspapers.. THEN, if i'm ok, i'll try to finish recording the Love Is Something I Need (Remix) Featuring MiztaMan.. We have already recordered his vocals.. but i've not really done mine... At the moment, i'm really proud of it, as i really like it alot.

Yesterday, Leslie came over to my place to return some VCD's and it was fun... we watched some Videos and were laughing and he listened to remix and liked it... and it was fun, talking to him in person after a long while... he just a Birthday like... a few days back on the 5th of Jan.. and he's 17 already! I do'nt know about being 17... being 16 was rough... and 17 does'nt sound so inviting.. but i ca'nt do anything to stop it huh?.... i do'nt know but i feel like i'm in a very wierd mood now.. like 'im kinda giddy but talkative??... well, i need to go and brush my teeth and stuff... hehe.. i just woke up :P

Guess what? Yesterday i got my first yellow form! This asshole made me sign a like... how do i explain this... hrm... "Wrong Doing" form... like when a teacher or someone feels like a student has done something wrong, they will be given a form and they'll have to write what they did wrong and sign.. Firstly, i don't really give a damn....and i don't thing i did a damn thing WRONG!!!. for one thing, they are challenging me.. And u know for what? Hair! First, my hair was too Brown, then i sprayed it Black! Then, it was too long... and they also pick on my eyes! I actually did'nt give a damn... and so i was given a form by this asshole... and it has to be an indian guy... It's always the Indian guys who are like the dIcipline masters who are Assholes.. seriously, it's in the blood.. they love the power.. Like in my secondary school... it was and Indian guy who was trippin.. I do'nt know why but it's always like that.. even in the army, my bro has said that the indian coporals can be really tyranical.. i guess when authority go into their heads, they get all big headed... Well, in tamil shows.. seriously, it's always fight and kill..  it's in the blood... that whole "i've got authority, i'm right & You're WRONG"... And i hate that, Cuz for one thing i don't see any reason why i should listen to him.. A. Hes' not my parent. B. He's Not My teacher! C. HE'S NOTHING! So u see, The singapore school  system sucks... i mean, if the school teaches and stuff, it would be good.. but it's total crap... but to them, the rules are SO important... *sacarsm*

*LIstens to There For Me* U know, i like this song alot by Mariah Carey.. It's a typical ballad kind.. and it's got this good feel to it.., Anyway, I just wish i did better for my prelims... u know... u don't know how much i hate the shithole i'm in now... and Nesh was saying, "If you do'nt like it, Just do'nt Go!" And i was like, Well, he's gotta point.. but i Just can't go! i'm not gonna Just give up! I'll just take it for a little whle more... although, i don't know how i'm gonna put up with it... I guess since, it's the first week of School, they are not doing much.. I think next week, they'll do more stuff :) I Hope SO!! They better! I mean, my other frens seem to like their school.. but i can't lie to myself, that i like it... I mean, i don't.. I hate it.. and THANK GOD, the people are really nice.. i mean, i've met really nice people in my class... like John.. Archanaa... Natasha... Amanda... Siew Lee... Dion... SHikin... Marcus... And also people in my orientation group like Pretty, Geraldine.. Irene... & alot of others... I atleast am getting along with alot of guys from my Tamil class.. which is good.. cuz for one thing,  THEY THINK MY TAMIL IS GOOD! Could u believe that? I was like... right... They are actually people worst in Tamil in the class.... Well, so i kinda blend.. though i'm always being asked what my race is... even like 2 days ago... someone was like... "Are u greek??" " Are u Foreigner??" I kinda just chuckle.. at it... The LIbrary sucks.. but  met a really cool girl thay day while i was browsing for books and she was and i chatted for like a hour or so... and so far, the Year 2 people are ok.. i don't know all.. only some...

U know, i hope i'm not boring u with talking about my wretched scrummy school.. it's just that it's kinda on my mind,... so i'm letting it out...And yesterday, i snipped my hair myself in the toilet... and my fringe is like much much shorter now... well, i'm probably gonna do something different about my hair, but im' not sure when... Hold on a sec, i'm gonna change the song... *Listens to No Doubt's Hey Baby...* Anyway, yesterday, a group of like 10 girls were like talking to me... I was sitting with Marcus talking to him.. eating.. and a girl came up to me asking for my phone number! Then, i she joined her 9 frens, and from one end they shout, "Handsome? Hey Handsome!" And i'm llike... "Yeah?".. And they ask me  about my hair and tall me that i look good and stuff! And note that i'm sitting like 10 tables away from them, so they shout have to shout.. (allowing the whole canteeen  to hear!) then, when i finished, i walked pass another group of girls who like smile and wave... i mean.. it kinda makes me a little nervous... u know... I mean, the girls seem ok... so far i had a like 3-4 asking for my phone number... only one out of that 4 was good looking.. and That's why i need a handphone! I'l feel kinda embarrased if they call my house... cuz my mum would be like teasing me... And Marcus, a guy from Chinese High , who seems like a smart guy was telling me, "How can u not get a Handphone? I mean, popular people gottta have handphones..." And i'm like thinking.. "Popular??"..... I Do'nt know... i don't really consider myself popular, i prefer keeping a low profile.. cuz then when u do anything wrong, not much people will know about it... but now, i'm kinda getting to know and like alot of people.. i don't know if that's Good or bad.....  Well, anyway, i gotta go now,,, Cuz i need to brush my teeth & stuff...

Bye Guys!

7/1/2002 - Monday
11:53 A.M.

Heya pple~ How ya doin?  *listens to Overprotected...* Anyway, i guess you're wondering why i'm not at school right??/ well, I'm trying to recover from my flu..... I woke up at 5Am.. to take my medicine and i slept back till 7... and woke up about 7:10 A.M... i kept shivering and my heart kept racing so fast.. i had a slight fever and i think it's down now.. but i still got lots of Phlegm.. & the doctor gave me 2 days MC (Medical Cert) so, i thought i'd take advantage of it as today there are only sample lessons at school and lessons only start tomorrow.. so i'm taking a well deserved rest! :)

I know i said that there were new pictures up, and i did scan all of them, but the program that i used to use to put my pics up, was deleted due to it being expired. So, once i get the program, i should be putting up the new pictures... Hold on a sec, im' gonna change the music to something else :P I like that track by Busta, i think it's called What It Is right now.. or something like that... WEll, later i have "Mistah Man" coming to the studio, to record a track with.. Yup, it's the Love Is Somethin' I Need (Remix).. So, u can expect that remix coming up And it's gonna be wack! It's totally different from the Original track and is hip hop & i wrote the whole track, including Mistah's Rap, so it's gonna be fun, cuz we are gonna chill & have fun recording... Anyway, yesterday i wrote a beautiful track, a ballad... it's beautifull and of course, it's about love. I kinda surprised myself as i'm not really the sappy kind & i do'nt ever write those "I Love u, i wanna be with you..." kinda songs.. but this time, i challenged myself.. i just opened my mind... and put myself in a scenario... I think this song is one of the best tracks in the album... i don't know but it's just got it's own special thing... I can't tell you the title of the song, cuz i want it to be a surprise but it's a sad song and the vocals on it, totally fit... let me just say that it's a power ballad.. more powerful then Love is Somethin' I Need and the whole song is just guided by a piano... It's a kinda song you'll listen on a Sunday, when it's raining.. and you're sitting by yourself... u know what i mean...

I just watched the movie, "Along Came A Spider" and it's a GREAT movie.. i think it's one of the best movies i've seen.. It's thrilling and there are twists after twists and it's intelligent... U know, while watching the movie, i was thinking how it would be like to be a detective.. and i think it's a very cool job.. seriously, i've never had an interest to be a detective  or agent.. but it sounds kinda cool... like searching for clues and stuff like that.. Anyway, i bet it's a phase cuz the movie must have inspired me... i think movies do inspire people in many ways.. they guide your thoughts and also influence your ways... like for me, After watching the movie Final Destination, i was really kinda shaken that i wrote a song called "Fear".. And i think it's good to sometimes take a pen, and write down how or what you feel.. Why do'nt u start doing that? Just take a pen and write down stuff.. it doesn't have to be a poem or song, but it can be your thoughts... :)

Well, i think it's good that i've started song-writing again, as i stopped for a period of like 6-7 months due to my exams and i during those months, i was scared that i might lose touch of writing but now i feel more confident as i think it's great to write a song and sing it and go "aww...." ... u know what i mean..
Well, tomorrow, i guess i will go to school.. i don't know how long tomorrow i would be in school.. i'm not dreading it but i guess itwould be fun, i mean the new frens i made seem nice except for that bitch... Well, i think i better go now, i'll catch up with ya'll later ok?? I'll try leave a message tomorrow!


5/1/2002 - Saturday
1:32 A.M.

HI there Ya'll! How are you all doing? I hope you all are fine... Unfortunately for me, Im' very sick at the moment.. So i'm just trying to get some rest & tomorrow i'll be seeing a doctor as i do'nt think i can put up the pain... It's not really painful, but i hate not being able to sing as i have a flu and it consisits of a fever, headache, cough, body ache, sore throat & lots of phlegm. And i keep coughing and i ca'nt sing and i'm in the middle of recording a track, and i hate putting it off... but i don't wanna force myself to sing cuz then,.the song will sick :P
Anyway, It's the  Weekend! Yeah! Well, my first week of school is finally over. I mean, it was ok.. Today it was quite fun... fun in the sense that i was able to talk with my frens and stuff and walk around... but on some occasions, it was boring.. as today was sample lessons and all the students had to go for all the lessons to see what they are like... Thank god i had no problem from "The Bitches"... hehe... u know, the group of 5 girls which i find so freaking annoying. Well, i barely ate today... & i was supposed to work out today and excercise today.. but i think i'm too weak to do anything now... Daamit... i wanna work out everyday or every alternate day cuz i feel it's good to have some sort of excercise to u know, get my mind working... plus i want a tonned body :P Hold on a sec, i wanna put on a song to fit my specific mood now... hrm... what should i put...... aha! *changes the music to Hindi Sad Diamonds from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack* By the way, i thought Moulin Rouge was a splendid movie.. i mean, it was really different and it takes a unique perspective to it and i thought the way it was filmed was great... And this is my fave song... ..*Men, cold, Girls, old..And we all lose our Charms in the end.....*

I can't remember if i told ya'll, but i watched The Others that day & it is a SWELL movie... You have gotta watch it! It's totally Cool.. I hope u noticed, i'm using different colours for this message compared to the usual white & grey... well, i guess it's just the mood :) Well, i don't have plans tomorroe, but's what's the use anyway, i'm gonna be too weak to do anything... though i wish i could go out & do something... u know what i mean... cuz i'll feel bored at home. as i ca'nt record.. due to my voice... Perhaps i'll write?? Maybe... Well,  i was working on this song like 2 months back, called Inside, and i finally finished writing it today.. it's a very personal song and i don't think i'll include it into the album.. Strain For The Shimmy, as i want Strain For The Shimmy to be an upbeat album... Well, so far things are going good.. I mean, i intend to write another track for the album tomorrow... as i think i'll have lots of time anyway... *grins* I hope i'm not rambling crap or anything.... Annoyingly, i'm still waiting for my payments to arrive as those assholes are stalling... well, i'm kinda broke so i'm just  trying to save some of my allowance... U know, there's this girl in school.. She's really pretty and she stares & smiles at me.. which is cool.. cuz i alays smile back :P She has this really cool watch as well, really posh.. Which reminds me that i've gotta buy a Handphone, MD Player & a Cool Watch! DAmn.. & i just had to be broke now... oh wait... my dad's B'day ison the 24th of this month... Yipee! He'll give me money on his B'day.. Well, i know it's supposed to be the other way around, but hehe, why should i question  him?? *lol*

Well, i slept at like 5pm... and woke up at 11+.. and now it's 2am... And i've not eaten anything :(  Well, i'll go fix something then go sleep .. i guess..
So, i'll see if i can leave a message tomorrow, or i'll leave one on Sunday :)
Bye Guys!


3/1/2002 - Thursday
11:32 A.M.

 Hi There guys! Wow.. It's 2002 already... Well, Yesterday was my first day of School.. WEell, my new school SUCKS! I woke at 5 A.m. & took like 1 hour + to get to school... and then, when i saw it,... i felt like crying!! Believe me, It's as SCRUMMY AS it GETS! It was kinda Run down & when i saw it, i was thinking of my old school... Saint Joseph's Institution... and i totally missed it.. i guess i felt homesick... So, i entered and took a quick look around... and atleast the toilets have toilet paper inside! hehe... that was conforting to know,,,and the girls there wore pink shirtswhile the guys won blue... Well, it was ok.. and we had an assembly & were sent to the Gymnasium which was full of glitter as they decorated it with glitter to welcome the new ones... And so, i had to keep dusting myself to get the wretched glitter away... Hey, i'm listening to Hey Baby.. by No Doubt.. I love that song.. I think it's cool.. And 'im gonna download the whole Linkin Park album cuz i heard Papercut that day, and i loved it.. But it's not as good as In The End.... Oh yeah.. I also love Missy Elliott, Ludracris, Trina's One Minute Man (Remix)... Cuz i was watching the MTV Awards that day, And i saw the performance of MIssy with Nelly Futardo and Trina & Ludracris... & it was totally wack as they did Get Ur Freak on & One Minute Man.. hold on a Sec... i'm gonna go on Morpheus and get the One Minute Man (Remix) Video... I'm back! :P Anyway, getting back to the wretched school, Then we were split in groups and had the Seniors in charge of us... They playerd lame games like "7 Up" & atleast the Truth Or Dare was interesting as the girl who was made to do a dare was made to go up to a senior guy and tell him her name and ask him to call her & give him a flying kiss!

And the people thought i took Malay as they said i look Eurasian.. but i was like, "No.. I'm Indian and i take Tamil..." And i had to repeatedly say this to some people who were curious of my race.. Well, 70% of the cohort are Girls and 30 % are boys! It made me kinda nervous as some of the girls were staring at me... Oh yeah... and there was this group of like 5 girls who were like so irritating... kept giggling and looking at me... Especially this Malay girl whoose neck i felt like Snapping! Seriously, She was a fucking bitch! Not only was she being irritating, at the end of the day, unfortunately for me, she and her bitches took the same bus as me... & i had to be standing beside her... It was really really hot and i was sweating and was not in my happiest mood... For one thing, the school was extremely boring as we were sitting for hours and i had little sleep the night before and so i felt kinda giddy and exhausted. And she was telling her friend... "FAn me... " asi guess she was feeling hot too.. then, she turned to me and said.. "Your bag''s hitting me... " And it was not like i was stuffing y freaking bag up her freaking vagina.. u know what i mean.. sorry but just thinking of her is making my blood boil.. Anyway, I said.. " Well, if my bag's bothering u, why don't u just move somewhere else? " And she said, "Why Don't u just get yourself off the bus?" And that was like IT for me.. i just kept quiet.. if it was a guy, he'd have by now,, a broken nose.. but she was a girl.. so i kept quiet... And she just had thatstupid irritating face, i just felt like punching her.. that face was like so irritating... And she was behaving like Sheena, theQueen of The Jungle or something, like as if she was so fucking great... (sorry for the swearing... it's just that this bitch deserves it... )

Michael Jackson'sCry is a beautiful song... I've always admired him as he has always is so concerned about theworld & community.. anyway, Apart from that bitch, the rest of the day was good... i mean, the canteen food was good and cheap... and i made a few good frens and met older frens from my Primary and Secondary school.. so it was ok for me.. i mean, i wasn't bored at all.. but i was sleepy and i thought the games were crappy though... but the Treasure hunt was kinda fun... but we were'nt able to finish it... And the senior girl in charge of my group, Anu, was really friendly & great to talk too.. Basically, the people were fun and nice to talk to... but that was about it...

I came home at 5 p.m. + and i was like totally bushed... so i watched some TV and chatted with Jinesh for a long while which really cheered my day up, as i missed talking to him and it felt conforting talking to someone i knew well, as i was surrounded by people i didn't really know well the whole day...  He's in school now and he will be dismissed at 6+! Poor thing... he was telling me that his orientation was fun but also boring at the speeches.... U know, i think Cher's "The Music's No Good Without YOu" is a cool song and i'm listening to it now.... i mean, even at 55, she's so pretty... i think she's great.. Anyway, I then slept at 8! I've never EVER slept at 8 pm before! So u can imagine how tired i was.. i was gonna leave a message on the site, but i was tooo tired... Then, i woke up at 5 am! But i didn't go to school although today was a half day and school finished at 1+ P.M. But today's the second day of the orientation and yesterday i was bored to the core that i could'nt go today... i was just tooo bored and plus lessons only start next week... I submitted my Subject Combination and these are the subjects i'm gonna possibly take... English (General Paper..)... Tamil, Economics, History & Lit... so i guess i'll start studying next week.. And this week, i'll just rest and get my mind mentally prepared.. though i feel lazy.. Anyway, after putting this message, 'im gonna record another song forthe album, but i'm not telling ya what the title is... but it's a cool song... different from the others..

Anyway, i gotta go now, so i'll put a mesage tomorrow or the day after that...

Bye, Steve.